Down-Home Cookin: 24 Easy Southern Favorites


Down-Home Cookin: 24 Easy Southern Favorites

Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites Free eCookbookFree Easy Southern Recipes eCookbook from

Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites

We hope you're hungry because we've got some recipes from the South that you're not going to want to miss. We've got plenty of those country recipes we know you love with our latest free eCookbook, Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites. These easy Southern recipes range from easy catfish recipes to decadent desserts, just like Mom used to make. Get ready to make dinnertime the highlight of your day!

While there are so many different styles of recipes that everyone loves, there's perhaps nothing more beloved than some down-home Southern cooking. When you think of easy country recipes, you can practically smell the cornbread, fresh out of the oven, while sunshine streams in through the windows. The whole family gathers around the table and passes around heaping bowls of veggies, potluck-style, usually accompanied by a glass of cold milk or lemonade. No one's busy texting on their cell phones, and the activity isn't centered around what's on television: just Southern foods and good conversation. Those are the kinds of meals you want your kids to remember. We invite you to turn off the distractions for the night as you get back to basics with Southern cooking done right. It doesn't matter how stressed you are at work or if the weather refuses to cooperate, when you've got a classic country recipe in front of you, all of your worries will simply melt away. Interested in a video sneak peek of this free eCookbook. Click here to check it out!


Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites Free eCookbook


Download your free copy of Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites today.




Starter Recipes

Catfish Cakes

That very first bite of a meal can really set the tone for the entire night. You better make sure it's a good one with these oh-so-tasty appetizer recipes. In fact, you may not even get to the main course! Not if you serve up a plate of our Catfish Cakes (page 1) anyway. Not only do they fit right into place at the dinner table, you can easily set them out for guests to enjoy as you wait for your country dinner to finish cooking. Another easy party appetizer you're going to love is our Good Ol' Southern Deviled Eggs (page 2). Using only five simple ingredients, these gems are simple to whip up if you're low on available prep time right before your guests start arriving - and much more impressive than throwing out a box of crackers! What collection of Southern recipes would be complete without this one for Down South Corn Bread (page 3)? Whether you're getting ready for the holidays or you're just looking for an easy starter recipe to serve to your family, this one will leave behind nothing but crumbs!

Country Dinner

Good Ol' Honey Fried Chicken

Make sure the chicken coop is locked and the tractor's shut off for the night; the dinner bell is ringing, and boy, are you going to love what we've got in store! These easy country recipes are hearty and full of flavor — just what you need after a long, hard day at work. For those cold or rainy days, you're going to be thankful to come home to a steamin' bowl of our All American Fish Chowder (page 6). With a mix of four different veggies paired with your catfish fillets, you can be sure you're getting all the nutrition you need. Add a sweet touch to your Southern cooking with a plateful of Good Ol' Honey Fried Chicken (page 9). This is an easy Southern dinner recipe the kids will love since it's both sweet and gooey. You're going to want to keep some extra napkins handy! To get that authentic Southern cooking flair for BBQ, you can't go wrong with our smoky recipe for Pulled Pork Sandwiches (page 10).

Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites Free eCookbook

Download your free copy of Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites today.






You want to perfect that classic Southern cooking that Grandma had down pat, but you don't have the time or money to experiment with dozens of different formulas to find the right combination. Sound familiar? Our Test Kitchen does all of the experimenting for you so you don't have to worry about a thing the first time you decide to try one of our recipes. Our triple-tested guarantee ensures the best quality every single time. We adjust our recipes so that every single one can be cooked to perfection for country meals you'll eat right up. Plus, all of our recipes are made with easy-to-find ingredients so you're not running all around town to find some obscure and unnecessary spice. You'll already have most of these ingredients in your cupboard already!

Your parents and grandparents made some great memories for you when preparing some classic Southern dishes. Now it's time for you to pass on that tradition to your kids with easy Southern recipes they'll ask for again and again.

