Cold Fudge Cake


Cold Fudge Cake

Cold Fudge Cake
6 Hr
10 Min

Let's take a trip down memory lane with an easy dessert recipe that tastes like home. Our Cold Fudge Cake is Patty's favorite childhood dessert and, after one creamy bite, you'll see why. So, layer on the sweet flavors and get ready for a dessert that you'll want to turn into a family tradition.

What You'll Need

  • 3/4 cup (1-1/2 sticks) butter, melted
  • 1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts, divided
  • 2 (4-serving-size) packages instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 3 cups milk
  • 12 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 1 (16-ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed, divided

What to Do

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine the melted butter, flour, and 3/4 cup nuts. Press mixture lightly into a 9- x 13-inch baking dish.
  3. Bake 10 to 12 minutes, or until a firm crust forms; let cool.
  4. In a medium bowl, whisk together pudding mix and milk until thickened; set aside. In another medium bowl, combine cream cheese, confectioners' sugar, and half the whipped topping; mix well.
  5. Using a wet table knife, spread cream cheese mixture over top of cooled crust. Spoon chocolate pudding mixture over top of cream cheese mixture then top with remaining whipped topping. Sprinkle remaining walnuts on top.
  6. Cover and chill overnight, or at least 6 hours. Refrigerate any leftovers.

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Nutritional InformationShow More

Servings Per Recipe: 12

  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
  • Calories 548
  • Calories from Fat 339
  • Total Fat 38g 58 %
  • Saturated Fat 20g 98 %
  • Trans Fat 0.5g 0 %
  • Protein 8.5g 17 %
  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
  • Cholesterol 95mg 32 %
  • Sodium 460mg 19 %
  • Total Carbohydrates 47g 16 %
  • Dietary Fiber 1.7g 7 %
  • Sugars 28g 0 %

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When mixing the crust mine was really loose whereas on the video it looked crumbly before pressing into dish. Any suggestions? I used the exact ingredients listed. I did use butter.

Hi! We suggest making sure the nuts are chopped fine or just adding a little more flour. Hope that helps!

Making this for Memorial Day. When I made the crust it came out pretty wet whereas yours was crumbly to press in. Any ideas on what I can do next time?

Hi, as above we suggest making sure the nuts are chopped fine or just adding a little more flour. :)

I cannot eat nuts so I was going to use oatmeal instead. Do you think that will be ok???

Yes, you can substitute oatmeal for the nuts, just be sure to finely crush the oatmeal in a food processor!

If substituting instant lemon pudding, can I substitute dried flaked coconut for the nuts in the crust? Would the substitution be 1 cup nuts = 1 cup dried coconut?

I've had my recipe for years also. But my married grandsons always request this for their birthdays and we have it at every holiday. (plus a few other dessert for holidays) My daughter is now the baker and instead of white flour she uses whole wheat flour. What a wonderful difference it makes in the crust! When our son , who is 49 comes to town to visit he always asks my daughter to make this. YUMMY!

I still have my recipe from years ago and this was called a "slush cake." The ingredients are the same only the measurement a little more of everything on this recipe. I'm making this version today. YUM!

can you use something else for frozen whipping cream as you can no get it in Ireland

Hi there! Unfortunately the Test Kitchen does not believe that there is an equivalent substitute for the frozen whipped topping because it's what is needed to ensure that the cream mixture firms correctly.

This is the best dessert ever. Don't know anyone that doesn't like it. I use chocolate and vanilla pudding, but am also fond of making it with pistachio pudding. Easy and delicious. If you haven't tried this you are missing out on a great family favorite. I've been making this for over 45 years and with all the possibilities it never gets old.

looks soooooo yummy

This is super delicious, however, my crust sticks to the pan badly. What can I do???

Hi there! We asked Patty in the Test Kitchen for tips on why this recipe would have stuck to the pan for you. She says to make sure that you're using butter and not margarine. Patty also said that you can spray the pan that you're using with baking spray before preparing this recipe. Enjoy!

I know this as Chocolate Delight that my mother made for many years, using pecans instead of walnuts. All other ingredients are the same but some quantities are different and crust bakes a little longer at 300 deg. Now I make it every year for a Christmas Day family gathering, and it's always a big hit. Will try this one to compare end results.

This is a family recipe we've used for years. Everyone loves it!

I love this recipe, however, this has been known in our family as Lemon Lush, made with lemon pudding. We have tried it with chocolate and butterscotch. I doubt it was under lock and key since many have said they've had it in their families for quite some time. The lock must have been picked several times!! LOL!

Has anyone tried using oatmeal in the crust instead of the nuts? I wonder if that would work. Thank you.

