Cake Mix Cookies


Cake Mix Cookies

Cake Mix Cookies
36 to 40 cookies
10 Min

Thanks to cake mix, these homemade cookies are almost effortless. What are you waiting for? Tear open a package and reap the rewards, 'cause everyone will be wanting seconds of these Cake Mix Cookies!

What You'll Need

  • 1 (16.25-ounce) package devil's food cake mix
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 (8-ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 1/2 cup confectioners' sugar

What to Do

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In a large bowl, combine cake mix, egg, and whipped topping, stirring well. (Dough will be sticky.)
  3. Dust hands with confectioners' sugar, and shape dough into 3/4-inch balls. Coat balls with confectioners' sugar, and place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets.
  4. Bake 10 to 12 minutes, or until set and cookie tops have cracked. Remove cookies to wire racks to cool. 


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made these for a picnic this summer. Rave reviews...want to try with otherflavors.Leave a comment...

I am so happy I came across this recipe. I made it years ago, and couldn't remember where I filed it. These cake mix cookie recipes are wonderful. They are easy to make, taste great, and come in so many different versions. When cake mixes are on sale for one dollar, I pick up one of each flavor just to save for cookie and dump cake recipes.

So, do I use 8 oz of Cool Whip or half an 8 oz container? Also, how do you store the cookies so they don't get gummy? Thanks.

Hi there! This recipe calls for half of an 8 oz container of frozen whipped topping that has been thawed. This makes a moist cookie that is a little chewy in the middle. Enjoy!

These sound AMAZING! I love shortcut recipes like this that fuel my sweet tooth!

If they could less insanely messy and sticky I'd definitely give them a 5 but I am covered in powdered sugar and my kitchen is too literally and my hands are raw from having to wash them 8 times in 1 hour but they do taste amazing and we're well worth the trouble

I haw been using lemon cake mix and making lemon cookies for quite some time now and they are a matter of fact we just finished the last of them at lunch time today. .

I've actually been making a recipe similar to this for more than 20 years. I use one box of chocolate cake mix, combine with one 16 oz tub of sour cream, and make drop cookies. Perfect chocolatey and soft, chewy cookies! I learned it from a friend. Anyone else use my recipe????

Do you add eggs too, or is it just the cake mix plus sour cream? I am intrigued! -)

Very good and easy, nice soft cookie

can u use real whipped cream in stead of cool whip?

Hello! - Unfortunately, you cannot use real whipped cream in this recipe. Cool Whip contains something that helps to make the cookie bake up and have a nice chewy texture.

The recipe calls for 2 eggs, yet only one was used in the video...which is correct ?

Hello! Yes, you are correct; Howard only uses 1 egg in the video. However, we're constantly retesting recipes in the Test Kitchen to make sure they're always extra-yummy. We found that using 2 eggs to make these cookies made 'em taste even better and gave them a better consistency. Enjoy!

These are so easy and very good. Thanks for putting the Decrease/Increase Font size. This is very helpful. Wish other sites would do the same for printing. It makes it so much easier to see. Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can increase the font size on your screen through your browser, too. I always view everything at 150% or more. If you're using Chrome Internet browser, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner and the option to increase font is next to ZOOM. If you're using Internet Explorer browser, it's under TOOLS on your top toolbar.

These are really good. My mom made lemon ones for Christmas. Yum )

If you watch the video he uses only 1 egg.

Hello! Yes, you are correct; Howard only uses 1 egg in the video. However, we're constantly retesting recipes in the Test Kitchen to make sure they're always extra-yummy. We found that using 2 eggs to make these cookies made 'em taste even better and gave them a better consistency. Enjoy!

Is it 1/2 of an 8oz container or a total of 8oz of cool whip?

Hello! You will need half of an 8-ounce container for this recipe. Enjoy!

I was wondering if these could be made ahead of time, stored in the fridge, and baked off just before you wanted to serve them. Thanks!

Hello. The test kitchen has not chilling then baking these cookies, but because they use cake mix and cool whip we don't think it will work. Thanks for your question!

do these cookies have to be stored in the fridge since there is whipped topping as an ingredient?

