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Last week, while I was at the International Home and Housewares show I got together with Duff Goldman, celebrity chef, TV personality, and owner of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD, and Charm City Cakes West, and Duff’s Cake Mix in Los Angeles, CA.  

Duff & Howard IHHS2014

You guys might know him as the “Ace of Cakes” from his show of the same name or as the host of Sugar High on The Food Network. Turns out, Duff’s a pretty busy guy!

Lucky for us, he made it a point to come visit the Mr. Food Test Kitchen booth to talk to us about a couple of the craziest cakes he’s ever made and to offer some of you  a chance at winning some of his brand new  cake mixes and cake kits. They’re super cool! 


See? Isn’t that a cool slice?!

One of the questions we asked Duff was, “What was the craziest cake you’ve ever made?” That’s when he told us about the time he was asked to make a life-size baby elephant cake for a private birthday party.

Baby Elephant Cake

You can almost hear it trumpeting!
   [Photo Courtesy of]

Or how about this life-size NASCAR cake with real spinning wheels and an exhaust that actually blows smoke?

Duff and Howard at IHHS2014

We pulled up a photo of the NASCAR cake on my phone!

Duff also shared that his true motivation is to help people bake and decorate cakes just like he does in his bakeries. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Duff’s Premium Cake Mixes, which, by the way, feature low-protein, low-gluten flour, unique flavors, and finish baked “patterns,” it’s about time you did! They’re available in Camouflage, Pink Camouflage, Pastel Tie-Dye, and Blue Suede. We got a chance to test these out in the Test Kitchen, and couldn’t decide which one was our favorite! They’re all so cool!

Duff Cake Collage

And they go way beyond just cake mixes, Duff designed kits that include special ingredient packs to create specialty cakes with unique flavor profiles. These are available in PB+Chocolate with Peanut Butter Ganache, Minty-Chip Chocolate with Minty Mini Chips, and White Mocha with Espresso Powder.

If you’d like to win a set of Duff’s Premium Cake Mixes and Cake Mix Kits, including Camouflage, Blue Suede, Minty-Chip Chocolate, PB + Chocolate, and White Mocha, all you have to do is comment below and let us know which flavor you’re most excited about and who you’d bake this extra-cool cake for!  

Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios

The contest runs from Wednesday, March 26th at 8am EST, to Tuesday, April 1st at 11:59pm EST.  Open to US residents only. We will use a random generator to choose 7 lucky winners!

EDIT: Contest is now CLOSED. We’ve used a Random Integer Generator to choose our winners:

Duff Giveaway Results

Congratulations to our winners!

Jorge Monterrey

Mendy Dinsmore

Linda Lansford


Melanie Montgomery

Jacob LaFountaine

Carolyn Daley

Please check your email so we can send you your prizes!

If you want to see more of Duff’s cake creations or to find out more about ordering a cake from one of his bakeries, visit Charm City Cakes, Charm City Cakes West, or Duff’s Cake Mix.

While these products are now available in most areas, you can also purchase them online from Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios.

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  1. Rosella Rowe says

    I would love to do the camouflage one because my daughter and her boyfriend are into that stuff. I love to bake and havent been doing it like I used to.

  2. Lynda Widmer says

    The White Mocha cake ~ my youngest daughter’s birthday is next month! She loves everything Mocha just like me:) ~ we even have a dog named Mocha!

  3. Theresa Bailey says

    Peanut butter and chocolate because they just got together all the time. Would bake for my family cause they rock and I love them..

  4. Brenda Fellman says

    Love his show and all the cakes he designs. Would love to try the new cake mixes haven’t seen them in stores.

  5. Susan M Tussing says

    Oh they look so good. Looks like they would be really cool to serve for special occasions birthdays and dinners. Looking forward to trying them. They look awesome!! I’d love to win some of them or please tell me where I can buy them.

    • Merly says

      Hi Susan! There’s a link at the bottom of the post for you to purchase them from Duff’s online store!

  6. Carol Little says

    I really don’t want to seem selfish but, I Love Cake and Sunday is my Birthday, I was born in 57 and I will be 57 years old. This should be a good year for me. I’m a pretty good cook and I think I would do a good job making myself a PB-Chocolate cake then have all my 6 Grand Children come over for cake. Oh yes and my 4 Children can come to Even though can’t remember the last time they made me a cake. Oh now I know that would be NEVER. Mr. Food you can come with Duff and the two of you could make my Birthday really special with one of Duff’s Great cakes! Have a Great Day!