Hi there! Yes, you can use oatmeal as a substitution for the nuts in this recipe. Make sure to put the oats in a food processor or similar so they're of fine consistency. Enjoy!

There are some great suggestions posted here! Obviously, this recipe is a classic as fudge but has been successfully adapted to other flavors. They all sound yummy, but I'll have to start with fudge!

Have you tried it with Butterscotch pudding, oh so good, found that recipe online!

Hi there! The Test Kitchen has not tried making this Cold Fudge Cake with Butterscotch pudding, so we are unsure of the results. If you make this recipe with those substitutions, let us know. We would love to hear your feedback. Thanks and enjoy!

I have made this for years using 1 pkg chocolate and 1 pkg butterscotch pudding. It is FABULOUS!!

Oh, and her in Indy, we called it the next best thing to Robert Redford!! (He was pretty hot back then!)

I got this from my grandmother about 40 years ago. Our family knows it as "Chocolate Layer Dessert". It is in a very old cookbook I have known as the "Church Ladies Dessert". I have had it made with lemon, butterscotch, even pistachio. I make it every year on Christmas, it is my families very favorite.

I've had this recipe for at least 30 years. I have been eating this for about 35 years. My grandmother made this one year for a picnic we had. I know it as Jimmie Carter Cake. This is the comfort food from my childhood. When I don't have time to bake the first layer I use a graham cracker crust that I double for this recipe. If you don't double it the crust will be to thin. I also used dry roasted peanuts instead of walnuts if your not a walnut fan. So whether you make it with graham cracker or a nut crust I'm sure you will enjoy it. It is a wonderful delight for any picnic. don't eat too much you might get a tummy ache. ha-ha

Great and quite easy to make!!

I've had this recipe for it from my mom back in the '70's.....she submitted it to a church cookbook and it appears in there. She used one package of chocolate pudding and one of butterscotch, which is also very good. There are several variations of the recipe - I think some people use lemon pudding, too.

I agree with momcat and janofark about how long ago this recipe has been around.We've been making this for 35 years or longer. Got the recipe from someone else who was making it for years. My adult grand always request this for their birthdays.

This dessert always disappears in a hurry. I use macadamia nuts instead of walnuts. Really gives the crust a more buttery flavor.

Can this be made with cooked pudding cooled down before spooning on top of the cream cheese mixture?

Hi there! While we haven't tried making it this way, we believe that it would still work. Just make sure your pudding has completely cooled before spooning over the cream cheese mixture. Enjoy!

I have made this with cooked pudding - using one box of butterscotch pudding mixed with one box of vanilla pudding. However, only use 3 cups of milk for the 2 boxes of pudding to make a thicker consistency. And yes, make sure the pudding is cooled before pouring over the cream cheese layer. And (as I know from experience) make sure the pudding is COMPLETELY COLD before trying to top it with the rest of the whipped topping, or the whipped topping melts. And then you have to run to store for an extra container of whipped topping at the last minute after blotting the melted layer off the rest of the cake.

I have made this recipe about 100 times . I have gotten this recipe about 30 years ago from my grandmother. we call it jimmy carter cake and we use peanuts instead of walnuts even though the both taste incredible. it is a great treat for any party or picnic. I have also made it with a graham cracker crust if I didn't have enough time to bake the nut crust. make and enjoy .

I have made this using crushed Oreo cookie and melted butter for the crust. I will have to try making it with the crust listed in the recipe

I tasted this 3 years ago at a pot luck and the lady who made it called it 'Yum Yum Cake'. And golly gee, it IS!!! Absolutely to die 4!!

This recipie was handed down to me many years ago, when I was in my teens! And I'm 54 now. It's been our family favorite now for a very long time. It's a great one, and always a crowd pleaser on hot summer days!

Sounds very good.

I've been making this for 25 years and we call it Chocolate Dream, using pecans instead of walnuts. My nephew requests it every Christmas and I could eat an entire one by myself and I'm not a big dessert eater!

I, like you have always used pecan chips (or pieces.) Thanks for posting.

In my recipe book from the '70s. The name is "proof of the pudding. uses both vanilla and chocolate instant pudding - each a separate layer on top of the cream cheese layer. top with rest of whipped topping and grated Hershey bar.

I also make this recipe but sometimes I use banana pudding or what ever favor pudding you would like to use.

I just love the thought of making this and I will be trying it real soon and I can't wait for all the others to taste it 3 O) 3

The best cake ever! It didn't last two days. Easy to make and so good to eat!

I've made this for years but it's called Fat Man's Pie. Other recipes call it Chocolate Delight. You can make it any flavor pudding (banana, vanilla, butterscotch, lemon, etc.)

