Q&A with the Test Kitchen: Episode 1


Q&A with the Test Kitchen: Episode 1

Welcome to our very first episode of Q&A with the Mr. Food Test Kitchen! Join Sarah, Patty, Howard, and Kelly as they answer questions about cooking techniques and recipes -- from readers just like you!

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I'm writing to ask if there are any recipes you may have for cooking/baking/etc/or whatever way to prepare Tilapia

I wanted to double check a recipe with you to make sure i have it correctly. Mr Food had an Easy Cake that takes 4 eggs, any cake mix and any 21-22 oz can of pie filling or fruit with the juice. I've made a strawberry cake and a crushed pineapple cake and both turned out well. I didn't see the recipe on your website. Can you confirm the ingredients for me?

Hello! This recipe is actually our Chocolate Raspberry Dream Cake. :) The ingredients are as follows: 1 package of cake mix, 1 (21-ounce) can pie filling, and 4 eggs. You can get the full recipe, and others, in our Cake Mix and More Cookbook, found here. :) https://www.amazon.com/Food-Test-Kitchen-Ultimate-Cookbook/dp/0991193482/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=mr.+food+cookbooks&qid=1595001796&sr=8-17 Hope this helps!

Could you tell me how long you can keep Chicken Spaghetti frozen? Thanks

Hi! You can keep Chicken Spaghetti in the freezer for 1 to 2 months. Hope that helps!

In the "Cold Fudge Cake" recipe if substituting instant lemon pudding, can I substitute dried flaked coconut for the nuts in the crust? Would the substitution be 1 cup nuts = 1 cup dried coconut?

Hi there! because nuts and coconut do not have the same consistency, the Test Kitchen is unsure how this would come out.

I saw a recipe for leftover chicken using cream cheese and Pillsbury's Crescent rolls. I can't seem to find the recipe anywhere. Please help!

Hi there! We think you may be looking for our Crescent Chicken Squares. Enjoy! https://www.mrfood.com/Chicken/Crescent-Chicken-Squares

love your recipe for chicken stroganoff but I want to make it without wine. What else can I use?

Hello there! You can substitute chicken broth for the wine! Hope this was helpful :)

I saw a recipe for crockpot pulled pork with pork and beans....I cant find it anywhere...could u email it to me?

I have a wonderfdul recipe that has been in my family for 20 years using a Betty Crocker Streucel swirl coffee cake mix. Betty Crocker has discontinued the mix and I have tried many, many mixes without much luck trying to duplicate the consistency and texture of that mix. Does anyone have any ideas to replicate that cake mix ??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for some recipes for homemade bread for a bread machine.

I love egg salad sandwiches for lunch. Sometimes I make it the night before if I am going to be busy in the morning but find when I do this that it gets very watery. What is causing this? I don't remember it happening years ago, but it is happening now.

What can I use instead of Garlic Dressing mix. I can't find...

Do you have a way to increase the recipes for 50 people?

Mr Food good day i wonder if you can help me im looking for a recipe to make pickeld chutney with pepper dew and to be able to bottle it ive looked all over and asked but nobody can help me i hope you will be able to help me please.

I have a family member who is allergic to crab and clams. Other types of seafood are not a problem. Could someone suggest an alternative for these two seafood items, that could be used to stuff tilapia and other kinds of fish, or substitute for them in a recipe?

How would someone go about submitting a recipe for your consideration?

A month or so ago you had a recipe for Chinese Pot Roast, in the instructions you said to add pea pods, bell pepper and water chestnuts but did not have any amounts for these items listed. Help please. Thanks.

Don't stop the "Ohh, it's so good" thing! Say it like you mean it! No giggle

We will miss you so vey much Mr. Food, our TV friend. RIP

Could you please include nutitional information with your recipes?

Where in the world do you find chicken sausages with habanero chilies and tequila? Also have never seen diced tomatoes with lime and cilantro. Would a Mexican grocery have these? This is from the "Spicy Sausage, Hominy, and Rice" receipe.

