Texas Sticky Buns


Texas Sticky Buns

Texas Sticky Buns
25 Min

These gooey Texas Sticky Buns go great with a mug of your favorite wash-it-down drink and a stack of napkins. Well, that's only if you don't want anyone catching you licking the extra sticky sauce off your fingers!

What You'll Need

  • 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter, divided
  • 1 tablespoon light corn syrup
  • 1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar, divided
  • 1/2 cup pecan halves
  • 1 (10 ounce) package refrigerated pizza crust (see Note)
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

What to Do

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In a small saucepan, combine 3 tablespoons butter, corn syrup, and 1/4 cup brown sugar over low heat, stirring constantly until butter is melted. Immediately pour into bottom of an 8- or 9-inch round cake pan, tilting pan to completely cover its bottom. Immediately arrange pecan halves flat side up over syrup. Melt remaining 1 tablespoon butter in saucepan.
  3. Unroll pizza dough on a floured surface and brush with butter. Sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup brown sugar and cinnamon. Starting at wide end, roll dough up jelly roll style. With a sharp knife, cut into 8 equal slices. Arrange slices cut side up in cake pan.
  4. Bake 20 to 22 minutes, or until golden. Remove from oven and immediately invert onto a serving platter. Be careful: sugar is very hot. Allow to cool slightly and serve warm.


Refrigerated pizza crust comes in a tube and can usually be found in the dairy section of your supermarket near the refrigerated biscuits.

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those look delish im a 12yearold chef and im pretty good but mr food omg

can this be rolled and cut and freeze the unused portion for later use?

Hello! We haven't tried freezing pizza dough like this,, so we're not sure if this would cook correctly after being frozen. If you decide to try it, please let us know how it turns out!

I also have not made yet but I would like to suggest frozen bread dough. Works well with cinnamon rolls so think it work fine with these too and not be tough the next day. Best eaten very fresh anyway!

Can you use jarred/bottled caramel sauce here?

i will try these they look sooooo good im gonna try some otherones also.thank youfor the resapea,please excuse the mispelt words.

I have not made this particular recipe but we used to make a similar one with canned biscuits. Make the caramel (sticky sauce), pour into pan, add chopped pecans and place a can of biscuits over sauce. Bake and invert on serving plate; let cool a few minutes so no burned fingers occur and enjoy. YUM YUM!!

I haven't made the sticky buns, but I have made cinnamon rolls with pizza crust. If you are going to eat them in one sitting, then they are good, but they are tough and chewy the next day. That is not the case with the crescent roll recipe. In fact, I've made both the cinnamon and sticky buns with crescents. Neither one is as good as homemade from scratch, but they are okay.

Nice, easy recipe. Even easier if you use canned cinnamon rolls!

easier still go to bakery!!!

Why do you even look at recipes if you're going to act this way? Geez! You only look at recipes you might make. This is an easy recipe and would taste much better than a bakery one because of no preservatives!!! Why would you even comment on this?

Sorry, I was wrong about the preservatives since there will be preservatives in any processed foods. The 40 Minute Hamburger Buns recipe would probably work well for this one.

Ok, so I do not like to use refrigerated pie crust, crescent rolls, or pizza dough. can u use puff pastry dough or make homemade pizza dough?

Homemade pizza dough out to work out fine.

This sure sounds good. I am from Texas but wouldn't you know that i have never made any of the sticky buns. I'm still working on trying to make the yeast rolls come out right so if anyone has an idea on that i'm all ears. Thanks Mr Food for the great recipes.

Look up a recipe for 40 minute hamburger buns. Excellent rolls and makes a great loaf of bread. Very easy and tasty besides. My granddaughter and her boyfriend made them into bread loaves a couple weeks ago. Loved them.

Thank you, i'll check it out. I hope i can make them.

Why do you idiots use recipe review to voice your opinions about the website? There is a link at the bottom of the page that says "Contact Us." Why don't you try that instead of complaining here. Rate the recipes, not the site!

You can also make these using refrigerated crescent rolls; I'd line muffin tins with paper liner cups, then proceed as per recipe but roll the crescent rolls up into cinnamon rolls and bake in the muffin tins.

How do I pin recipes

Just hit the "P" in the little red circle. Then hit "Pin" once you are on Pinterest.

For 'syrup' use the 3 tablespoons of butter, then 1/3 cup maple syrup, and 1/3 cup brown sugar (this makes the brown sugar come to 1/3 plus 1/4 cups) The thawed bread dough will work great also.

i don't what JDan is talking about , I love your site and have had no trouble gettting around on it.

Great quick idea, just a few too many pecans, but they were super.

I do it with canned biscuits. Tear biscits into 3 or 4 pieces to make the rolls pull apart easily. I roll them in cinnamon sugar. I use muffins tins and put brown sugar, butter, nuts in the bottom. Turn them out while out and the "goo" will come out with them. Be sure to spoon out any left in tins! Too easy!

I think that I would sooner use a loaf of frozen bread dough ( thawed ).


I think the recipe with the pizza dough sounds interesting, I am going to have to try it.


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