I received this recipe from a c-worker in the early 80's but shecalled it Chocolate Lush. The only difference between that recipe and this is pecans and coconut (1/2 cup each) are pressed into the crust before baking and 1/2 cup each of pecans and coconut are toasted in a separate pan for crumbling ovr top immediately before servintg while crust is baking. Have made Vanilla Lush, Lemon Lush, Coconut Lush, etc.

I've been making this recipe for years My mama called it Texas Yum Yum Cake and added a layer of vanilla pudding on top of the chocolate pudding

Also have been making this for years. I got the recipe from my sister-in-law, Frieda probably around 1965. She calls it Summer Dessert. Have not met anyone who does not like it. Problem is having enough for everyone who want 2nds or thirds. It is rich though, so servings are not that large.

I have made this for years and call it "Surprise Dessert". It is always a hit. You can also substitute lemon pudding for the chocolate and you've go "Lemon Lush".

Make this using your best homemade fudge pie filling recipe for the chocolate layer. Not a fan of the fake jello taste. The extra work will be worth it!!

I have been making this for years, and I have to take it whenever the family gets together. Sometimes I add a small box of vanilla instant pudding mix and add one cup of milk to the amount listed. I have also added peanut butter to the cream cheese layer. I always sprnkle sliced almonds on top for a festive look. It's a "hold on to" recipe.

This is WONDERFUL with butterscotch pudding too!

Try using a shortbread cookie for the crust like Pecan Sandies. I use them crushed up with butter added and a couple of tablespoons of brown or white sugar. It will take about a package and a half of cookies for a 13x9 in pan. Bake as recipe states.

My family always loves this recipe. I use macadamia nuts instead.

Have made this many times - so easy - and everyone loves it. Great for Potlucks and Church gatherings!!

This recipe is delicious, easy and quick to make. All my guests loved it.

Sounds great definitely going to try it

We add chocolate curls on top and called it Better than sex dessert. Yum.

I have making this for years. We called it "Chocolate Lush".

I made it and it doesn't taste like it looks. It uses a lot of ingredients, uses a lot of bowls, a lot of mess and fuss, and just tastes bland.. like cool whip. :-) So disappointed.

I've been enjoying this recipe since I was a little! We call it Chocolate Torte and my family can't get enough of it!! We leave out the nuts, though.

Used to make this when we would have Home Interior parties back in the 80's. It was called "Heavenly Pudding Pie"!! Found my recipe for it a few months ago and made it. Still just as Yummy as I remembered it being!

Been making it for several years, also make it with lemon Cream, Key Lime Cream, and Pineapple Pie fillings. They are awesome, the cream smooths out the tartness to make an awesome pie, topped with a few thinly sliced lemon (or lime) curled. Makes a beautiful pie.

have made this for years it's called "better than sex" or "better than Robert Redford".

This just seems to be a spin off of Jimmy Carter cake...good stuff but not original...

It's called Fat Man's Pie and I always make 1 1/2 times the recipe for church suppers.

Call it Chocolate Delight. But I use one pkg chocolate pudding and one pkg vanilla I have a milk chocolate delight.

have made this for years, called it "Daddy's Delight" as my dad loved it. We changed the pudding around depending on what we had in the house. Always a winner here.


I have been making this for over 20 yrs. got the recipe from a co-worker & she called it Layered Delight & of course you can use any flavor pudding you want their all great I also use Oreo cookie for base Oh so yummy! Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

Do you put butter or margarine in the crushed Oreos base?

We have always called it "Better Than Sex Cake" or "Robert Redford Cake" because at that time there was nothing better then Robert Redford. And I agree with the other ladies. It is fabulous! Made it many times with many OMG's!

I also make it with lemon pie filling and cherry pie filling. We call it Lemon Delight and Cherry Delight. The only difficult thing about it is deciding which one to make!

Absolutely the best dessert.....My Mom makew this for me.....I can eat the whole thing!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

I have been making this for years got the recipe from my mama.We call it Chocolate Delight.

With the peanut butter one I also sprinkled chopped peanuts on the top.

I also have added peanut butter to the cream cheese part to make it like a peanut butter cup. Very good.

We've been making this for at least 30 years. We always called it four layer dessert. Whatever you call it, it is delicious. Like some of the others I have tried other flavors of pudding. Buterscotch is good but chocolate is OH SO GOOD. Be sure and try this one and enjoy!!

Been making this for at least 30 years. We've always called it 4 layer dessert. What ever you call it, it is delicious!!.

I have this same recipe with the difference being it uses Butterscotch pudding and is called a Butterscotch Torte. It is delicious! I am sure any flavor of instant pudding as the middle would be great!

