In today's cluttered ad environment, with new technologies emerging almost daily, the age-old question of how to engage your consumers has become even more critical.

For more than 30 years, the well-established Mr. Food Brand has built a solid reputation through nationally syndicated TV segments, best selling cookbooks, print and online newsletters. Being “The Originators of Quick & Easy Cooking” has lent itself to attracting a highly engaged female audience/reader seeking everyday recipes …for everyday consumers.


That trusted brand loyalty is the foundation for advertising and sponsorship opportunities for companies that have products and services that enhance our audience’s lifestyle.


Through a strategic partnership, Prime Publishing LLC manages the advertising opportunities on by creating a broad campaign that targets the consumers you want to reach, where you want to reach them.


As an advertiser, you will have a wide array of opportunities to engage our audience:

• Banners
• Text Links
• Direct to Consumer Emails

For more information, a media kit and/or to contact us, please visit Prime Publishing LLC.

Sponsorship Opportunities that deliver! If you desire to integrate your message through online content sponsorship opportunities, please contact to discuss the many opportunities available. Whether it be via an eCookbook, a weekly column, video pre-roll or numerous additional advertorial sponsorships, we have endless ideas to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.


Subscriber permission is vitally important. That is why our Banners and Emails are targeted through pre-selected criteria or using customized models. Therefore your advertisements or marketing material are sent only to registered opt-in newsletter subscribers who confirm their desire to receive them.


Our targeted media is specifically designed to generate a profitable response to meet your objectives.

For more information about the Mr. Food and Mr. Food Test Kitchen brand, please check us out.

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