Turkey Frame Soup


Turkey Frame Soup

1 Hr 40 Min

There's more than one way to get leftovers out of a whole turkey, and our recipe for homemade Turkey Frame Soup will take advantage of every part of our turkey. Think of it as an eco-friendly recipe you'll love.

What You'll Need

  • 1 leftover turkey frame
  • 12 cups chicken broth
  • Leftover pan drippings, if available
  • 2 to 3 carrots, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
  • 2 to 3 celery stalks, cut into 1-inch chunks
  • 2 onions, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 2 to 3 cups leftover chunked turkey

What to Do

  1. In a soup pot, combine all ingredients except the turkey. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce heat to low, then simmer 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
  2. Stir in the turkey, let simmer 10 minutes, then serve.



  • You can add some cooked egg noodles to make this an even heartier soup.
  • And if you should be lucky enough to have leftover turkey breast, we really recommend you try our Cranberry Turkey Melts over the holiday weekend!

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i think next year i will try this recipe as it sounds yummy i let some of my friends know that i use the turkey carcus to make stock and also to make my turkey soup with the left over turkey i remove as much of the meat off the bones as possible and then i allow the bones to cook for several hours the longer you cook the bones the more nutrients i e marrow are released into the stock you can make good nutritious stock from any bones whether it be turkey chicken beef or fish i also save any of the drippings from the roasting pan and save it for added flavoring i remove the big bones from the pot and with a wide slotted spoon remove the smaller bones if you don't have any drippings you can use any left over skin to cook with the turkeyRead More bones i like to dice up celery onions and mushooms this year i used portabella mushrooms as that is what i had on hand and saute them with diced garlic before sauting the vegetables in a small amount of olive oil or clarified butter better to prevent burning like with regular butter i then add a small amount of white pepper and salt and finally some wine usually whatever i have on hand and allow the wine to cook down i then add these vegetables and diced leftover turkey to the broth if there is too much fat in the stock you can allow to cool place in fridge and remove the fat which usually rises to the top then cook everything together and add a medium package of yokeless noodles and cook for minutes usual time for noodles to cook sauteing the vegetables separately really give the stock and soup a rich and not overwhelmingly strong taste that some folks have mentioned it goes well with a small salad and left over dinner rolls or cornbread i've been making this turkey noodle soup for over years and as Mr Food always said O h it's so good i will certainly miss this wonderful man my condolences and prayers to the family A Hernandez R N

i learned of Mr. Food's passing on the 12 noon's news segment. when they said Mr. Food had passed on, i did not realize that he had died; i thought they meant he had retired! i was quite disturbed and saddened. i love to cook and really enjoy trying many of Mr. Food's recipes/ideas over the years. i thank God for the skill, knowledge, and most importantly the passion Mr. Food showed when he shared all his ideas and recipes. thanks to his family for sharing this wonderful man with all of us. our lives are richer for it! may God bring comfort and peace to his family and to all those of us who loved him.

Love this. Sadlly it is the last recipe I got from Mr. Food so it shall hold a special place in my cookbook. My deepest sympathies go out to family and freinds. Along with the gift of life comes the promise of death and he shall be missed. He was a remarkable man who had a love of cooking and people. Watched him every night while eating supper and looked forward to hearing him say... 'Ooooh, it's soooo good!' For this recipe I did a make over... I added fresh cut green beans, corn and mushrooms. Added leftover turkey gravy to thicken. Also added some powdered garlic and bay leaves... It went as fast as the turkey dinner with no leftovers for sandwiches so I made soup. Will definitely be making this again!!! Will think of Mr. food every time I make it too.

Once again, I want to express my sympathy to the "Family and Friends" of 'Mr. Food.' He will surely be missed by many. I've been a cook for many years, but he always brought some new idea and easy way of cooking and baking that I surely appreciated. May his "Family" remember that he will always be in their hearts and memories, and pray the heartache will lessen with each passing day. Thank you for sharing him with all his fans! With heavy heart and deep sympathy, 'the little ole' Ohio cook,' Sherry 11/26/12

My family and I have made this soup for years! My Dad always used bones to simmer with unpeeled veggies (wash, leave whole, do not peel) to make a beautiful, rich stock, and of course you strain and throw out used veggies, pick bits of meat off bones. This now makes the base of your soup! Works with ham bones, beef bones (think bone-in prime rib and beef veggie soup). We always add to our turkey frame stock diced carrots, celery and onions, bits of turkey meat from the frame and cook some regular rice in the simmering broth. DELISH!! Love and miss you Dad.

So sorry to hear of Mr Food's passing . He has certainly given us lots of great recipes over the years . I have enjoyed his sevnse of humor and wit . He will be missed by all .

I am very sorry to learn of Mr. Food's passing. We all will miss him, as I have been such a fan and have enjoyed many of. His wonderful recipes. Thanks, Mr. Food.

So, so sorry to learn of the passing of Mr. Food as he was known to us who followed his programs. My prayers of support for his family and fans. M. W. Eubanks, fan.

After Boiling the carcass how do you keep the water from turning to gel?

Really nice, down to earth person---will be missed

You will be missed. RIP and prayers of comfort to your family and friends.

Yes, you take the carcass out before you put the turkey in the soup. God bless you and your family, Mr Food. You made cooking FUN!!!

So,-----are you leaving the "turkey frame" in the pot OR removing before serving?

Over the years, Mr. Food has always been my first go-to for recipes, menu ideas, and general cooking and baking hints. He has done many great things for many people. He will be greatly and widely missed. God Bless his family for sharing him with the whole world!

R I P MR. Food

r.i.p mr foods will miss all your good recipes

R.I.P. Mr. Food. Now the recipe: Those new to cooking from scratch may have been a bit confused because the step an experienced cook would have known is: remove the frame and check the broth for bone fragments before adding the chunked turkey.

Did you wrap your frame in cheese cloth? my soup was full of little bones.

Since i did not make turkey at home. I tried to make turkey soup i bought turkey backs and the neck,also a package of chickens gizzards. The soup tasted a little to stroong. I did use chicken broth onions,carrots celery. i did not mind it but my sons were not happy. Could it have been the chicken gizzards. Roni Help !!!!!

We cook the bones and chunks of veggies for several hours, then remove bones, pick out meat chunks, strain the broth and chill. Next day remove fat, cook broth and veggies for 30 min. then add the meat and barley or noodles and cook until done (15 min.), serve with bread and cheese. wonderful, delicious soup for day after Thanksgiving.

This sounds good, But it comes 18 hours AFTER I thru the frame away. Maybe a little earlyier next time? thanks boB


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