No, you do not have to store these cookies in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

Do not like frozen whipped topping. May I use freshly whipped whipping cream?

Hello! Unfortunately, in this recipe, the frozen whipped topping cannot be substituted.

made these for a party I had and there was none left. Had to right down the recipe for everyone. I haven't tryed any of the other cakes but want to try the carrot cake and spice one.

Just tried carrot cake and loved it!

I have made these several times using cake flavors such as spice, key lime, lemon and chocolate. The chocolate didn't come out as good as the others, but the lemon was a definite favorite. These cookies are always a hit!

Made these using spice cake mix and adding a little extra allspice and cloves. They were absolutely delicious, and had a chewy inside with a firm sugared outside. Will definitely make again. These are bakery quality!

made these last night and found the cake mix we used was 15oz. we used white cake mix to make up the difference and they are wonderful. simple solution!

cake mix cookies

These cookies were worse than awful. My chickens liked them though.

I made these cookies with the chocolate as shown. They were awful and ugly. My four grands tried to eat them, but said they just couldn't. I couldn't either.

watkinsjimbrenda I have no idea what you are doing wrong but i have made these several times for my mother when she was alive they are easy and absolutly delisous. you have tofollow the directions exactly or they wont come out right i have found that you cant have enough of them they go as fast as i can make them.

That one lemon cake mix and soda recipe...please note, you don't need to add the egg. Just the cake mix and the full can of soda mixed together. Works with dark cakes too..just use pepsi, coke, RC etc. Orange cake, use orange soda. Spice cake you might experiment with gingerale even? Just a thought..OH and this is approved by the AMA! I'm a heart patient and I can testify that the cake tastes the same. It is figuring out how to "frost" it that's hard...I'm also a controlled type 2 diabetic...sigh...and YES you can use diet sodas, as well as a diet cake mix. If you need sugar free or lower sugar frosting, use cool whip maybe?

What does this comment have to do with this recipe??

Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have both decreased thier cut .their what I was told. they didn't want to raise don't get as much cake batter as before and your cakes aren't as high and not as many cupcakes.....I would not use one of them for this would probably be too runny,,,,look for one with the proper amount of mix..I found HyVee's store brand had enough, also Duncan Hinz...

18.25 oz cake mixes are hard to find. Will the receipt still work with the smaller ounce size?

Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have decreased their cake mix to save money...try Store Brands or Duncan Heinz. ....Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have decreased themselves so they don't even make full size cakes any more...

Will these cookies be cake-like or crispy?

If I make cookies using spice cake mix, do I still use frozen whipped topping?

I make this with either spice or carrot cake and add raisins and nuts. Yummy!

I do t His recipe with a Lemon Cake Mix. Delicious.

I have been making these for years and use red velvet cake mix and add 1/2 cup chopped pecans. Delicious! Makes perfect Christmas cookies.

I think nobody tested the receipe.


How do you adjust when cake mix is only 15.25 oz.

There is no need to adjust the recipe for a smaller box of cake mix. The difference is so minimal, it will not affect the recipe. Thank you for your question!

I read some place to add 5 Tbl. of flour to the smaller cake mix to make up the difference from the larger mix.

I just found this hope they are as good you all say I'm sure they are thanks!

the e cookbook has to use 1 egg (-:

Thank you for catching. Yes, the eCookbook has one egg listed and we are in the process of correcting that. The correct amount of eggs is 2. Thank you again!

I think I will use one egg next time. It was too wet and I couldnt shape the balls.

Check the size of your box of cakemix....I have noticed that certain brands have decreased their size from 18.25oz to 15.25oz. It really makes a difference when baking with the smaller boxes....9" cake pans don't fill enough so you don't get the nice high I think it would probably make a difference in the stickiness of these cookies when using 2 eggs. Has anybody else noticed a difference in cakemix box size....I think they just snuck this in on us...

Wonderful. Simple is best!

I just made these cookies they are so good and so easy, taking them to work tomorrow and Iam sure they will go fast.

mr food used i egg in the cake mix cookies, but the rec. calls for 2 eggs, which should be used?????

