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Memorial Day Side Dishes

Many American families and friends get together on Memorial Day by going to a national park, taking a dip in their swimming pool or sharing a meal. It’s the unofficial start of summer and the perfect time to break out your grill or start your summer vacation. I’m excited to get together with my friends, because we’re going to have a barbecue. To make things easier, I’ve asked each person to bring different recipes like desserts and main dishes to share. I’m making all of the side dish recipes, so naturally I visited MrFood.com and EverydayDiabeticRecipes.com for yummy and healthy options. If you’re looking for ways to add to your Memorial Day barbecue menu, check out these options that I’ve put together.

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Deli Salad Sides:  I love deli salads! They’re one of my favorite side dishes because there are so many ways that you can make them. Deli salad recipes this good are filled with flavors like peppers, cabbage, pasta and so much more! I bet that if you make them for your Memorial Day menu, everyone will be coming back for seconds.

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Clockwise from left: Best Broccoli Salad | “German” Coleslaw | “No-Bake” Baked Potato SaladFresh Fruit Shell Salad | Everything Coleslaw | American Pasta Salad

Different Side Dishes: If you’re like me, then you love a variety of side dishes and your Memorial Day barbecue menu wouldn’t be complete without these tasty additions. Here, we’ve got everything from side dishes that are made on the grill to ones that are baked up in the oven in no time at all. There are plenty more extraordinary side dishes were that came from.

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Counterclockwise from top left: Every Mama’s Favorite Cucumber Salad | Backyard Bean Bake | Spicy Lime Corn on the Cob | Old Time Cornbread Muffins | Grilled Asparagus | Four Cheese Smoked Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Grilled Asparagus

Healthier Deli Salad Sides: You know when you’re at a party and there are so many options, that you can’t choose just one? With these healthy deli salad recipes, you don’t have to because there’s plenty of tasty goodness to go around. These ones come from Everyday Diabetic Recipes and that means that each recipe is diabetic-friendly. They’re a healthier way to enjoy a Memorial Day barbecue menu, minus the guilt.

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Clockwise from top right: Amish Coleslaw | Avocado Potato Salad | Carrot Raisin Salad with Apples | Simple Macaroni Salad | Cauliflower Salad | South-of-the-Border Corn Salad

Don’t you want to indulge in every single one of these delicious Memorial Day side dishes? I know that my friends and I will be digging into plenty of them. I’ve got Avocado Potato Salad, Every Mama’s Cucumber Salad and Everything Coleslaw at the top of my list. For even more ideas, be sure to check out MrFood.com and EverydayDiabeticRecipes.com.

Which Memorial Day side dishes are your favorite?