Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes & A Smoothie Blender Giveaway!

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Hey  Everyone!

You may have already figured out that I love food. No? Well, yes, yes I do…A LOT. Since I love food so much, I take extra care to make sure I keep myself healthy by going to the gym regularly. I think it’s important to keep your body moving in some way or another, whether it’s by walking, swimming, biking, lifting weights, or participating in some other sport.

My busy schedule requires that I workout early in the mornings, meaning that I don’t always have time to make myself a hearty breakfast. Luckily, I’ve found that smoothies help solve the early morning breakfast problem.  They’re quick and easy to make, plus they’re filling and nutritious. It’s an across-the-board win if you ask me!

And thanks to companies like Dole and Yoplait, making smoothies is even easier than before!

For example, did you know that Yoplait sells already-prepared smoothie mixes that you just can just pop in the blender and enjoy? Perfect!


Or that along with frozen fruit, Dole sells Smoothie Shakers, to which you just add your favorite juice and shake? Talk about convenience!

Dole Frozen Fruit

Don’t worry, the fruits in these mixes are as nutritious as the fresh kind, since they’ve been flash frozen to preserve quality and taste. You can read about it here! 

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to show you how easy and convenient it is to make a smoothie just about anywhere using frozen ingredients. So, with my frozen fruit, a blender, and a couple of cups, I made myself a Mr. Food Yummy Breakfast Drink smoothie right at the gym!

Smoothie Ingredients at Gym

Yep, I brought all my frozen ingredients in that little cooler and cute picnic basket!

I changed up the recipe just a bit  to suit my own personal taste, but the process is basically the same…

First, you pour all of your ingredients into a blender:

Smoothie Process

Frozen bananas from the smoothie mix, frozen strawberries, frozen orange juice, almond milk, & frozen chocolate pieces from the smoothie mix!

Then, you just blend and serve…Smoothie Process 2

And finally…ENJOY! (I’d show you a picture of me guzzling this drink down, but it was post-workout, so I was kind of a sweaty mess!)

Now, it’s your turn to discover the convenience of using frozen fruit and other frozen and refrigerated items to make a delicious and healthy smoothie. There are some great recipes at Easy Home Meals that’ll help get you started!

Quick Giveaway!: Share your favorite frozen fruit smoothie recipe with us to enter for a chance to win a Back to Basics 2-in-1 Blender Solution 5000 with Smoothie Server.


This contest will run from Wednesday, April 23rd at 12pm EST, to Wednesday, April 30th at 11:59am EST.  Open to US residents only. We will use a random generator to choose one lucky winner!

Good luck and happy blending! 

EDIT: Giveaway is now CLOSED. We’ve used a Random Generator to choose our winner:

Smoothie Giveaway Random WinnerCongratulations to Cortney Tackett!

Please check your email so we can send you your prize!


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  1. Dandi D says

    I like to put frozen strawberries and blueberries, fresh spinach, vanilla protein powder and unsweetened almond milk in a smoothie.

  2. Amy S. Dailey says

    We do healthy shakes at work. Kale, spinach or any greens. Some fruit. Almond, coconut or soy milk. Chia seeds, flax seeds, whey powder or phood. Blend and enjoy. It goes better with frozen green and fruit , so it’s cold.

  3. says

    I have never made a smoothie at home because the cost of a blender is too much. If I buy a smoothie, I like Maine’s low bush blueberries, and pomegranate juice as part of the mix. It must be low in carbs as possible, so no bananas. Protein is a must to make it last.

  4. Trish says

    I like strawberries, pineapple, banana and orange juice. Sometimes I add greens to boost the nutrition. I drink a lot of smoothies in the summer when fresh fruit is plentiful.

