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Easy Chili Recipes from Our Test Kitchen

We had so much fun with National Soup Month that I thought I’d keep it going by bringing you everything you need to celebrate National Chili Day. That’s right, there’s a whole day dedicated to this delightfully hearty bowl of awesomeness! There’s some die-hard chili fans out there and some major chili cook-off competitions take place across the country. There’s even an International Chili Society to help you find one near you. 

The fourth Thursday of February is the official day (this year it’s February 25th) and whether you like your chili spicy, mild, loaded with meats, or vegetarian, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Here’s some of our most popular. Give ‘em a try!


(Clockwise from top left):

Cafeteria-Style Chili: A great basic chili recipe that you can easily customize to your family’s tastes.

Cincinnati Chili: Chili served over spaghetti? You bet! That’s Cincinnati-style!

Fire Station Chili: This hearty, beefy chili will get you all fired up!

Hillbilly Chili: This all-around great chili is a crowd-pleaser. Try bringing this to your next potluck and watch ‘em dig in! 


(Clockwise from top left):

Turkey and Bean Chili:Who says you have to use beef? This chili is full of flavor!

Secret Recipe Chili: Nobody does chili better than Texas and you can bet this secret recipe from a Houston restaurant will hit the spot.

White House Chili: Enjoy this chili with a “Presidential” twist and serve it over some rice.

White Chicken Chili: Not your typical chili, this chicken chili recipe offers a nice change of pace.


(Clockwise from top left):

Veggie Chili: This meatless version is perfect for summer, since it’s made with some of summer’s best veggies.

Southwest Veggie Chili: Just because it’s Southwestern doesn’t mean you need the meat. You won’t even miss it in this chili recipe!

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili: Chef Danielle shared this vegetarian recipe with us and there may or may not have been a fight over the last bowl.

Barbecue Chili: All the tastes of your summer barbecue in one easy to make chili. 

Of course, chili is worth celebrating any time of the year. My brother’s neighborhood has a friendly, annual chili competition in their caul-de-sac. It’s a great way to get everyone in the neighborhood involved – even the kids get into it. Just look at all the entries! (Maybe try starting one in your own neighborhood!)


Now that you have some recipe ideas, it’s time to pull out that soup pot and get cookin’! 

We want to know…

What’s your favorite way to enjoy chili?