Black Jack Burgers


Black Jack Burgers

Black Jack Burgers
10 Min

Thanks to Sherry Martin, we've got a new name for these mouthwatering burgers. Say hello to the Test Kitchen's Black Jack Burgers! Now, fire up that grill and enjoy.

What You'll Need

  • 2 1/2 pounds ground beef
  • 1 envelope (from a 2.4-ounce box) dry onion soup mix
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup chili sauce
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped green bell pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 8 slices pepper Jack cheese

What to Do

  1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except cheese; mix well. Divide mixture into 8 equal patties.
  3. Grill patties 8 to 12 minutes for medium, or until desired doneness beyond that, turning them halfway through grilling. Place a slice of cheese on each burger and cook 1 to 2 additional minutes, or until cheese is melted.



  • Serve on your favorite hamburger buns with your favorite condiments.
  • For tips on how to make the perfect burger, click here.

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I agree, would tickle him to no end, no doubt !

Of course it's the GINSBURGER or OOOOH IT's SOOOOOOOOO GOOD BURGER in tribute to our late and great Chef friend Art Ginsburg. May he rest in peace. Thanks for keeping the show going on as a tribute to him and still bringing use all the good and useful recipes every weekday.

Makes You Speechless hamburger

I have THE perfect name for these yummy burgers...... ' OOH Burgers!! ' Because 'OOH, it's soooo good' ....Thank you!!

How about Almost Meatloaf Burgers?

How about "Easy Cheesy Burgers" for the name?

Onion and Zesty Pepper Burger.... YUMMY!

Ahh... yes!!! This is a 'Triple WOW Burger'.

Juicy Jack Burgers..... Scrumptious!

Let's easily remember this simple but attention-getting burger by calling it 'Pepper Jack Burgers.'

firecracker burger! that's how I put it in my recipe file! excellent!

Call the burgers Bora Bora Jack

Chili and Pepper Jack Cheese Burgers


Pick a pepper! Jack burger


Yummy Burger, Jack!

I miss Mr. Food,s alot!!! Call the burgers ( Mr. Food,s hot shot burgers!!! ) Thank you Mr. Food,s for all the great recipes.

how about naming them : not your mama's burger LOL

The new and fantastic "chillburger"

I think a great name for this burger would be "Onion, Chili Cheeseburger." These were delicious nd my husband loved them.

All American Jack Burger is a great name. This sounds like a burger for any time of year for my hubby and a great cookout surprise for summer.

This recipe makes me think of what Bob Hope used to say: "That's one spicy meat-ah-ball-ah." I would call them Chili-Jack Volcano Burgers!

We saw them on Mr Food's TV show and enjoyed them tonight, the 4th of July. They are wonderful!!! CWD

name it in honor of "mr food" "ooh its so good burger"

The peppery cheese burguer!

Great to make on the 4th of July BBQ!! I;d call them Uncle Sams Best Burgers

Bursting Onion Burgers!

Real close to my favorite all-time burger! My favorite toppings are Hellman's Real Mayo, and a big scoop of chopped pimento-stuffed green olives (The so-called "salad olives" work well.).

"Bursting Burgers" because it's bursting with flavor! YUM

Captain Jack

good choice using soup over plain onion

yumthis the all American burger at its best

After eating this burger I would call it "The Daily Fixer"!!!!!


It doesn't get any better then this burger 5stars

Independently Fabulous Burger

Mr. Food's Jack Burger Jack Burger Chili Jack Burger

The "Total Satisfaction Burger." It is delicious and totally satisfies the burger craving.

Call it The Blissful Rio Grande Burger

I'd call it chili and pepper cheeseburger

This is a "No Brainer" - The OOH ITS SO GOOD!! burger because it's so delicious!

I would call it "All American Cheeseburger"

Chili Pepper Burgers......Yum!!!

- "The Southwest-Satisfaction Grill Burger" - Having been born & raised 20 miles Southeast of San Diego, my whole family loves spicy foods. Instead of, say, Heinz chili sauce, I used a mixture of Sriracha & Organicville Chili Sauce, a very tasty unique blend that works well for shrimp cocktails too. Also, I used beef broth instead of water. With those changes, we all said, with a BIG SMILE, "Ooooh, it's Sooooo Good!" :-) Thanks for the great idea for making a super-burger!

Just call it The Fab Jack Burger Yumm Yumm

Call it Jack-in-a-bun I think the onion sop mix would make it too salty, and I would decrease the amount, but that's just my taste.

How 'bout calling it the "All Jacked Up" Burger!

" Bell Pepper Jack Burgers " Have a Great 4th of July Day!!

