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Old Fashioned Potato Pancakes

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Our crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside Old-Fashioned Potato Pancakes pair perfectly with our fork-tender Crowd Pleasing Brisket. Enjoy them at Hanukkah or anytime you need a comforting company-fancy dinner.

What You'll Need:
  • 4 Idaho baking potatoes (about 1-1/2 pounds), peeled, shredded or grated
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
What To Do:
  1. Place potatoes and onion in a strainer and press down on them with the back of a large spoon to extract excess moisture. If they’re still watery, wrap them in a clean dish towel and squeeze to extract the remaining moisture.
  2. Place in a large bowl and add egg; mix well. Gradually add flour, baking powder, salt, and pepper, mixing well.
  3. In a large skillet, heat oil, then drop 1/2 cup batter for each pancake onto the skillet, being careful not to crowd skillet. Fry pancakes 5 to 6 minutes, or until golden on both sides, turning halfway through cooking. Drain on paper towels and serve warm.
  • If you prefer your potato pancakes really crispy, fry them until they’re flecked with brown.
  • A great pairing for Hanukkah or other special dinners is our Crowd-Pleasing Brisket. It's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

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what kind of site is this??? Do you have to pass a Nasty Test or take a Nasty pill in order to be on here... What a bunch rude ignorant people. This site should filter these nasy hurtful remarks or boot the nasty ones off the site. How rude you people ARE!!

Stick to the old rules if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!!!!!

WOW- are you ladies or a couple of alley cats? This is only a potato recipe- take a chill pill.

This is a good replacement for pierogies. We love them with Cream Dried beef on toast. This is the Best Creamed Dried Beef Recipie you will ever serve. Try it and let me know your feelings. 1/2 to 1 Pound of Dried Beef Chipped When you get it home cut into chunks. Use a heavy fry pan with Butter Melted to cover 1/4 to 1/2 of the bottom of the pan. When the Butter is Melted add the Dried Beef and Fizzle the Meat. Add about 2 cups of Milk, When it comes to a boil use another 1 cup of Milk with 3 tablespoons of Corn Starch, stir in the cup till well blended, and add to the Dried Beef Mixture. It will come to a boil and thicken, take off the heat and serve on toast with potato cakes.

Ladies, there's no need to be rude because someone misread or failed to understand. If you can't submit something nice/constructive, then don't submit anything. I adore this website and have learned much and tried many great recipes, but this constant belittling one another is embarrassing. Litten up sister's and let's have a fun and light-hearted comment section. Take your animosity out on your spouses lol lol Have a delightful day

Great Recipe!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have arthritis in my hands so I'm all for using the frozen shredded potatoes, but I think I would thaw them and press the water out as the recipe suggests.

I have arthritis in my hands so I'm all for using the frozen grated potatoes.

This recipe is for potato cakes NOT potato pancakes. Potato pancakes are made with raw potatoes. Nice try passing these off for something that would be served in Kosher home. I will stick with my latkes.

This recipe is made from raw potatoes. Says use Idaho Baking Potatoes (not baked but raw) and then shred. This recipes is great served with sour cream.

Either you cant cook or your to stupid to read either way your way off base. Good simple recipe

I vote for too stupid

sdgolden: Read this recipe calls for 'baking' potatoes NOT 'baked' potatoes (which you obviously assumed.)! Honestly, I don't know what some of you people are doing on recipe websites, since it appears that you would actually be DANGEROUS in the kitchen!!

sdgolden331181.... IF you can read and you understand what you read, the recipe clearly states "4 Idaho baking potatoes shredded or grated" What part do you NOT understand??? This is a great recipe and uses Real Raw Potatoes

REALLY ??? Does anyone really care ???

You can buy frozen or fresh shredded potatoes and make this recipe just as quickly. Much easier and they are delicious!!

Yes, you are correct. I have tried the frozen shredded potatoes and they work great. Just let them thaw and then continue with the rest of the instructions. Although I never use baking powder.It really is not needed.

I put my potatoes cubed in the blender. sure beats grating.

I put my potatoes cubed in the blender. Sure beats grating.

Blender or food processor it's the same. They both take the same time to clean.

You really need fresh garlic for good flavor. Otherwise recipe is good.

Can you just use frozen hash browns, thawed out, instead of grating a potato?

If you use frozen potatoes, your whole raw potatoes will sprout, rot, and stink

I thought these are Potato pancakes that at sold at firemen picnics in the fall. I'm confused, what is the difference except that maybe using sour cream with them. Perhaps more onion.

I believe you are referring to bleenies. If so, they are very similar to potato pancakes. It sounds as when you make bleenies you grate the potatoes finer and add more onion. Traditionally potato pancakes are served with applesauce or sour cream. Thank you!

