Bacon Pierogi Bites


Bacon Pierogi Bites

Bacon Pierogi Bites
20 Min

Lookin' for a way to fancy up a classic like bacon? These Bacon Pierogi Bites use only three ingredients, making them a great last-minute appetizer to serve at your next get-together!

What You'll Need

  • 14 bacon slices, cut in half
  • 1 (12-ounce) package mini potato and Cheddar pierogies, thawed
  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar

What to Do

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Coat a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray.
  2. Wrap bacon around center of each pierogi and place on prepared pan. Sprinkle evenly with brown sugar.
  3. Bake 18 to 20 minutes, or until bacon is crisp.


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Haven't made but will. I also am Polish descent and I am so sad because I and a cousin are the last of the pierogi makers, and I can't get the dough thin like my mother did.My favorite one are the farmer's cheese (pop cheese). When mom and dad would come to visit us for a month we spent hours making them and freezing for another time. The store bought ones CANNOT compare to the REAL ones.

Pardon me....not pop cheese, but POT CHEESE.

Substute gnocchi for pierogi?

Hey there! We do not recommend substituting gnocchi. They are just too small. Happy cookin'!

My grandmother, aunts & I actually made over 600 different filled pierogi for the holidays once - from potato & onion (my favorite) to plum butter filled (their favorite). We froze most of them, and enjoyed them for months. I have tried the frozen ones, and they are not bad at all.... do you think this recipe would work if you cut the frozen ones into thirds? This recipe sounds wonderful, and very easy. Thanks!

Being of Polish and Slovakian decent I've eaten pierogies my entire life Who cares about how healthy they are this is a staple of Eastern European countries that not only feeds the masses and is a comfort food that everyone will enjoy My favorite meal is still homemade onion cheese potato pierogies served with fried cabbage and a boiled Polish sausage kielbasa with horseradish I still use my Grandma's recipe and get smiling faces every time I serve them up The secret is in making the dough add sour cream to the dough mixture It'll take practice to get the amounts of water and sour cream to get the dough to the right consistency but with time you'll figure it out Stuff and fold them then just boil them up till they float remove and drain then add to a fry pan that already has lots of semi-caramelized onions that haveRead More been sauted in bacon fat Add more bacon fat and saute till desired doneness and serve immediately with sour cream horseradish sauce and top with finely chopped green onions Enjoy

OH YES! My dad was polish and mom Slovanian. (hey, could we be related?)And I get our kielbasa from a Polish family in Cleveland!! You make them exactly the way mom and my aunt made them. I also loved the potato with American cheese mixed together and the pot cheese ones.

I have looked and looked and cannot find "mini" pierogi. Any suggestions as to what to use instead?

i ve never seen mini pierogi; i would simply cut up a regular one

I can't wait to try these they look super good.

I spent a whole day learning all about pierogi making and all I learned is that it is alot easier to go to the store and buy them allready made! My back and feet hurt so bad that we all took home some of each kind and I did not cook them for about a month!

I am Polish, but born here. I realize that most people don't really know that when you say pierogi, this is already the plural form. The singular is pieroga. Pierogi have many fillings, i.e., potatoe and cheese, meat (made with onions), sauerkraut and mushroom, farmers cheese, (made with eggs and sugar) various berries, various fruit fillings such as plums, strawberry, etc., or just with flavorful mashed potatoe. My mother made these every Friday and we all loved them. They are work, but worth the effort. Try the internet for recipies. Good luck.

These are delicious !! Imade them with the mini pierogi (POPPY's Mini bites work way better than the other known brand Mrs. #"s....left out the fulll brand name....someone else has mentioned them here). Poppy's are the perfect size for this recipe....and way better. For those uncertain of what a pierogi is....It's a potato & cheese filling stuffed pasta shell.

These sound great! Polish Pierogi's are in the frozen section of your supermarket (NY). We have local markets that sell their own homemade ones, or you can make them yourself. Much easier to buy frozen or fresh from local store. Another good ethnic food from Utica, besides Italian!

What is a Pierogi, I,m from Australia and I,m unsure what to use as a substitute or can I make them

Don't feel bad, mate! I'm from SW Oklahoma, USA, and I didn't have a clue what they were either! But they sure do look scrumptcious!

I think this is a wonderful idea!

I used regular sized spinach/cheese pierogi and served them w/sour cream as a side dish. They were great, but next time I am going to wrap the Pierogi in a sliced onion then wrap the bacon around it....................the brown sugar will be delightful w/the onion wrapped in bacon....................and you can re-heat any leftovers to be used in the future....

I am not able to find mini pierogies, will this work if I cut them in half and then wrap them?

I would not cut them in half. I would use the big ones..

They are in the freezer section at the store under the name of Mr. Ts

I can't wait to try these. The pierogies are low in fat. I have low fat bacon. I'm wondering if I cook them on a wire rack sprayed with cooking spray if that will work. Then whatever f at is left would drain off reducing the fat content even further.

I can not wait to try these. I don't have mini pierogies, but I'm going to try them with regular sized ones. Oh, my! How can they not be outrageously good?!

they are made with egg noodle dough.there is a recipe on this sight. you csn use won ton wraper's to

Sounds sooo yummy, but then pierogies are good no matter how they are prepared.

I bet if you used turkey bacon they would be less fattening.

turkey bacon has a lot more salt

I've found you need to closely read the nutritional info on the back of packages. Turkey bacon isn't always healthy. It depends on what part of the turkey they use. Sometimes it even has a higher fat content than traditional bacon. Look for a name brand center cut bacon. I don't want to get into advertising brands, so make sure you read the nutrition info on the back of packages and compare!

Vodkika - can you pass along your recipe for pizza dough?

egg noodle dough

Pierogies are so very good. Yes, these are like a ravioli, but originated in Poland. My fave is the potato and cheese. Traditionally, you boil them first until they float. Then brown them in a skillet with butter and onions. You can deep fry them, too! Yum!!

What a wonderful side dish this would be with a nice juicy steak and large salad Great idea.............

I hate to appear dumb, but what are Pierogi's? I live in a small town and our market doesn't carry a lot of items that I find in recipes. Thanks for filling me in.

It is kind of like a ravioli stuffed with mashed potatoes. They are usually is half moon shapes. They are delicious!!!

I've made them, they are delious and great for gatherings. I've made them in my nu wave and believe me there is less fat too.

Sounds good, but also sounds unhealthy, fattening.

This sounds great, but I have never seen mini pierogies. Where would I pick them up?

In the frozen food section of your local grocery store.

If you look online at food network you can get a recipe to make your own, I use my pizza dough recipe and put what ever I want in them and every one goes crazy over them.


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