42 Old-Fashioned Dinner Recipes, Dessert Recipes, and More


42 Old-Fashioned Dinner Recipes, Dessert Recipes, and More

These old recipes for classic dinners, old-fashioned dinners, and more are just what you've been craving!

Don't bother taking a leaf out of Grandma's cookbook, 'cause we've got the perfect collection of old-fashioned recipes you're gonna keep coming back to again and again. This is a complete guide to making meals like you remember eating growing up, from old fashioned dinner recipes to vintage dessert recipes and everything in between. These classic dishes are sure to become staples in your household!

If you're looking for an old fashioned breakfast recipe just like you used to eat in grandma's big country kitchen, then try our Homemade Biscuits and Gravy -- they'll fill you up and make you feel like a kid again! If you prefer dinner recipes that remind you of dinnertime with the family, then try our Old-Fashioned Chicken. This recipe is hearty, filling, and just like Grandma used to make! And if you're looking for something sweet to hit the spot like you remember from the good ol' days, check out our recipe for Diner-Style Banana Cream Pie; its creamy, fruity flavor will make you feel like a kid again. 

Old-Fashioned Breakfast Recipes

Nothing gets you moving in the morning like a hearty breakfast. And on the days when you've got a little extra time to commit to breakfast prep, try out one of these old fashioned breakfast recipes. When you sit down to enjoy any one of these classic breakfast favorites, you'll be transported back to the days of hearty breakfasts before school and leisurely weekend breakfasts with the family. 

Homemade Biscuits and Gravy

This recipe will take your taste buds down South, to where good old-fashioned tastes are still king. Our Homemade Biscuits and Gravy are full of so much down-home goodness, you'll want to eat 'em at breakfast AND dinner, which is perfectly okay by us!

Old-Fashioned Cranberry Scones

Dress up your bread basket any time of year with these extra special Old-Fashioned Cranberry Scones. They're super easy to make and bake up in only 20 minutes! If you're looking for a holiday-festive option, these are especially great! 

Buttermilk Waffles

There's nothing like visiting your favorite diner and ordering up those giant, fluffy buttermilk waffles. Good thing you won't have to wait until your next diner visit to enjoy this old-fashioned breakfast recipe favorite. Our recipe for Buttermilk Waffles is easy and delicious!

Amish Scrapple

Head into any supermarket in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and you're sure to find this breakfast side dish classic. Our Amish Scrapple can be prepared a day ahead and fried up when you're craving something hearty and flavorful.

Fried Cornmeal Mush

This old-fashioned breakfast recipe for Fried Cornmeal Mush is one that won't ever go out of style. Most Midwesterners will tell you it's one of their go-to breakfast staples, while some folks will say it makes a tasty side dish! However you eat it, there's no denying it's gooood.

Old-Fashioned Glory Muffins

One bite into one of these Old-Fashioned Glory Muffins, and you'll discover that they're full of good-for-ya ingredients, like carrots, walnuts, apples, and more! These moist and flavor-packed muffins make for an energizing morning treat or a hearty afternoon snack.

Homemade Hash

Corned beef hash is found in restaurants all over the country, but with our recipe for Homemade Hash, you won't have to travel past your front door to get it. This corned beef hash recipe is hearty, quick, and perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Old-Fashioned Dinner Recipes

Dinner recipes like these are perfect for bringing back childhood memories. These old fashioned dinner recipes are just as flavorful and filling as you remember, and they're also quick and easy. Just choose one of these old world meals, and you'll be enjoying a classic dinner recipe in no time!

Old-Fashioned Stuffed Tomatoes

These stuffed tomatoes are old-fashioned tasty and new-fashioned easy! They really color up a plate, too. Ground beef, tomato, and a little bit of cheese make this one an easy weeknight favorite! Get ready to add this one to your rotation. 

Better-than-Ever Meatloaf

Meatloaf is an American favorite, right up there with Mom's freshly baked apple pie. And while we know that everyone has a favorite way they like to make their meatloaf, we think our Better-than-Ever Meatloaf is sure worth a try when you're looking for an old-fashioned dinner recipe to really "wow" 'em.

