64+ Easy Dinner Recipes for Two


64+ Easy Dinner Recipes for Two

No need to cook for an army. These easy recipes for two will work for any couple.

If you think cooking for two requires halving a larger recipe, then you're in for a treat with these great 64+ Easy Dinner Recipes for Two! These simple recipes are all tailor-made for you and your companion, so whether you're looking for quick dinners for two, healthy dinners for two, or easy meals for two on a budget, you'll find the perfect recipes in this collection. Finding just the right dinner for two has never been so easy because we have tons of options!

We've got a delicious selection of recipes for you, including seafood and chicken dinners for two; beef, pork, and veal dishes; pasta for two; side dishes; and even desserts for two! Why go out for a fancy meal when you can make restaurant-quality recipes at home? You'll never be disappointed with these delicious dishes, and you'll never have to struggle with cutting down a larger recipe or storing too many leftovers again. Just pick out your favorite recipe for two from the list below and you'll have a perfectly-portioned meal on the dinner table in no time!

Easy Chicken Dinners for Two

Winner, winner! We've got some great chicken dinners for two! Below, you'll find some of our chicken recipes, including everything from simple chicken dinners for busy weeknights to fancier recipes for your weekend sit-down dinners. Both of you are going to love these easy recipes, and we're sure you'll come back to them again and again. (Our Chicken Marsala for Two is one of our most popular recipes, so you might want to try that one first!)

Chicken Parmesan for Two

Delicious and simple, this chicken parmesan recipe is the ideal meal for two. Tasty and simple, this recipe takes about half an hour to make. Garnish with spaghetti or garlic bread if you want to add a few more bites.

Company Fancy Chicken Wraps

Tasty and simple, this light meal is ideal for summer and spring nights. The combo of veggies and a fruit chicken salad has a bright, springy taste. This recipe is wrapped in spinach tortillas but you could easily replace them with a whole wheat or flour version.

Chicken Marsala for Two

Tender and flavor-filled, this chicken marsala dinner for two is perfect for a date night in. Serve it with a yummy red wine for an especially romantic meal.

Quick Chicken Francaise

This fancy dinner allows you to cook up a romantic dinner for two in under an hour. There's no need to leave your home to enjoy this popular Italian dish. Just stay home and make it for your hubby.

Shortcut Chicken and Waffles

Breakfast for dinner is a whimsical way to eat your favorites. It can be hard to find time during the week to eat a full, hearty breakfast. Why not make it at night? You'll love this shortcut chicken and waffles recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Stay in and watch your favorite team go for the gold when you make these tasty, buffalo chicken tenders. This yummy recipe is perfect served with some blue cheese dressing and veggie sticks.

Chicken a la King in a Hurry

Make this fancy dish in a matter of minutes! If you love chicken a la king, you will love this quick and tasty version of the classic dish. Serve it with some buttery biscuits.

Quick-as-a-Wink Greek Chicken

Packed with classic and fresh Greek ingredients like  Greek ingredients, like kalamata olives, tomatoes, and crumbled feta, this simple chicken is sure to make it onto your list of go-to dinners for two.

Easy Beef Dinners for Two

Looking for beef dinner ideas for two? We've got you covered! When those cravings for something really hearty set in, there's nothing like a beef dinner to really make you feel satisfied. Plus, instead of going out to an expensive steakhouse and spending a fortune for just the two of you, why not just make one of our romantic steak dinners for two? We've got nothing but the best for you and your loved one in this list, from easy to fancy and everything in between!

Mushroom Steak

Fancy dinner does not have to come with a massive price tag. Learn how to make restaurant-style steak, complete with a sherry mushroom sauce, at home for a fraction of the cost.

5-Minute Beef Stir Fry

In just 5-minutes you can have a yummy and filling meal for two! This quick and easy stir-fry recipe is an ideal last-minute meal. If you make a little extra, it's super easy to heat up on the skillet the next day for a fresh lunch.

Dining Car Steak

If you are looking for an easy and classic idea for dinner, this might be the recipe for you. This simple and oh-so-tasty steak recipe is a classic butter and garlic steak that is a hit every single time.

Steak Pizzaiola

Sizzled and simmered in yummy onions, peppers, tomatoes, and simple seasonings, this steak recipe for two is perfect when you're looking to impress. Serve it with a side of potatoes or garlic bread.

Cheeseburger Salad in a Jar

This make-ahead meal for two is perfect for busy couples. Cook up this tasty concoction in about ten minutes and save it for the next day. You could even bring this recipe in a jar to a picnic or eat it on the beach.

Garlicky Steak

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this simple and classic recipe for a T-bone steak. Flavor this fancy cut of yummy steak with garlic and dig in! Cooked on the stovetop, you'll love listening to the flavors sizzle while you prepare it.