I love this recipe! It was passed down to me by my mom, I have passed it on to my family and now my grandchildren and great - grandchildren are enjoying it. It is one of our "special" deserts served for many occassions.

We call it layered pudding desert. I make it with lemon pudding sometimes and it is very light and yummy. I use sugar free pudding and skim milk. Light cream cheese helps lightened it up, too. Pistachio pudding is also very good.

i have made this for years we call it chocolate junk,, I just never made it with nuts but its delish mmmmmm

The flour butter and nuts crust is amazing! But I had to start using the graham cracker crust after my grandma was told not to eat nuts anymore.. This is the best dessert ever!

I think it will be awesome and everyone will like it so I will make it again!!!!!!!!!!!

This recipe has been around for several years under a variety of names. Can use almost any instant pudding you desire.

This recipe has been around for years under a variety of names. Can use any kind of instant pudding you desire.

How do you use brownie mix as the crust? Add butter? This is known to me as " Better than Robert Redford cake".

This is also fantastic using lemon pudding instead of chocolate pudding. We called this Lemon Delight. Yummy!!! Sprinkle Top of dessert with some Lemon Zest.

Graham cracker crust sounds best. I can't picture the flour, butter and nuts. I think I'll try this. Sounds like an easy recipe to cut in half.

How is this done with brownie mix? I would love to try, it sounds yummy!

I 've made this before. I know it as "Better Than Sex Cake". It's delicious

I've been making this for years. However, I now use a brownie mix (I like Duncan Hines the best) for the crust instead of the nut crust. It is so yummy. Everyone likes it better tan the nuts. Good for people with nut allergies, too!!!

I always make this for every family affair or church suppers. I use other flavors of pudding and will sometimes add flavorings such as a drop of mint in dark choc. pudding.

I have been making what I call Chocolate Delight since June 1978 when I got the recipe from the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution). I use pecans instead of walnuts. I have played with the recipe through the years and sometimes use one box of milk chocolate and one of white chocolate. I also top each slice with a cherry. It has always been a family favorite.

I was served this dessert, Pan Pie, over 30 years ago. I use a graham cracker crust. It is always requested at any family gathering or party.

I have been making this since 1978 except I call mine Chocolate Delight. I use pecans instead of walnuts. I have played with the recipe through the years and now use one box of milk chocolate and one box of white chocolate. My recipe came from the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) in June, 1978.

We call this Four Layer Delight. My mom and I have made this for years, it's a family favorite. Although when we make the shortbread crust, we use pecans, instead of walnuts, as a personal preference. Also, I prefer a graham cracker crust with mine. Here is a tip, when you make this, use a higher end/gourmet, cook and serve custard/pudding mix, or make it from scratch. It's much better than the instant.

I agree, this is far from a new recipe. I know it as Chocolate Delight and I have made it for years. I always use pecans instead of walnuts. Whether old or new... this dessert is delicious.

My family calls this Lush. My grandma has been making it for years.

I have made this recipe for years using pistachio pudding instead of chocolate and topping with maraschino cherries.,

I have also been making this for 30 or so years, which I got the recipe from my older cousin, we called it Sex in a dish. Definitely not a new recipe. However, it is a very good one, always a hit no matter where I bring it now my own kids make it.

It is interesting to see a recipe that I developed over 45 years ago. My name for it was Party Cake because that's what I made it for - my son's birthday party. To this day it is his favorite!!

There is nothing new about this recipe. Yes, when I was growing up, just like SUZAG, it was called "Better than Sex Cake", Better than Robert Redford", and then finally Chocolate Delight.

This used to be "Better than Sex Cake" in the 80's...I've always loved the base and the cream cheese part so I double those. I don't like most nuts but use sliced almonds in the crust and on top and it gives it a nice crunch.

I too have had this recipe for many years. I make it using pistachio pudding at Christmas. I tint the cream cheese layer pink and sprinkle red and green sugar on top of the Kool Whip. Very festive!

I've made a version of this recipe for the last 33 years. I use pecans in the crust mixture. In the cream cheese mixture, I only use an 8 oz. cream cheese with the powdered sugar and Cool Whip. I use the butterscotch pudding either using two boxes or 1 box of butterscotch and 1 box of vanilla instant pudding and icing with only Cool Whip. My friend's mom always used the lemon pudding..Lemon Lush.

I have made this many times - always a hit! I like to use a can of cherry pie filling spread over the chocolate pudding layer and then cover with whipped topping - delicious!!

My husband's family introduced this to me, they call it Pudding Dessert. Chocolate tastes the best to me, but you can use any flavor pudding. The coconut cream is good and top it with toasted coconut instead of walnuts.