These sound great. Another idea for potato pancakes. When you go out and order loaded baked potato and can't eat it all, bring what is left home. The next morning, scoop out potato from skins and mash, add an egg, a little milk and enough flour (or bisquick) to get the consistency of pancake batter. Spoon onto griddle and they will puff up. All the good stuff from the "loaded" is there and you haven't wasted anything. Delicious. One left-over potato is enough to make pancakes for 2 or 3 depending on appetite.

My Grandma use to make these on a old wood cook stove that they use to use to heat the house as well. Loved her potato pancakes, we use to put either sugar or jam on top of them. They were the best. Going to give these a try. Been looking for a recipe for this.

Glad to fin this recipe, I almost forgot how to make them. My late Grangmother cooked for Jewish people and she never put onion in it. She sprinkled them with reg. sugar. Sometime applesauce on the side. Yummy!!!!

If your grandmother cooked for Jewish folks she must have made "Latke", and they are DEFINATELY made with onion! Maybe the people whom she cooked for didn't like onions, so she didn't include them for that reason. Anyways, I've never met a Jewish person who didn't like onions!

if using mashed potatoes, try adding drained flaked tuna, make patties, dip in egg then seasoned bread crumbs and fry in a little oil until golden brown...Mom's recipe and really good!

When you're adding tuna or turkey it's called a hash cake. Mr Food has the recipe and I make them with the leftover turkey after the holidays.

When you're adding tuna or turkey it's called a hash cake. Mr Food has the recipe and I make them with the leftover turkey after the holidays.

I always make mine with leftover mashed potatoes. Never thought of adding tuna or any meat. I had never heard of hash cakes. Sounds good, will have to try this. Thanks. : )

thank very much for this recipe. I grew up on these, my mothers father was from Germany. It has been so long since I made them that I forgot exactly how they were made. I will be having them for breakfast tomorrow.

WEll, sports fqans, the mashed tater ones are to me an old southern favorite - not German. I still make therm occasionaly as well as the German ones from fresh potatoes.

I grew up eateing these & I am OLD, but always just used left - over mashed potatoes. Never thought of useing anything else. They turn out just fine. I always put a litttle flour on the outside to brown them.

Sissy Sue you are only as old as you feel

Imikie, on the fried mash pots., also add sharp grated cheese. Sorry I forgot.

Also to this add Chopped Green Chili!!

Imikie, mix mashed pots. with chop onion, egg, a little parm.and enough flour to make them thick enough(not too thick) to drop from spoon. Fry in a sm. amount of oil& butter, when brown, flip over and brown other side. I have done this for years. Very good!

I love this; but have you tried mashed potato salad? just add chopped celery, onions eggs and olives if you like. Make dressing with mustard and mayonaise

I love potato pancakes and I found I have no problem of discoloration of potatoes. What I do is quite simple. After peeling my very first potato, I rinse it under cold water, place it in a stainless steel cooking pot with cold water and give one generous squirt of bottled lemon juice to this water and commence to peel the remaining potatoes adding them to the pot with the rest. I then use a food processor with the grater attachment. I also put my peeled whole onion in the lemon juice water as a preliminary to grating. NEVER have I had a discoloration problem. I hope this was helpful. Enjoy! Anita

I need a Mashed Potatoe pancake recipe.. My Mom used to make them..I have leftover mashed potatoes and i want to make them . Usually they don't turn out perfect, but I don't have the right ingredients. thanx for your help.

I have been doing the cakes for years.But i use frozen hash brown potatos.I take out what i need and let them thaw some.Works beautiful.

I've only tried making potato pancakes once before and they were BAD, I liked how this recipe sounded and decided to work with it, I used 2 eggs, green onions, and 1 whole teaspoon of seasoning salt, then fried them in butter. Mr.Food I am here to tell ya these were delicious, and will be a regular at my table,(they "sooo good") everyone loved'em. Also to the other commenters, I don't know if you did this or not, but when working with potatoes this way, don't forget to rinse them as soon as you grate them, to keep them from "occidizing!!!

These are OOH SO GOOD!!!! I had Yukons on hand and I used a food processor & pulsed them [no more grated fingers] and then mixed in the finely chopped onion and remaining ingredients. They were nice and crispy, delicious....we ate 6 & hubby took 2 to work for lunch. Great with applesauce & sour cream. Thanks Mr. Food!


I just tried the potatoe pancakes. I cooked one mess and came back a bit later to the batter and it was totally black. What happened? jjo

i if you put ahalf a teaspoon of lemon juice it stops them from oxidizing. Also we grew up on ma,s potato pancakes she would pour the batter in a sheet cake tin and bake them in the oven she would make several of them this way one after the other and we would put butter on them after she cut them into quarters or six pieces.there was 5 of us and we were all big eaters.we all try to immitate mom,s recipe but it,s not the same [she alsoused bacon drippings back then [cholesterol city but we all seemed to have survived it.

Potatoes turn real fast


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