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Easter Dinner Ideas FREE eCookbook

If you’ve ever celebrated Easter Sunday, then you’ve definitely eaten brunch or dinner with family. (Maybe both?) We’re here to let you know that planning a healthy Easter dinner menu for this busy day does not have to be so hard. In fact, we’ve made it easy with 30 recipes that are not only delicious, but are also diabetic-friendly!

For me, Easter is one of the best times of the year. Why is that? It means that my family is going to get together and celebrate! One of my favorite parts about Easter is helping my grandma out in the kitchen. I usually pick up a rack of lamb the day before and then head on over to start cooking with her on Sunday morning. It’s a full day of work, but it’s worth it in the end. From lemony potatoes to roasted lamb and homemade honey balls, there’s always plenty to go around. There are multiple courses to this meal, because my family is so big. One of my aunts likes to bring a ham while my mom prefers to bake chicken. Then there’s salad, pasta, fresh bread, grilled vegetables and at least 5 different desserts.

It’s a good thing that I got my hands on a new (and completely FREE) eCookbook this year, because I love to switch up my cooking routine. Everyday Diabetic Recipe’s newest FREE eCookbook, Easter Dinner Ideas: 30 Healthy Easter Recipes, is the perfect way to do just that. It features 30 exciting diabetic-friendly recipes that are perfect for your Easter holiday table! It’s available on our website, Everyday Diabetic Recipes, and even includes nutritional information for each recipe.

Easter Dinner Ideas

My favorite meal to eat on Sunday is brunch, so this FREE eCookbook is perfect! It’s packed with delicious recipes and there’s at least one for whatever you are craving. No matter if it’s a tasty egg dish like the Frittata Primavera, or tempting Southern Johnny Cakes, I know that I will be making a few of these delicious recipes to give me energy for my busy day of cooking…

Who can resist a good appetizer? I know that I can’t… And with good reason! These ones are perfect for a springtime celebration because they’re all diabetic-friendly. And with many low-carb options, check out our Southern Deviled Eggs, it’s a healthy way to snack. Be sure to serve each meal with a side of bread like the delicious and low-cal Cloud Bread.

For me, nothing says Easter Sunday like a plate of Garlicky Mustard Lamb Chops and Baked Stuffed Spuds. With recipes this good, there’s no way that there will be anyone hungry at our table! A diabetic-friendly take on the traditional Easter ham means servin’ up our Apple Butter Glazed Ham with a side of our Easy Peasy Pea Salad. No matter what you serve up, I know that you’ll love this FREE eCookbook because there really is a recipe for everyone.

Last, but certainly not least, are desserts! Recipes this good need no introduction because their names speak for themselves: Coconut Cake, Carrot Cake and low-carb Raspberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes. These recipes are an easy way to indulge without feeling guilty because they’re all so tempting.

Coconut Cake

By now you’ve probably already downloaded our FREE eCookbook, Easter Dinner Ideas: 30 Healthy Easter Recipes, I know that my grandma and I have. We’re already planning the recipes that we will make this Easter!

What does your family eat on Easter?