Easy Pork Dinners for Two

Want to cook up a juicy pork dinner tonight? Check out these easy pork recipes for two! Whether you're cooking for a summer barbecue or for a cozy night in, these pork recipes are sure to put a smile on both of your faces. Because who doesn't love biting into a hot, juicy piece of pork when your belly is rumblin'? We sure do!

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Country Stuffing

This mouthwatering dish is ideal for a romantic night in! Classic and filling, the pork tenderloin cooks up easily and the country stuffing really adds something extra and tasty.

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

If you're looking to wow your honey or a brand new date, make sure to let these ribs marinate overnight. The longer you let them marinate, the better they will taste! This sometimes messy, but always yummy dish is perfect for two.

All in One Pork Chop Dinner

Is there anything more classic than a pork chop dinner? This combo of creamy mashed potatoes, cheesy broccoli, and juicy, skillet-fried pork chops only takes about 15 minutes to cook too. 

BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese

Craving comfort food? Then why not make these fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. A perfect dinner recipe for two, these grilled cheese sandwiches are filling and hearty. Serve them up with a classic tomato soup or keep it simple with potato chips or frozen tater tots.

Easy Seafood Dinners for Two

There's no need to spend the extra money at a fancy restaurant just to eat a nice seafood dinner. You can easily whip up any of these seafood meals for two on any night of the week, or enjoy these on a relaxed weekend evening with your sweetie. Whether you're a fan of fish or shellfish (or both!), we've got plenty of options for you to check out below. (The Potato-Crusted Salmon is one of our favorites, so we recommend making that recipe first!)

Potato-Crusted Salmon

Making salmon is a fantastic way to make a healthy and yummy recipe for two. This crunchy salmon recipe is unique and tasty. You'll love how the classic salmon pairs with the crisp coating.

Sizzling Shrimp Stir Fry

Skip the expensive delivery fees and takeout menu and make your own stir fry! This shrimp dish is perfect for a couple looking for a yummy night in. Add this recipe to your weeknight go-tos and you won't regret it.

Beer Battered Fish Fry

Surprisingly enough, this beer-battered fish recipe uses pancake mix! This means it is easy-to-make and surprisingly sweet and tangy. If you are in search of a non-alcoholic option, consider using club soda instead of beer.

Quick Lobster Bisque

Yummy and hearty soups make the perfect quick weeknight meal for two. This bisque is bubbling in minutes and you won't regret making it. Since this creamy soup is made with lobster, it's hearty enough on its own, but you could serve it with some yummy lobster rolls or biscuits if you want something more.

Crabmeat Stuffed Salmon

Decadent and tasty, this romantic and restaurant-quality dinner recipe for two is romantic enough for a Valentine's Day night in or an anniversary dinner. Add a healthy veggie to the side or get especially decadent with some hollandaise sauce.

Dublin Lobster

Inspired by a classic Irish dish, this seafood option makes a killer entree or it can be split as an appetizer. If you're looking to make something hearty and heavy, this dish is ideal for date night.

Skillet Clambake

Make a beachy clambake recipe from the comfort of your own home with this skillet recipe. Our clambake is a combo of yummy veggies and littleneck clams.

Brown Sugar-Glazed Salmon

Brown sugar and salmon is a classic combo for a reason. The sweet treat taste of brown sugar pairs perfectly with salmon. This yummy dinner idea for two takes about 20 minutes to cook and sits atop a tasty broccoli slaw for a well-rounded meal.

Fancy-Schmancy Tuna Melts

Tuna melts do not have to be plain and boring. Learn how to take your tuna melts to the next level with this fancy schmancy recipe. You'll love this variation on a true classic.

Shrimp Mac n Cheese

Mac and cheese is the perfect meal for two because it is simple, hearty, and keeps easily. No matter how much mac and cheese you make, you will sure to eat every bite of this shrimp mac and cheese.

Easy Veal, Lamb, & Turkey Dinners for Two

If neither of you can decide whether you want chicken, beef, pork, or seafood for dinner, then we've got another idea...how about something totally different? Below, you'll find some great dinners for two that are made with lamb, veal, or turkey. Give these easy dinner recipes a try whenever you're looking to change things up, and maybe even get a little fancy! These dinner ideas for two are a perfect break from the norm and are packed with flavor, so they're a guaranteed hit. 

Balsamic Grilled Lamb Chops

Get professional chef level yum in your very own home with this romantic dinner idea. This recipe for two only uses a few ingredients to achieve an insanely tasty end result.

Turkey and Gravy for Two

If you're looking to have a teeny tiny Thanksgiving for two, this recipe is an amazing alternative. You'll get that classic turkey tasty without cooking a whole bird. This recipe makes a yummy fall dinner any day of the week too.