Old-Fashioned Pot Roast

We love finding old family recipes that are splattered, tattered, and torn 'cause, as you can imagine, it means they've been used over and over again. Our Old-Fashioned Pot Roast is no exception! This recipe's been passed down through generations and is full of traditional, old-fashioned goodness.

Stylish Beef Stroganoff

You don't have to get all dressed up to enjoy a dinner that's as stylish as it is tasty. Your guests will think you went through a lot of fuss to make this Stylish Beef Stroganoff. Truth is, it'll only take you 15 minutes, and there'll hardly be any dishes to wash, too!off?

Homestyle Sloppy Joes

This classic all-American favorite tastes so much better when made with your own fresh ingredients. Our Homestyle Sloppy Joes are sink-your-teeth-into-'em good!

Country Mac 'n' Cheese

Our Country Mac 'n' Cheese is so easy to make, you might actually feel guilty about it. Your slow cooker will do all the work while you sit back and relax. Cooking doesn't get much easier than that!

Fifties-Style Salisbury Steak

Salisbury steak is a classic dish that has stood the test of time, and our recipe for Fifties-Style Salisbury Steak is one you'll want to make a dinnertime staple. These seasoned ground beef patties taste even better when smothered in saucy goodness and served alongside creamy mashed potatoes!

Old-Fashioned Patty Melts

Everything about these Old-Fashioned Patty Melts is perfect from the beef patty smothered in cheesy, oniony goodness to the toasted and buttery rye bread. This sandwich is sure to have you saying "Ooh, it's so GOUDA!"

Old-Fashioned Chicken

Old-Fashioned Chicken is a dish that takes us back to Mom's kitchen without all the fuss of preparing it like she did. It's a great-tasting chicken dish that doesn't take much tending.

Old World Goulash

This saucy one-pot meal earns points for long-cooked flavor without a lot of long prep. Old World Goulash is a hearty all-in-one dish that will warm and satisfy your hungry gang.

Old-Fashioned Corn Chowder

If you're a fan of rich and creamy soups that don't take a lot of work, you're in luck. Our Old-Fashioned Corn Chowder is so simple to make and tastes so good, your gang'll think you spent all day in the kitchen!

Old-Fashioned Stuffed Cabbage

If you're looking to spend a cozy night indoors with a meal that'll fill your belly with old world comfort, then you'll love our Old-Fashioned Stuffed Cabbage. Hearty ground beef, tomato sauce, and rice make this a dinner recipe you'll love coming to the table for.

Old-Fashioned Roast Beef

Old-Fashioned Roast Beef is great! This old-fashioned dinner recipe can be dressed up for company or served as a casual weeknight supper. Whether it's a special day or any day, this'll be one of your go-to recipes. 

Family-Favorite Tuna Noodle Casserole

We call it Family-Favorite Tuna Noodle Casserole 'cause this is a dish that gets the whole family clamoring for seconds! After all, who doesn't love the classic taste of tuna paired with creamy cheesiness?

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There is no denying it. This is truly the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It disappeared so fast in our Test Kitchen that it barely even had time to cool!

Old-Fashioned Potato Soup

Relax as our Old-Fashioned Potato Soup simmers stovetop, and look forward to the thick, rich-tasting result that is as wonderful as the original but uses a today shortcut to make it even easier.

Old-Fashioned Side Dish Recipes

Main dishes tend to get all the attention when it comes to talking about our favorite old fashioned recipes. However, old fashioned side dishes like these desserve plenty of lovin' too, 'cause they were an important part of your favorite childhood meals and will bring back tons of happy memories. These amazing side dishes are just waiting to enhance your old fashioned feast; all you have to do is pick the one you remember. 

Mama's Old-Fashioned Stuffing

From generation to generation some holiday traditions never waver. That's why our Mama's Old-Fashioned Stuffing will be a welcome addition to your holiday table. 

Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Biscuits

Incredibly light and fluffy, Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Biscuits will simply melt in your mouth, just like Grandma's biscuits always did!