  7. Ann Fields says

    I would love to try the White Mocha! I loved watching his show and would love to try the cakes and share them with family and friends. 🙂

  8. Patricia A. Holas says

    Hi Howard, I would love to try the White Mocha Espresso cake it sounds awesome!! I would make this for myself & family. Thanks for sharing Howard!! See ya in the kitchen!!….Pat

  9. April Nichols says

    I would do the pink camo for my 15 year old daughters friend, who has been fighting cancer for over a yr now. I would make a doll cake, and use the mix for the dress. She would love that.Anything to brighten her spirits

  10. Valderet says

    Love Ace of Cakes, have seen it multiple times, Famous for their innovation and creativity. Being an Elvis fan Blue Suede, and definitely the PB chocolate

  11. Patricia Pollard says

    Even though I’m handicapped, I still can’t give up my love for baking cake’s for my family. I’m up for any recipe or cake mix that is different & unique! My Dad loved my cake’s, but has since passed away, but I know him and God alway’s have a hand in helping mine turn out YUMMY GOOD! I believe my family would love all of the choice’s especially the PB and Chocolate ! It would be a blessing to win, I know my Dad would be smiling down with approval and pride for me!!!! Duff, you’re the GREATEST, I love watching you work!!!!

  12. paige chandler says

    I like the Pink Camouflage cake best. I’d make this for me me me…and oh yaeh I’d share with the kids.

  13. Mendy Dinsmore says

    These are really great ideas. I would pick the Blue Suede. I’ve seen the camo ones and they are awesome.

  14. Kaitlin says

    The first cake I would make would be the White Mocha for my husband’s upcoming birthday! That one has all of his (and my) favorite flavors, YUM!

  15. vickie thomas says

    PB & Chocolate for me. I love anything made with combo…..BUT, I’m not sure I would have enough control over my appetite to share with anyone.

  16. Lauren-Olivia Wood says

    I am most excited about Blue Suede. I would make this cake for my younger cousin’s thirteenth birthday!

  17. Eugenia Hall says

    I think I’d like to try the White Mocha with Espresso Powder first, then the PB and Choclate one!

  18. Elaine says

    Would love to make the Blue Suede! A blue cake! How cool is that?! Thanks for making it easy to be creative with baking.

  19. Gennie Lancaster says

    I want to try the PB + Chocolate mix and I would make it for my daughter because she loves PB and Chocolate!!

  20. Sarah Hall says

    I would love to win the camouflage so I could make it for my grandson’s birthday. I think he would love it.

  21. Leslie L Stanziani says

    I would love to make the Camouflage one for my sons 7th birthday in July. He is a camo fanatic.

  22. Dayna says

    They all sound and look so great. The one that jumped out at me was the PB+Chocolate with Peanut Butter Ganache, and I would love to make it and share with my Mother … bringing back memories of all those PB & J sandwiches and chocolate milk we shared as I was growing up. Thank You for the opportunity.

  23. Sheila Simnick says

    I love my sweets and would love to try this cake mix! The white mocha sounds like it is the bomb!

  24. Florence says

    These are such cool cakes and so unique & different from what is on the market now. I would start with the CAMOFLAGE for my husband because he is so rough, touch, and tender at the same time for 38+ years now. BUT, then I’d have to try all of them; Blue Suede, Minty-Chip Chocolate, PB + Chocolate, and White Mocha because they all look so outrageous & delicious.

  25. DeeAnn S says

    I’d love to make the camouflage cake for a friend of mine who is an avid hunter. I think he’d be very surprised to see what’s under the icing! ;). Thanks.

  26. Karen Drake says

    I love these cake mix flavors, I am most excited about the Minty Chocolate Chip and I would make it for my daughter.

  27. Angela Ash says

    I’m most interested in trying the Minty-Chip Chocolate. I’d make it for my immediate family to enjoy. My child loves Mint Chocolate everything and would get excited just seeing the box…then probably love it and beg me to buy/make it on a regular basis.

  28. Barb Stenby says

    I LOVE to bake so I am having a hard time deciding on a cake so I narrowed it down to PB & Chocolate & Mint Chocolate chip

  29. Julie S says

    I’d LOVE to make the camouflage for my kids…. and wait to see their face when I dished it up! They’d do crazy for it 🙂

  30. Kathryn C says

    I would bake it for me! well, I would share with family but I would want the minty chip chocolate!

    Kathryn C

  31. MARIA simon says


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