  5. Mildred says

    I like to try different variations for a smoothie, such as a combination of sweet, fresh fruit (e.g., mango and peach) and fruit nectar/juice (e.g., mango or peach juice/nectar) with something tart, like a lime or lemon sorbet and, perhaps, ice blended into the drink if the ingredients are not all cold before preparing the smoothie

  6. Susan D says

    Combination of fresh mango chunks, sliced banana, orange juice, some plain yogurt or citrus sorbet (lime, lemon or orange) and ice, blended in a blender

  7. Jaque R. says

    My favorite smoothie is fresh peaches, fresh raspberries, ice and plain yogurt….delicious! 🙂 Thank you.

  8. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I make breakfast smoothies almost daily. Basic recipe: Handful of frozen mixed berries, handful spinach, frozen whole banana, generous scoop chia seeds, dollop coconut oil, dollop soaked oatmeal, serving homemade high probiotic coconut yogurt. (serves 2)
    Variations based on whatever I have on hand–Other greens? Other fruit? Smoothies are wonderfully adaptable.

  9. Alecia says

    I take a cupful of cherries, a cupful of peaches and blend them with ice and a little bit of yogurt to make a delicious fruit smoothie. Sometimes I’ll also add banana. Yummy!

  10. Susan Robbins says

    Frozen blueberries, best if you can get the wild blueberries, blueberry yogurt and small amount of apple juice or small cup of applesauce.

  11. ELIZABETH C. says

    I put strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 banana, spinach leaves, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a cup of unsweetened coconut milk. Yum!

  12. Elizabeth Drake says

    2 bananas
    a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries,
    some orange juice
    some whey protein powder.


  13. Edee says

    My recipe for a smoothie is: nonfat plain yogurt, frozen mango chunks, honey, cinnamon & lime juice, topped with Enjoy Life very berry crunch nut & gluten free granola.

  14. Anastasia says

    I like yogurt, stuff in a bunch of strawberries and a banana and voila 🙂 Easy peasy and tasty 🙂

  15. cortney tackett says

    My son loves smoothies so we make them every day. Our go to smoothie is kale, pineapple, mango, banana & almond milk! Unfortuntely, I had sat the blender on the bottom shelf in the pantry and he picked it up and dropped it. It now has a crack all the way down it so when we make smoothies it leaks out :/ This would be great to win!! Thanks !! Email: cococt210@aol.com

  16. william says

    I have never made a smoothie at home before and think this is a great idea. I would love to do a mix of berries.

  17. katie says

    it’s not really a smoothie but i like to blend a packet of hot chocolate mix, chocolate syrup, milk and ice for frozen hot chocolate!

  18. Marc says

    It varies…but here’s one: Vanilla or strawberry Whey protein powder, some fruit punch creatine, greek yogurt, grape juice, frozen banana, and frozen blueberries or strawberries.

  19. Shayna says

    I love making Strawberry Banana Smoothies. 2 cups milk, ripe banana, cut up, 1/2 cup Kool-
    aid Strawberry Flavored Soft Drink Mix and 1 cup ice cubes 🙂

  20. Ronda Patrick says

    I blend strawberries and blueberries with some ice and rice milk. So good, and so good for you! 🙂

  21. Sarah VM says

    I make a good banana smoothie. I use 2 bananas, non fat greek yogurt, ice, coconut water, and cinnamon. It’s delicious!

  22. Gennie Lancaster says

    I blend 8 oz skim milk, 1 scoop chocolate slim-fast powder, 2 tbsp Peanut Butter, 1 banana, 1 tsp coconut oil and 6-8 ice cubes. I have that every morning for breakfast.

  23. Leslie L Stanziani says

    I have never made smoothies at home but think yogurt,pineapples,orange juice,and a little coconut would be good.

  24. Carolyn Daley says

    I like to change up my smoothies each morning. One type I like to try is 4 to 6 ounces of vanilla yogurt, 1/2 of a banana, 2 cups frozen mixed berries, a few ice cubes, and 2 teaspoons of grounded flaxseed. For the frozen mixed berries, I usually buy the triple berry with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Sometimes I find bags that also include blackberries.

  25. virgil poore says

    i like my smoothie with orange juice,strawberries,bananas and a little vanilla ice cream..i know i should use yogurt but ice cream makes it so much better!! and i dont use much just enough for taste

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