Old-Fashioned Cornbread Dressing

Plug in your slow cooker and cook up this savory Old-Fashioned Cornbread Dressing for an old-fashioned side dish recipe that'll leave 'em begging for more. It leaves your oven available for more favorites, such as that holiday turkey or pie!

Classic Mashed Potatoes

Why are our Classic Mashed Potatoes the best ever? Simple, extra creamy and easy, they cook up fresh in a snap and team with all your favorite comforting main dishes.

Old-Fashioned Tangy Cabbage

Our Old-Fashioned Tangy Cabbage is the perfect go-along for almost any main dish. It's a simply delicious combination of cabbage and apples, simmered in cider and a few other great seasonings, too!

Old-Fashioned Dessert Recipes

No old fashioned meal would be complete without a vintage dessert recipe to round things out. Add any one of thse old fashioned treats to your spread, and you're guaranteed to be taking a trip down memory lane. From drive-in style rootbeer floats to diner-style banana cream pie, your tastebuds will transport you back through the years at the very first taste of one of these old fashioned desserts. 

Classic Deep Dish Apple Pie

Apple pie is an American institution and, with just one taste of our Classic Deep Dish Apple Pie recipe, you'll know why. Using a prepared deep dish pie crust takes away all the hassle, so why not mix this one up and easily enjoy all the applause?!

Diner-Style Banana Cream Pie

Our Diner-Style Banana Cream Pie will surely put a smile on your face! With just a few easy shortcuts, this old-fashioned dessert recipe can be on your table ready to be served up. And yes, they'll go bananas over it!

Classic Vanilla Pudding

This thick, traditional pudding always puts a smile on our face 'cause it reminds us of Mom's old-fashioned vanilla pudding. Yup, there's nothing like a little Classic Vanilla Pudding to bring back good childhood memories.

Old-Fashioned Root Beer Float

Our Old-Fashioned Root Beer Floats were a popular choice at the drive-in and are sure to be a hit in your home. With just two ingredients, this easy ice cream float is still one of our favorite ice cream parlor beverages!

The Ultimate Hummingbird Cake

If you've never tried baking a southern-style Hummingbird Cake, are you ever in for a double treat when you make our version of The Ultimate Hummingbird Cake. 

Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a dessert that's full of simple, summery tastes. Our recipe for Classic Strawberry Shortcake is a favorite that can be enjoyed any time of the year!

Old-Fashioned Pound Cake

Traditionally, pound cake got its name because it was originally made with a pound each of most of its ingredients. We may have a taken "pounds" off of this Old-Fashioned Pound Cake, but the cake still has the same delicious taste that we all love!

Creamy Fruit Cocktail Mold

Transport your taste buds back to the '50s with our Creamy Fruit Cocktail Mold. It's a wiggly-jiggly treat that has plenty of creamy and fruity flavor. It's just as tasty today as it was in yesteryears!

Velvety Red Velvet Cake

If you could fall in love with a cake, it would definitely be this rich and moist Velvety Red Velvet Cake. This old-fashioned, Southern red velvet cake recipe is beautiful to look at, but most importantly, delicious till the very last crumb. Doesn't that sound a lot like love?

Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding

We love making bread pudding in the slow cooker, and this Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding is no exception! Butterscotch chips and pecans add an extra special touch that's sure to please.

Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle

We're saluting the All-American sport of baseball with our recipe for Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle. In fact, we think this easy peanut candy is sure to be a real "hit" with your gang!

Caramel Nut Cake

Caramel Nut Cake is one of those caramel cake recipes you're going to be passing onto your kids. It has an old-fashioned southern flavor that'll earn raves all around. Feel free to share the recipe with friend and neighbors! 

Baked Rice Pudding

Baked Rice Pudding is a New England tradition that's easy to make and even easier to love! Add in some raisins, and you've added another level of texture and sweetness to this simple dessert casserole.

Old-Fashioned Southern Chocolate Cake

Make this Old-Fashioned Southern Chocolate Cake recipe, and you'll be transported to a breezy southern porch!

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