3-Bean Turkey Chili

You'll wonder where this recipe has bean all your life once you try it out. This chili uses three different types of beans and a hearty concoction of spice for a belly-warming and healthy dinner. 

This tender and tantalizing dish is much easier than it may look. If you've cooked the classic pork chop before, you can cook lamb too! Just follow along with your simple recipe.

Veal with Artichoke Hearts

Adding veal to your dinner menu and rotation is a fantastic way to add some lean and healthy meats. This recipe is actually easy to cook and is insanely tender and tasty.

Cheese-Stuffed Meatballs and Spaghetti

These cheese-stuffed meatballs use a secret ingredient to achieve BIG flavor. Check out the recipe to learn what it is. Make a batch of these beforehand and freeze some for a quick meal when you're on the run.

Mr Food Monte Cristo

There's nothing wrong with making a tasty sandwich for dinner especially when that sandwich is one of these to-die-for Monte Cristo's. Check out Mr. Food's variation on this always-loved classic.

Simple Pork Tacos

Making tacos for two is the easiest way to throw together a fast dinner in a matter of minutes. These pork tacos are insanely easy to make and you'll love the crunch. Substitute soft taco shells if you'd prefer.

Easy Pasta for Two

When it comes to two serving dinner recipes, pasta is always a favorite quick and easy dinner idea. That's because it's so versatile and simple to make. We've got some fancy pasta dishes, for those nights when you want to step it up a notch for a special occasion, along with some basic weeknight pasta recipes that are good for any evening. Whenever you're in search of cooking for two ideas, just take a look at these easy pasta recipes. You'll never go wrong when you put pasta on the table!

Ramen Taco Bowls

Ramen and tacos might sound like a strange combo, but they combine brilliantly to make this insanely fast dinner for two. Save this recipe for nights when you only have 5-minutes to cook up something yummy.

One Pot Primavera

This recipe is the definition of one pot perfection! Make an amazing meal for two that is mess-free and super simple. Be sure to sprinkle it with some freshly grated parmesan before serving.

Broccoli and Cheese Manicotti

Making your own manicotti is easier than you think. Whip up this classic and impressive Italian dish before your next date night. This manicotti is stuffed with broccoli and cheese, but you could easily substitute spinach if you'd prefer.

Pesto Linguine

Fresh basil and a zing of pesto make for an amazing linguine with this recipe. Keep this dish simple and serve it as is or add some chicken for a hint of protein.


Skip the heavy cream sauces that are usually paired with pasta and mushrooms and make this lightened-up recipe for two. This Pasta with Mushrooms is the perfect vegetarian dish to make on meat-free Fridays,

Fettuccine alla Vodka

This decadent recipe whips up in minutes and tastes like it took hours. Fettucine alla Vodka is the perfect date night meal. Make sure to serve is with your favorite wine and light some candles.

Cheesesteak Pierogies

Combine two iconic meals into one surprisingly tasty combo with the Philidelphia meets Poland meal idea. This unique dish is easy to make for two and doesn't take long at all.

Lucky Chinese Noodles

These lucky noodles are a great way to start out your week. Long noodles are said to signify a long life filled with luck. While that may or may not be true, one thing is for certain - this recipe is tasty!

Easy Side Dishes for Two

Every good cook knows that your meal isn't complete without just the right side dish. But when you're cooking for two, finding a side dish recipe that won't leave you with tons of leftovers can be challenging. But not anymore! Serve up one of these tasty side dishes for two paired with any of the recipes above. They're perfectly-portioned and ideal for splitting; they'll bring the finishing touch to your meal. Packed with veggies and potatoes, these flavorful sides are the perfect accompaniment to tonight's dinner for two!

Mashed Potatoes for Two

Mashed potatoes are probably one of the most popular side dishes in the history of cooking! Learn how to make a small batch of this classic food to add to any meal for two.

Artichokes are a popular restaurant menu item and they're usually over-priced! Make your own steamed artichokes at home and add them to any meal.

Green Beans Satay

This green bean recipe is a variation of a classic Thai side dish and it pairs perfectly with Asian meals and more. It adds an extra crunch that you will love.

Quinoa Vegetable Salad

Combine Mediterranean flavors, like feta, onion, and fresh peppers with quinoa to make one tasty salad. This side dish pairs well with other Mediterranean dishes and could easily be its own meal. Make extra and have it for lunch!

Wilted Spinach Salad

This sophisticated little salad has a burst of basil flavor that easily complements other dishes. Consider pairing this with one of the chicken or steak recipes above for a dressed up and satisfying meal.

Baked Potato Soup

Adding a soup to any meal can transform it from a quick bite to a decadent meal. We love this hearty winter soup recipe because it combines classic flavors with a simple and easy recipe. 

