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How to Make an Italian Club Sandwich

If you’re stuck in a lunch rut, it’s time to pay attention because I’m about to share a recipe for a double-decker Italian Club Sandwich that’s going to have you looking forward to lunchtime again!

I have to admit that lunchtime is probably my least favorite meal of the day. I hardly ever cook something for lunch and usually just end up eating leftovers or making a PB & J … not very exciting, I know.  But, with summer coming to a close, I thought it would be nice to treat the family to something a little different. So, while everyone was in the pool, I snuck inside and made an Italian Club Sandwich. It was my first time making these, but it won’t be the last!


Step 1: Gather all of your ingredients including Italian bread, Genoa salami, bologna, provolone, cooked bacon (is your mouth watering yet?), lettuce, tomato, Italian dressing, Parmesan, mayo, & mustard. Feel free to customize the meats and cheese to whatever your family likes. Yes, it’s going to be a BIG sandwich!

Ingredients for Italian Club Sandwich

Step 2: Since this is a double-decker, you’ll need 3 slices of bread for each sandwich. Coat 1 side of each slice of bread with Italian dressing, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and then toast until lightly brown and crispy. You won’t believe how much flavor this packs!

Bread for Italian Club Sandwich

Step3: Flip the bread slices over and spread some mayo and mustard on each slice, then get ready to start your first layer.

Condiments and Meats for Italian Club Sandwich

Step 4: Evenly divide the salami onto 4 slices of bread, then top with bologna and cheese. I folded my bologna to give the sandwich a little more height and personality. It’s ok if the meat hangs over the edges a bit; there’s a better chance the kids will eat the crust that way 😉

First Layer of Italian Club Sandwich

Step 5: Add a piece of bread and then build your top layer with lettuce, tomato, and bacon. You’ll notice I didn’t use too much lettuce since my family’s not a huge fan, but make it your own way.

Top Layer of Italian Club Sandwich

Step 6: Add the final piece of bread, cut in half and get ready to chow down!

Italian Club Sandwiches

To get the full recipe for this Italian Club Sandwich, just click here.

You know, I’m starting to rethink my whole lunch philosophy. I really enjoyed the afternoon break with my family and they definitely loved having mom make them something special.

By the way, if you need even more motivation to make lunch, August is National Sandwich Month! So, if a monster-sized Italian Club Sandwich isn’t your thing, check out some of the other sandwiches that were featured in a Mr. Food Test Kitchen blog last year about National Sandwich Month.

And, if that’s not enough, you can always check out all of our sandwich recipes on mrfood.com. You can also find the complete recipe for the Italian Club Sandwich there too – just remember to open wide! So tell me …

What’s your favorite lunchtime sandwich?