When I try to categorize my recipe box,some of your named categories do not fit the choices to the folders I'm allowed to select.,ex.beef recipes--no beef categories,etc.Could you add some more categories to name my folders,such as all the ones you have listed in your categories to the right of the recipe?Thank you,rs.

approximately two weeks ago you had a recipe for baked beans on the show and the fillynishing touches were crumpled french onion rings, I am desperily looking for this for a family reunion.

I have found the French's French Fried Onions in the condiments section of most grocery stores. Condiments are found close to the salad dressing sections.

I requested this a couple times,I'am hoping I will get a answer.How to make the cheese cake stick to the brownie on the brownie cheese cake bars.

yes this is what I need. Nutritional info with the recipes. You have it on some of the smoothies

Back in the late 80s, there was a type of friendship bread/cake that had fermented fruit cocktail in it. Can you tell me what that was called. I would like to find the recipe. I had it as my rehearsal dinner dessert in 1989, but nobody in the family has the recipe anymore. Thanks!

How do I get bread machine wheat bread to come out lighter and softer - mine is like a heavy brick lump. I use the book that came with the Cuisinart.

how do i get pork chops so soft and tender the meat falls off the bone

Cook them in the crock pot with a packet of port gravy, a packet of onion soup, a can of cream of mushroom and 1 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Heat on low for 6-8 hours. For my "new" crockpot, I have to use the warm for low and the low for high. Otherwise, it gets too hot. Be carefule in taking out of the crockpot, the meat tends to break up or fall apart.

Why is it that I can save some of the recipes but not others. It jumps from being able to save to "NOTES PRINT RATE or COMMENT

Have thr same problem sent email to mrfood and they aren't replying.

Have the same problem -- just click on your refresh "button", Save is hiding underneath one of them.

How do I set up a "My Recipe Box"? in my account. I find no instructions for doing so.

Would like receipe for Chicken Spagetti Casserole w/ angel hair pasta

Mr food: Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies stuck to cookie sheet and flattened out when baked. The tast though was very good.

Mr. Food had a salad recipe made with two flavors of jello cut into squares and added to a cool whip mixture dressing, along with fruit. I would like the recipe and can't track it down. It was on during this month, Feb. Thank you. Margie Feb.20, 2012

what is browning and seasoning sause ?

I lost my copy of the recipe DEATH BY CHOCOLATE. How can I get a repeat of that great one? I need it soon. Thanks!

the fruit cocktail cake calls for 1/2 c. egg substitute, what else can I use?

Can you tell me how long to bake applesauce bread if I use the foil min loaf pans in the grocery store. I want to bake and freeze mini loafs for holiday gifts.I will also bake pumkin and zucinni bread. Thks for your help.

I need a substitute for blue cheese. Me and my entire family won't touch it but there are tons of recipes that call for it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. Di

The jelly I made w/Certo liquid pectin didn't set up and I need to know how to fix it. I really don't want to add more sugar as it certainly doesn't need to be any sweeter. Can I just reheat and cook a little longer w/ maybe a couple of apples cut up and thrown in for the pectin or maybe just add more Certo w/o more sugar and then process as usual in water bath. The first batch (which was doubled by the way - as were the second & third batches) turned out fine but not # 2 & 3. Hope you can help. I really don't want to have to throw out 25 pints of runny jelly.

You can use the syrup (runny jelly) on pancakes or ice cream . My experience with doubling the recipe usally did not work well, don't ask why, it just doesn't.

Every now and then I come across a recipe that uses a little bit of buttermilk. Since I end up throwing most of it away, I steer clear of these recipes. I thought I had heard a long time ago a way to make "faux" buttermilk. Can you help me?

Just add lemon/vinegar to regular milk and let it sit a bit. I am lactose intolerant and this is what I do using my lactose-free milk. Not the same taste but it seems to work OK in recipes.


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