Easy & Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two

Healthy dinner for two ideas used to be hard to come by, but not anymore! From lemony chicken to stuffed peppers and lightened-up pizza, these healthy dinner recipes for two cook up quick and extra delicious. And don't worry: these recipes are still plenty tasty, even though they're healthy. Each recipe splits into two generous helpings of good-for-you food that you're sure to devour, without sacrificing any flavor. For even more healthy recipes be sure to visit everydaydiabeticrecipes.com

Chicken Osamara

It is not often that you can find a recipe this decadent that is as delicious as it is healthy. If you're looking to cut back but still enjoy your meal, try this tasty option.

Patty's Pizza-Stuffed Squash

Pizza might not sound healthy, but using a crust alternative like this squash recipe is the ideal way to treat yourself to a favorite meal and cut back at the same time.

Brown Derby Cobb Salad

This specialty cobb salad is an amazing meal for two. This cobb salad includes classic ingredients like bacon bits, eggs, and lettuce with some special ingredients that make it a bit lighter than other versions.

Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

Philly Cheesesteaks never make the list of healthy recipe alternatives because they're so decadent. That decadence makes them delicious, but our version is just as good! Check out these stuffed peppers for a healthy, cheesy, and unique idea.

Fiesta Tacos

Whether it is Taco Tuesday or any other day of the week, you cannot go wrong with making tacos! These Fiesta Tacos for two are a yummy and healthy dinner option. Make your own guacamole for a superfood boost.

Margherita Pizza

Thin and crispy, this Italian pizza recipe is a great way to serve pizza in a lightened up way. You'll love how simple this recipe is to make. Serve it with a Caprese salad for an Italian night in.

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a simple way to work in a veggie and proteins in one easy meal. Bake these stuffed peppers up in minutes. Using ground turkey makes this recipe especially lean. If you're looking to spice it up, consider adding jalapenos while you brown the ground turkey.

Pappy's Chicken Legs

You can't go wrong with a chicken and veggies meal. You'll feel full and happy after you eat it. Pappy's Chicken Legs show you how to bake chicken legs to crispy and flavorful perfection.

PLUS! Easy Drinks & Desserts for Two

Now that you're set with easy dinner ideas for two, check out our bonus dessert and drink section! The perfect way to end the perfect evening is over drinks & desserts for two! There's nothing better than an after-dinner coffee paired with a rich dessert to finish off your meal and satisfy every craving. Whether your sweet tooth craves chocolate, ice cream, cake, or milkshakes, we've got a decadent dessert you'll love — just be sure you've got two spoons so you can split these finishers with your sweetie!

Magic Microwave Cookies

Making a big batch of cookies for just two people can be dangerous! That is why these microwaved cookies are perfect. You can make the exact right amount of cookies, letting you have a sweet treat without the temptation to over-indulge. 

Cherryrific Shake

There's no need to run out to the diner or ice cream shoppe to make the perfect shake. You probably have everything you need at home! This dessert recipe is ideal for date nights.

Mixed Berry Nacho

Light, lovely, and unique these dessert nachos let you indulge in a sweet treat without eating too much sugar. This recipe is perfect after another light dish or as a late-night snack.

Apple Crisp for Two

Baking apple crisp on a chilly fall day is the perfect dessert to top off a hearty meal. If you want to add sweetness to the end of your meal, check out this recipe that is perfectly portioned for just two servings.

Traditional Irish Coffee

Right out of Limerick, Ireland, this Irish Coffee Recipe is the perfect end to a hearty meal. Brew some coffee while you do the dishes then snuggle up with this decadent (and boozy) dessert.

Cupids Ice Cream Cupcakes

Who doesn't love ice cream and cupcakes? Combine these two dessert favorites into one dish. Ideal for Valentine's Day dinners or really any other day of the week, this dessert is easy to make and darling to serve.

Key Lime Pie in a Jar

Petite and portable, this key lime pie variation is the perfect summer treat. Make these cuties in advance and keep them in the fridge for a sweet snack after your meal. 

Is there a more iconic dessert for two out there? Go old school and split this split with a loved one after your big meal. This recipe calls for vanilla ice cream but you could easily add a new flavor or even use a frozen yogurt alternative.

Check out our blog post, "3 Print-Outs You Need in Your Kitchen," for a guide on how to cut a recipe in half or thirds. It's perfect since many of the Mr. Food Test Kitchen recipes serve four or six. Have this print-out on hand and you can make an unlimited collection of dinner recipes for two! Plus, don't forget to check out our Leftover Storage Tips to maximize your meals!

One more thing before you go! You might also enjoy these holiday-inspired collection pages: 24 Romantic Recipes for Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving Dinner Menu for Two.

Do you prefer cooking small recipes, or making larger batches and having leftovers?

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