Easy Side Dish Recipes

Southern Broccoli Tomato Salad

Complement your Southern cooking with some easy side dishes that are going to steal the show! Add a burst of fresh veggies to any meal with our recipe for Southern Broccoli Tomato Salad (page 15). With ingredients like broccoli, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and bacon, this colorful dish belongs front and center in your table display. What Southern dinner would be complete without a hearty helping of Country Coleslaw (page 16)? Whether you're having catfish, chicken, beef, or pork, this easy side dish is so versatile; you can pair it with almost anything! For an easy five-ingredient addition to any meal, try out our easy country recipe for Hush Puppies (page 18). You may want to make an extra batch of these because these addictive poppable bites may not make it all the way around the table.


Southern Desserts

Hummingbird Cake

Last is certainly not least when it comes to classic Southern desserts. After a satisfying country dinner, it's time to move on out to the porch swing to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine with your favorite dessert by your side. You don't need to wait for anyone's birthday or a holiday to bake up our recipe for Old Fashioned Southern Chocolate Cake (page 20). Light 'n' fluffy but oh-so-delicious, this beauty may become one of your signature recipes with a decadent chocolate flavor you won't want to miss. We've taken a leaf out of Grandma's cookbook collection with our easy country recipe for Hummingbird Cake (page 22). With a bit of fruit and a dash of cinnamon, you can bake up a whole lot of yum! For a versatile dish that works great for both breakfast and dessert, check out our recipe for Peach Coffee Cake (page 24). Serve with a glass of refreshing iced tea for a Southern food classic your friends and family will absolutely love.


Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites Free eCookbook

Download your free copy of Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites today.







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As a fan of Mr. Food Test Kitchen's Quick & Easy cooking philosophy, I know you can see the value in this free ebook. Try out these easy cake recipes with the free Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites. Once you subscribe to receive our newsletter, you'll see how much fun it is to be a part of the Mr. Food Test Kitchen community! If you've ever searched for quick and easy recipes, fast dinner ideas, slow cooker recipes or anything in-between, let deliver triple-tested recipes straight from our Mr. Food Test Kitchen that are both easy to make and delicious to eat. Check out this free eBook and the site to draw tons of inspiration for your next holiday or meal!

 Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites Free eCookbook

Download your free copy of Down-Home Cookin': 24 Easy Southern Favorites today.







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Oh my, tired the skillet meatloaf the other day. Was jut too hot to run the oven. Was so good.....that is a keeper for sue

beate2 6009220 Hi From South Africa, I came across your web site and downloaded my first cooking book, we will try it out and keep you posted Regards Martin Erasmus

Try frying some Mexican tomatios for a real zing. They are tasty and spicy.

i cant wate for my cookbook were my family can try the Recipes out because we are taird of the same thing all the time?

all I can say is wow and yummy and oh yes im in food heaven now lets get healthy

To the folks trying to find green tomatoes in Arizona & California, in the Spring, purchase tomoto plants[Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot..] and grow your own. Space in a problem where we live so I grow our tomotoes & peppers in various sized pots on our deck. The veggies grow beautifully [with a regular feeding of plant food] and simply pick the green tomotoes before they easy & simple.

There is a difference between green tomatoes and an unripen tomato. a true green tomato has a bit of zing to it. An unripe tomato will not have the same flavor. Try to find real green tomatoes for the genuine experience.

All I wanted to do was get a printed copy of an apple pie recipie... darn! This looks good, but where is that apple pie?

Looks Good, Thanks

This is a great cookbook


i love southern comfort food, but what i want to know, is where do i get green tomatoes in arizona?

Arizona has to be as difficult to find green tomatoes as California. On rare occasions I have found a couple here and there at a farmers market but I have found it is much easier and reliable to grow them in a little spot in my yard or in planters. This way I have the best of both worlds, green and ripe !! ;) Best of luck & happy cooking.

yum yum

I love it!

some of these recipes are so new to me, I cant wait to serve them up for my family. Thanks So Much.

Thank you vry mcuh. I'm going to read all your recipes and hope can try to cook it very soon.

Thank you, I'm going to try 3 of the recipes in the future. I will get back to you as soon as possible can't wait.

I like all your recipes and I was so excited to be able to download the "Down-Home Cooking;24 Easy Southern Favorites. But, the Fried Green Tomato recipe on page 21 is an exact copy of the Southern Potato Bake on page 19.


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