Didn't like the crust not tasty or sweet next time will try a different crust plus wasn't sure if it should have browned baked for 16 minutes instead of the 10-12 still look and tasted floury.

This has been a favorite at our house for over 30 years, but my recipe book calls it "Chocolate Delight" and calls for pecans instead of walnuts. I will use walnuts next time!

i have had this since a was a little girl...we called it slush cake...looks like slushy snow. have also made it with pistachio pudding..sooo goood..

I know this restaurant who makes it and also sales it it by the pan for 18.00. I could not make out the crust though, until i was watching the news and Mr. Food came on, thank you so much, now I can make it myself.

Can I use an 8oz of creamcheese and 8 oz of whipped Topping

My mom used to make this all the time... for many years... she called it black forest dessert... I have a friend who used to make it and call it better than sex cake.... I just call it yuuummmmyy!!! It is soooooooooo good!

Like so many others, I've been making this fantastic dessert for 30+ years. I used to make it with butter pecan instant pudding but can't find that anymore. Crushed butterfingers on top of the pudding was great . Layering sliced fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, whatever you like takes this treat over the top. Your imagination can run wild with this one. I love the tip of side by side different flavors, Lorna Doone and Oreo crust variations.

We've made a very similar dessert recipe for years--love it. We make it sugar-free using Splenda, sugar-free instant pudding and whipped topping. Works great, tastes great.

I've also have made this for years. I use two different flavors of pudding, mix them separately and put one flavor on one side and the other flavor on the other side of the pan. Then you have a choice. YUM

I've had this dessert many times and lost the recipe so I'm happy to see it posted. It's sinfully rich so if you're counting calories - beware! I'm sure you could use low-fat options with most of the ingredients.

I've had this recipe for years it is sooo good! Have even used pitachio instant pudding...which was good also. This was one of families favorites.

Please can you also supply the metric measurements in South Africa we use metric and I do not always have a measure converter at hand. It would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

Like many others I've had this recipe a very long time, and it is wonderful. I renamed it TOM SELLECK, it is that good!!

This is a great desert, but instead of sprinkling the remaining walnuts on top, go to your bakers section in your supermarket and get some Heath Bar Crumbles. It takes this recipe from great to awesome!

I will make it without nuts as the grandchildren don't like them. But I'm sure they will love this dessert as well as myself. Thanks.

I have been making this with lemon pudding for years.It is called lemon lush.I have also made the chocolate version as well as butterscotch.It ( lemon )is my sons favorite and I always have it when he comes.

Just curious is the pudding the only thing that you change in the recipe?

Been making this since the early 70s. We call it Aunt Esther's Chocolate Dessert. We also make it using Lemon Pudding and pecans in the Spring.

I have been making this for many years under the name 4 -layer dessert.It is delicious and always a big hit.

so good..i have made this for years, and called it chocolate delight. only difference is i use one vanilla and one milk chocolate pudding and pecans instead of walnuts. but it is one of the favorits at any outing or church function.

For those of us who have peanut allergies can you make the crust without the walnuts?

I have used a package of refridgerated chocolate chip cookies for the bottom layer, Chocvolate Chip Cookie Delight. Easy and Great!!!

You have to spread the cookie evenly on the bottom of the baking disk, bake for about 12-15 minutes (till golden brown). let cool then add the rest of the ingredients.

also crush up some chocolate chips and sprinkle over the top

I have been using this recipe for over 25 years and every time, it is a big hit. This has become a family favorite in place of birthday cakes. You can also substitute sugar free instant pudding. You can't tell the difference. Different pudding flavors can also be used, we make pistachio for Easter.

We had this at a church potluck this past weekend. As you say's so-o-o-o-o good. Thanks Mr. Food (Just Desserts)

Made this last night.. omg, it's to die for !! although I used shaved almonds instead of walnuts I will be making this again it's a keeper. Thanks Mr Food for all the great recipes .

This recipe is not new! Why would you have it under lock and key.... good grief. Your supervisor is NOT the first person to invent this recipe or to come up with a version of it. My mother made this dessert when I was a youngster growing up. My grandmother made this dessert when my mom was growing up. I have made this recipe for over 30 years and my grandchildren are enjoying this dessert now. See all of the readers comments on this dessert being around for well over 30 years.

don't get so worked up!

I agree with jancat, why get all worked up about it. Some people may not have heard of it before. It sounds delicious! I'll have to try it.

Anytime a recipe whether it be "new" or old I am very grateful as i have often lost some of my most favorite recipes and am so happy to see them posted somewhere. This is one of those recipes. Thanks Mr. Food! I have had this with pistachio but not with chocolate.