Pepper Jack Cheeseburgers! Yum

You could call it "The Americana Burger".

Just say mmmmm, burgers

Zesty Pepper Burger!

I'd name it the "Chillin Grillin Pepper Jack"

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH this is so good. My grandchildren just love them.

Sounds sooo Good, Name Suggestion Saucy Pepper Burgers

I say name the Burger, "Wowzaa,What A Burger"

Southwest onion burger

My name for the No Name Burger is: The Bunless Burger

Chillin' Jack Burger!!!! - It's that Good!

chili jack burgers and yeah they look OOH so good

"Ooh Its So Good Burger"

"Sizzlin' Seriously Delicious Burger" Love the "pub" burger taste!

"Mr. Food Burger"

Makes your taste buds perk up and say WOW. I suggest we call them "Cocktail Burgers" Definitely a keeper. They would also make great horsd'oeuvres at a party just make them smaller and put a toothpick in them. Serve with various dips.

Pepper Surprise Burgers

Hamburger Chill-out

Really moist & yummy. Will make again tomorrow. With all the different types of pepper, how about "Peter Piper's Pepper Burger".

So easy, and what a marvelous, tasty recipe this is!! We loved it!

A little taste of heaven, thats how I describe this burger. No words just the look on their face says it all perfect...........

Funion Chili Cheese Burger ;)



I've always used onion soup! Flavorful Without a Fuss Burger

Mouth watering grilling burger. Should be its name. five star rating from me. I tried this burger, my entire family loved it.

Black Jack Onion Burger.............yum

The name is 00H so easy...'Art's Burger' for your own Master Chef!

I would dub thee..."Blanket Burger" due to the jack cheese topper.

Summertime Memory!

Love this tasty burger. My suggested name is "Who Knew Onion Soup Burger."

"Needs No Name"

These burgers are great. I like the name to be, "Oooh La La Burgers". Have a great summer.

We have made these burgers quite often. Sometimes on the grill, sometimes On the stove. They are always a success, even with the kids.

Flavor Burst Burgers

Since they seem to have a bit of spice and kick, how about "Firehouse Hero Burgers" -- as a tribute to the firefighters who died in Arizona.

The Jack-Fact Burger!

FEED ME, SOM'OUR! (little shop of horrors reference)

These burgers really are ooh so good!!! I would call them "Irresistible Chili Jack Burgers". Thank you for this all your recipes !!

Sent from Heaven Burger

Jacked-up Burger

One of my favorite sandwiches is a Sloppy Joe. This recipe has all the ingredients and does not squish off the bun. Call it a "Sloppy Joe Griller".

Mister Burger, of course ! Yum !

Not so Sloppy Joe Burger

The "0h Its So Good Burger"

All my favorite ingredients together in one delicious burger! I'd just simply call it, "The Burger" yummy!

Call it the Celebrate America burger.

I would call it the "Jack Chili Beef Burger" because it's a super delcious combo of flavours. MLB (Burger Blitz Collector)

Yumm. how about chili jack melt This is a 5 star keeper

Texas Cheeseburgers. Texas is a great melding pot of American and Spanish flavours, just like this burger!

I like the name "Black Jack Burgers" because of the black pepper and Pepper Jack cheese.

This is the best burger I have ever had. I call it the "Mr. Good Burger"

've been making this burger (minus the chili) for years. We simply call it Uncle Joe's Cheeseburger

Jack Pot Poppin Pepper Burgers

The "Pee Dee Patty" cause this is "ooh it's so good" that it doesn't have to have a bun!

Jack Bomb Burger! Mmmmm soooo goooood

Call it the " Chili Onion Jack " burger. Decribes how the flavors hit you in order. The combination is excellent.

Mr. Food's Zing Burgers or A Whole Lotta Zing Burgers because of all the tangy ingredients.


should be called.... OMG IT'S THE BEST the onion soup

It should be called " Meatloaf cheeseburgers" because it tastes like meatloaf.

For a burger this good, it's a Jeez Burger!

I would call these Peppy Cheeseburgers.

Sweet and Tangy Burger. Tastes great!

It is too good to be called anything but the "OOH IT'S SO GOOD" Burger

Jumpin' Jack Cheeseburger because it makes your taste buds jump and they are gone in a flash! *L*

this burger is great my suggestion for a name is Pepper Pop

Best burger around. Real great recipes. Great site.

how do i enter to win the vintage cookbook. when i click on it it takes me to no name burgers?

this was a great burger,i would call it a killer burger

Chili Onion Burgers or Onion Chili Burgers

Triple P Bomb Burgers

excellent burger love it


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