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The Magic of Peppermint

While the Christmas giveaway elves are on break let’s talk about peppermint…

Christmas is the one time of year that peppermint gets to shine. That’s why grocery store shelves are filled with peppermint flavored everything. It’s special. It’s sentimental. It’s the flavor of Christmas! It takes you right back to special holiday memories. So this year I’m hoppin’ on the peppermint train and it’s takin’ me back to the good ‘ol days when reindeer flew and presents fell from the sky!



When I sat down to write this blog, I couldn’t help but wonder… does Christmas taste like peppermint? Or does peppermint taste like Christmas? I finally came to the conclusion that peppermint taste like Christmas. I guess that’s why people go crazy for the stuff, because eating it brings the feeling of Christmas. Peppermint has such a strong association with Christmas that simply seeing a candy cane can bring me right back to childhood. To the Christmas Eve nights when I wrote letters to Santa and couldn’t sleep, to the Christmas mornings when I pulled my parents out of bed because I couldn’t wait to see what Santa had brought, and to the Christmas days full of family, food, and laughter. I had never put much thought into it, but goodness… peppermint is pretty powerful.

Check out these fun peppermint desserts, decorations, and party ideas. They’re sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!


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Thinking about candy canes and peppermint brought back a lot of memories and inspired me to have a Very Minty Christmas!

Does peppermint make you think of any Christmas memories?