I really like this desert. Peggy Clark from South Carolina

when someone gave this recipe to my Mom they call it (better than sex cake) and my Mom God bless her gave it the name of chocolate goodie cake. This is one of my families favorite. Never thought about making a tropical sounds good. I will have to try.

I have been making this for years under a different name. Lemon or butterscotch pudding is a fabulous exchange for the chocolate. It was kept locked up for nothing, it too funny.

Too funny. This is the same recipe that my family has been making for my lifetime only we call it a Lush. The great thing is you can change the flavor of the pudding and you get an entirely new taste. My favorite is banana pudding and add pinapple, bananas and cocomut for a tropical flavor. Yummm

My cousin calls it a Lush. She uses Lemon pudding. Will have to try the banana pineapple. Sounds GREAT!

I've been making this for over 30 years! I use pecans or walnuts for the crust. We call it Chocolate Delight. It is so good.

Many years ago when my kids were young we moved to the Upstate area in the Carolina's..At many church get together's they served this exact recipe only everyone called it CHOCOLATE DELIGHT..the only difference from that recipe and the one posted above is yours has walnuts instead of pecans in the crust..Outside of that it's the same...For Years I couldn't get anyone to give me the recipe..but after a couple hit and misses I finally figured the recipe..This Recipe has always been everyone's favorite here for as many Many years...I bet your editor is from this area...:-)

like u its so good.

i think it sounds great going to try it tonight

30 years ago, a member of our office staff would bring this in for birthdays, it did not last the day! Use pecans instead of walnuts. Really good - We all called it "the Next Best Thing to Robert Redford"!



My mom makes this but uses a graham cracker crust and decorates it with chocolate chips on top of the whipped topping. So good.

I make this with butterscotch pudding and pecans. It is delicious!

Have made this for years . We call it Sex in a Pan. I generally use pecans in the crust.

My mother- in- law has mad this for years and her bottom layer has been crushed up Lorna dune cookies! Delicious if you don't like the other crust.

This recipe is like ice box pie or cake only the bottom is made with graham crakers, chocolate pudding and cool whip and graham crakers and vanilla pudding and cool whip its also delious and a hit.

when I first ate a cake similar to thjs one, instant lemon pudding was used. it was called lushious lemon layers.

I have made this for years.We call it Chocolate Delight.

Is it possible to use cook and serve pudding, I just don't care for instant.

Sure, you can use cook and serve pudding. Just make sure it is completely cooled, maybe even chilled before layering over the cream cheese mixture. Enjoy!

Dear lala. Yes. I have made this with cook and serve. I do not like instant, either. I also make my own whipped cream. This is not a 'secret recipe'. I started making this about 30-35 years ago. I knew it as Mississippi Mud. Hope this helps.

My sister in law made this cake 30 years ago, she called it Chocolate Delight, she only made it a couple of times as no one in our famiy liked the bottom crust. I got a similiar recepe from a friend(finally!!) that is much better. The bottom crust is crushed oreo cookies with melted butter, the second layer is cream cheese mixed with confect. sugar and coolwhip, three layer is whatever kind of instant pudding you want (choocolate is the best) and top layer is cool whip and garnish on top of that.

Try this recipe with postachio pudding - I have been making it for years and it is delicious.

Been making this for more than 25 years. "Striped delight," is what we called it. with just about any flavor of pudding. Especially good with chocolate, butterscotch or lemon. I always use just 8 Oz of cream cheese, otherwise half of another package just hangs around in fridge and gets thrown away. Works great, tastes good and family loves it. Only make it in the summer though.

I've made this many times, truly delish! I have substituted pistachio pudding for the chocolate. I usually use three boxes of pudding and adjust the milk amount. It tastes really good with lots of pudding!!!!


I love this! My mom has fixed it since I was little.

I have been making this for years and it is one of my favorites. You can also use lemon pudding.

I made this for a neighborhood party and everyone LOVED it....looks impressive and taste delicious!

This is the same recipe know as Mississippi Mud that my family and I have been making for years. It is always a hit but we prefer to use the cook and serve pudding.

I haven't tried the recipe yet, but it looks like a long-lost one that my mom would call "the good stuff"! Thanks for breaking out the key, I look forward to reminiscing!

This is one of my favorite desserts. My grandma made it when I was a kid. When I was pregnant with my first child I had gestational diabetes and my mom would make it for me with suger free pudding. And it is so easy to make. I really can't believe anyone wouldn't like this.....

Have served this for years. For the kids we call it chocolate pudding cake and for the adultd better than sex cake. I use pecans as we have somr allergic to walnut.

i make this but, i usually make it with pistachio pudding, and everyone loves it. never any left!!

I too have made this recipe for years and love it. My Mom made it 50 years ago, so really was no secret. I need to make it again as it always goes over great.

