How-to Use Your Recipe Box with Step-by-Step Photos!

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Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to take the time to show you guys how great and easy the Recipe Box feature is on the Mr. Food Test Kitchen site. I thought I’d take on this task since I’m the newest member on the team and I’m still trying to manage my way around everything too!  So, here goes…

First things first, make sure you’ve registered!

Make sure you register!

Look at my Cow Cookies post on the homepage!

Once you’ve created an account and you’re all logged in, you can start browsing through the categories on the left-hand side of the screen, or you can search in the top-right search bar.

Search for a recipe on MF!

I’m searching for decorated recipes, since I’m thinking about making something sweet and Spring-themed sometime this month. Sometimes the search bar will make suggestions based on common searches. You can select one of the suggestions if that’s what you’re looking for, or you can keep typing to search for something else.

Here are my search results. I’m going to click on the page titled “Decorative Desserts: 40 of Our Favorite Seasonal Sweets.” I know that this page has a collection of great-looking recipes, so I’m sure I’ll find something I love!

Decorated Search Results

And it doesn’t look like I have to look very far, because those Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes look fantastic! (Fun fact: I love marshmallows!) Once I click on the image, it’ll take me to the recipe page.

Decorated Recipes

Right next to the recipe’s image and description I see a box that gives me several options, including one that says Save to Recipe Box. Perfect!

Recipe Page

By the way, I’ll probably Share this Recipe on Facebook once I’ve actually made these cupcakes. I won’t do it now, because I don’t want all my friends to know what I’ve got planned just yet. 😉

Okay, so I’ve clicked Save to Recipe Box and I get this pop-up.

Recipe Added

This box will disappear from your screen in a few seconds. Save to Recipe Box will now say Remove from Box, which lets you know you’ve successfully saved it to your Recipe Box!

You can now go to your Recipe Box just to double-check. Click Recipe Box in the header bar.

Recipe Box

This is what my Recipe Box looks like right now. I just have the one recipe right now, but I know I’ll have a bunch more in there pretty soon so I think I want to start creating some folders to start keeping everything organized! I’ll just click on the My Folders tab to get started.

Recipe Box - My Folders

Since I don’t have any folders yet, all I see is a link to Add Folder. I’ve clicked on it and it’s given me a pop-up. This is where I can name my folder. I think I’ll name this folder Spring.

Recipe Box - Add Folder

Spring is a good name for this folder, but I think I’d like to be even more organized and add a subfolder just for my spring dessert recipes. I can do this by selecting Add Folder as above and selecting Spring in the drop-down menu under Place folder in:

Recipe Box - Subfolder

Or, I can hover over my Spring folder in the Recipe Box to get an icon titled Options.

Recipe Box - Subfolder2

Clicking on this will give me a list of options that allows me to rename, delete, or add a subfolder. If I choose Add a Subfolder I get this pop-up:

Subfolder Options

Now that I’ve got my folders set up (I’ll have to set up one up for each season later!) I’m going to go back to the My List tab, where my recipe is, and I’m going to click Add to Folder and select Desserts from the drop-down menu provided.

Add Recipe to folder

As you can see, it gives me the option to add a new folder here too! That’s pretty easy! Once I’ve clicked on Add to Folder I can also Click to Manage Folders, which takes me back to the My Folders tab.

My Recipe Box also lets me sort my recipes by date, popularity, or alphabetical order. That’s pretty handy.

I hope this post has been as helpful to you as it has been to me! Sometimes just walking through something step-by-step, especially with photos, makes things much easier to learn.

If you still have questions about your Recipe Box, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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  1. Valderet says

    This information was very informative, it will definitely help me keep all the good recipes organized. Thanks Merly for the step by step tutorial

    • Merly says

      Hi Marci!
      Of course you can. After you’ve added a recipe to your Recipe Box, just go into the Recipe Box tab and you should see your recipe under “My List.” Right under it, it will say “Add to Folder.” Let me know if you need any more help!

  2. ken says

    save me some work please

    i have a number of recipes in different folders
    if i choose to delete a folder do i lose those recipes to all folders i have them in
    thank you for the quick response

    this is my primary recipe site….great job

    • Merly says

      Hi Ken,
      If you delete a folder, you will lose the recipes within that folder. However, if you have those recipes in other folders they will not be deleted from those other folders. If you delete a specific recipe, it will be removed from your recipe box entirely (including all folders and the main list).
      Hope that helps! (And thank you!)

    • Merly says

      Hi Deane!

      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this right now, but we are working on updating the recipe box and adding some more user-friendly features, so I’ll be sure to make sure your suggestion gets heard!

      Thank you,
      Merly, Website Editor

  3. Edward Hughart says

    The images no longer appear in My Recipe Box. The recipes are there, but all of the images have disappeared. Have I done something wrong or are you experiencing difficulties

    • Merly says

      Hi Edward –
      Thank for your bringing this to our attention. We have been making some changes to the site to improve everyone’s overall experience. We’re sorry about the inconvenience, but we will work to get this fixed as quickly as possible!
      Thank you!

  4. Elaine says

    I am trying to change my PASSWORRD (….cause I forgot it !!!)

    I want to set it up so I can have a Recipe Box

    • Merly says

      Hi Elaine! Have you tried clicking on the “Forgot Your Password?” Doing so will email you a new and temporary password.

    • Merly says

      Hi Larry,

      Does this happen every time you close your browser window or when you go from recipe to recipe within our site? If it happens when you close your browser window it might be that your is set to “clear cookies” every time you close your internet browser, which means that it may not be keeping you logged in. If not, could you please provide me with more detail?


    • Merly says

      Hi Dru!

      Unfortunately, at this time our recipe box does not have the capability to save recipes from other sources. However, this is something we are considering implementing in the future.

      Thank you for your question!

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