The correct amount of eggs in this recipe is 2. We apologize for the confusion. Thank you!

I have been making them for years. You can make them with any flavor of mix, use 2 eggs and 1/3 C oil, add chips, nuts etc. If making choco-chip also add 1/2 C br sugar, with oatmeal, add 1/2 C br sugar 2/3 C oatmeal, 1/2 C raisins and (1 at a time)1 TBS water. You will be amazed!

have u noticed the different weights on the cake mix boxes. I had bought 3 different brands at Christmas time and all were different. How would u figure the oil when the mix is 16.x ounce or less; I have made these before and they are real good.

I have a granddaughter that must have gluten-free foods. Can this be made with a gluten free cake mix?

I have a friend that is got celiac disease and have to have a gluten-free diet absolutely by a gluten-free cake mix if you have a grocery outlet a lot of times they have a gluten-free area :) The recipe will work the same

I live in Hot Springs, AR and have never seen sugar free cake mixes. Being a diabetic myself, would be great to make cookies.

Hi Helen, Pillsbury makes a sugar free, yellow and chocolate cake mix, and I have made these cookies with them, Good luck, Linda

Love it...thanks!!!

alll the members of the Recipe for Success Club love your cookies, everyone is welcome to our free recipes at

looking for cake mix chocolate cookies with pecans and chocolate chhips

You can add whatever you want to the recipe. :)

These would be great for diabetics using Pillsbury's sugar free cake mixes.

I'm diabetic, and this is awesome with the Sugar Free cake mixes. I tried different flavored cake mixes too.. Is Wonderful!!!

we use sugar-free cake mixes all the time. But, remember the powder sugar isn't. Might as well use regular mixes.

I have been making these cookies for years(30+). Try using a lemon cake mix. These were always requested when our daughter was in band - mainly by the adult leaders!

I have made before too, also with lemon. Love them

My husband is diabetic and I just automatically substitute Splenda for sugar in all dessert recipes so he can eat it. Doesn't effect the taste at all. These cookies sound delish...I'm going to try them. Happy snacking everyone!

It's a cookie recipe folks! Why the bickering? Go turn on your ovens and get over it! A cookie or two always calms the soul! I know I'm going to!

I use this recipe frequently. Our favorite cake mix flavors are lemon and strawberry. These are perfect for Easter, anything Spring, and for baby or bridal showers.

I don't see the problem with Crafter stating she can't have the extra sugar. What's the big deal? If someone can suggest an alternative idea or recipe, isn't that the idea here? I used the oil, egg and water recipe suggested here with a Devils food cake and added about 1/4 C craisins and 1/4 C coconut. Drizzled a powdered sugar and o.j. glaze over cookies when still warm. Family loved them.

Oh.....That sounds good! I have never done cake mix cookis but I will today,thanks!

I made these cookies with yellow cake mix and nuts. Very nicely browned and crispy too !

I saw a simular recipe like this, but instead of the whipped topping, they added a thing of room temp. cream cheese, and let it sit in the fridge for 2 hrs... but think i'm gonna try yours tomorrow.. sounds yummy with added chocolate.. :)

Ms. Johnson just said what others were thinking

Use a yellow or white cake mix and sub 1 Tablespoon flavoring for water. Endless combinations!

Do you think it would work if I added lemon juice to a sugar free white cake mix for lemon cookies? I know lemon juice can do weird things to some ingredients.

This is for ratings and reviews not to be rude or put down anyone. If you dont have anything helpful to say dont say anything. Cecilia J you could have just suggested her to leave out the sugar or use less. The extra comment was just your opinion please dont speak for everyone because not everyone shares you views. As far as pastuff's comment there is no reason for the suggested violence here either. Its food for fun lets act like it.

Adding nuts and dried fruit, like Craisins, would be yummy too.

Thanks, but this was not it. It had an egg and oil. I can't have all that extra sugar.

Use any cake mix with 1 egg and 1/2 cup oil and 2 tablespoons of water. bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes after spooning on cookiesheet.

You could use Splenda for baking and it taste goo too.


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