Cold Fudge Cake??? I don't know why they had it under lock and key for 20 years. I got the recipe from a friend in Richmone 15 years ago and almost everyone I know has it. Only difference is instead of walnuts we use pecans and instead of nuts on top we grate a hershey bar and sprinkle over it.

I have made a recipe like this for at least 20 years. It's called Mississippi Mud Pie, but I use one layer of French Vanilla Pudding & one layer of chocolate fudge pudding (1 box each) It is so delicious and very welcome at every get-together. Now I make copies of the recipe & bring them with me because almost everyone asks for it.

To say I was disaapointed in this recipe is an understatement, based on the reviews I expected a much better outcome then I got. First, I didn't notice until I went to make it that the recipe doesn't say wether you should grease the pan or not. I made the wrong choice of not greasing...bad choice. I went to cut this dessert and the crust was hard as a rock. I'm going to have to soak the pan for a couple of days b4 that crust comes off the bottom of the pan. My second mistake was making this for the first time when we had company, but I thought it was an easy enough recipe and I'm not stupid, for the most part I know what I am doing in this kitchen...which is why I will never make this again!

Looks like you overbaked the crust or didn't use a non-stick pan.

Refrigerate any leftovers? WHAT leftovers???? LOL! Can't wait to make this recipe! I'm sure it will be a winner!!!!! :D

it sounds really good..i will definitely be making this...yes indeed..easy too..Yay...

This recipe has actually been a "special occasion" staple in my family for 30++ years! My mother always called it "Better Than Robert Redford Dessert."

My Bridge friends loved this. It is yummy and easy.

Our family loves this dessert. I have made using the peanut butter pie recipe and converting it to a layered dessert...and it is also very good.

Like the others--we have been making this for years. Try it with coconut cream pudding---it is even better than chocolate!!!

What is with the picture. It does not look like the recipe printed even if you doubled it ?

To thicken the layers, make it in a 9" x 9" pan.

Sounds really yummy! I am going to try it. Thanks, Denise.

It sounds so gooddddddddd!!!

This was under lock and key for many years? This recipe is in almost all recipe books I have and is known by just about anyone that cooks and bakes a lot. Never had it with butterscotch thought, sounds good!

I have been making this for years and it's always delicious. It's fabulous with butterscotch pudding as well.

under lock & key-really-I have been making this for 20 years and I'm not the kitchen tester for you-I will say this is a great recipe and am glad it was posted so all can enjoy

I have been making this, with chocolate pudding for probably 35 years. Originally when it was the rage, it was made with pistachio pudding but I've always used chocolate since it's a more widely preferred flavor. In it's heyday around these parts, it was called "Slush Cake". My coworkers always begged me to bring this one to will NEVER go wrong with this one!

This has been a family favorite for years. Have had it/made it in chocolate, coconut, lemon and butterscotch. Made for a gathering and when a friend asked what was in the crust, I replied "butter, flour and nuts" She heard "Butterflies and Nuts" and the name stuck - Butterflies and Nuts!

Love this recipe! Mom makes it w/ pistacio pudding, sister-in-law uses coconut, & friend uses Lemon!

We have used this "secret recipe" for years and years. Every family function has one, rather it be Chocolate Delight or what ever flavor pudding. We like to use a 9 X 9 pan, so everything is thicker. Or, simply double everything. double this???? No way!!!! This recipe is perfect in a 9x13 pan.......if you double, it would never fit vertically. Are you sure you have the same recipe?

This is no secret recipe. I've made this for many years. Sometimes with other flavors of pudding. Good with lemon pudding or pistacchio for St. Pats. Day.

I've made this for years...always thought it was called Mississippi Mud Pie. You can make it lighter by using sugar free pudding and light cream cheese and whip topping. A family favorite for sure!

This is a common 'icebox' recipe, and there are slight variations of it such as using 1 vanilla pudding and 1 chocolate or using shortbread (pecan sandies) for the crust. Another 'adult name' our faculty had for it was "Better Than Sex." :-)

My Mom use to make this cake and believe me it is DELICIOUS!

Please add to my recipe collection!!

Just click on add to recipe box and it will save!

This sounds like a recipe a coworker used to bring to all the functions. She added chocolate chips and maraschino cherries on top, too. Sometimes she used pecans instead of walnuts as they're more abundant here in Texas.

Excellent, excellent and easy to make. So Good!

Hi, I'm from Australia. And I love all your recipes of course! But in most of them you keep referring to a..." container frozen whipped topping". What exactly is that please? Is it just plain ice cream or what? Because as much as I'd like to make your recipes, ingredients as the one mentioned stops me from attempting to do so.Can you please help? thanks.

Cool Whip or a store brand equivalent.....but you can also use whipped cream sweetened with a little sugar and vanilla extract. This is an excellent recipe BTW...looks pretty and tastes yummy

I made this cake last weekend and my husband and daughter really liked it. I turned around and made it again for a church function and needless to say it was just about gone when I left. Will make this again! It is a very easy cake to make and it taste great!

I've also been making this for years, we called it "Next best thing to Robert Redford" (that may tell how many years). I've heard it called by dozens of names, Guadalupe' River Pudding, nbtt Brad Pitt, (depending on flavor of pudding) Lush, etc. Whatever you call it, it's a fabulous dessert!

I have made this "secret recipe" for 30 years, too, but with lemon pudding and we called it Lemon Lush and did not put the nuts in the crust or on top, but also made it with chocolate pudding and the nuts. Both delicious!! Lemon is really cool and refreshing! Cool Whip brand does make it the best, and recipe just called for "large" Cool Whip back then, which was probably 16 oz.

made this it melts in your mouth. Loved it. Janet

Oh. My. Gawd! The people at my club went crazy for this!

I have been making this for 30+ years and I cannot have nuts so you just make the crust without them. Of course it taste better with nuts, as almost everything does, but you do what you have to do.

I have children that are highly allergic to nuts of any kind, can you still make this recipe without nuts, maybe I could have the crust made out of graham crackers, please help

I've been making this for years, also. It's also very good made with pistachio pudding. Y-u-m-m-m-m-y!!! I can't have this recipe in too many places! ;o)

We have also made this dessert for years, better known as "Better Than Robert Redford Dessert" and also "Better Than Sex Dessert". No matter what you call it, it is YUMMY!

I have made this for years but I am diabetic so I changed and used sugar free pudding and light cream cheese. Fat free cool whip works great also.

i've made this for 25+ years..only i use pecans instead of walnuts..i made it with chocolate pudding at first..then 20 years ago my mother inlaw made it with butterscotch pudding..i thought yuk..but i ended up liking it better than the doesn't taste like buterscotch try it sometime! it's a big hit..i even tried it for my side of the family and they loved it too!! you can use sugar free pudding to cut down on sugar & calories..

This is Sooooooooooooo Good, I'm sharing with a friend at work that also likes to cook. Thank you Mr. Food for this one. XO Juls

Our family has been making this for years also. We call it Died and Gone To Heaven cake. We also use a yellow jiffy cake mix or a Ghirardelli brownie mix for the crust. You can also use banana pudding mix. This is a recipe everyone loves to eat.

We have been making this since my youngest daughter whom is just turning 40 was in Brownies. We have always called it Whatchamacallit. Butterscotch can be used instead of the chocolate pudding mix.

We have made this for years the kids reallyl love it but we call it pudding cake and depending on who wants what you can actually make it half and half i've done half chocolate and half vanilla.

We love this recipe. We have made it for years. We use different pudding flavors like lemon for a change of pace. Easy, quick and very, very type of recipe.

I would appreciate nutritional information as to fats, sodium, etc for Mr. Food recipes.

You can get nutritional information on any recipe just go to and follow the instructions to obtain this information. As is possible with many recipes you can lower the fat and calorie content by using lower fat and sugar versions of different products. I would not recommend using lower fat margarine or butter as it is usually made this way by adding additional water and will only make things soggy. I am sure you could use sugar free pudding as well as low-fat cream cheese and fat free Cool Whip, I have and have not noticed the difference.

Tried this tonight, and it took a lot longer than 10 minutes to make a firm crust (I used an oven thermometer, and the oven temperature was right on 350 F.). I also wonder whether maybe there should have been some sugar in the crust?

I've been making this for about 30 years. We call it Husband's Delight. I use sugar-fee pudding to cut down on the calories. Also, I add another layer or two. I sometimes add vanilla pudding over the milk chocolate, then add white chocolate pudding over the vanilla, then the cool whip. It's delicious. Or just add the vanilla or white chocolate pudding on top of the milk chocolate, but always end with the cool whip. When I use to take this to work they called it goo, and I always had to take 2 or 3 pans of it.

I have made this recipe for years! its very good but I know it as Surprise. I make it to take for holidays & everyone LOVES it!

i made this a lot i use differ pudding mix and some time i use pie mix all are good thanks

I made this years was called Better Than Sex Cake..not sure I agree with the name,but it sure was awful good..

I'm not sure I'd need the refrigerator - it wouldn't last. At least, it wouldn't last long enough to put it in the refrigerator! :-)

I have used a recipe just like this one but with a different name. I don't need to make it to comment on it. If you need a delicious and fast disappearing dessert just make this one. But keep it refrigerated if it last long enough.


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