Italian Layer Bake


Italian Layer Bake

Italian Layer Bake
40 Min

Our recipe for Italian Layer Bake is a Mediterranean delight. This recipe features layers of Italian meats, peppers, and bubbly cheese under a golden crust. When you bring this dish out for lunch, everyone will be asking for seconds!

What You'll Need

  • 1 (8-ounce) container refrigerated crescent rolls
  • 8 slices deli turkey (about 1/2 pound)
  • 8 slices deli ham (about 1/2 pound)
  • 12 slices deli hard salami (about 1/2 pound)
  • 8 slices Swiss cheese (about 1/2 pound)
  • 1 (12-ounce) jar roasted peppers, drained
  • 4 eggs, beaten

What to Do

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Unroll crescent roll dough without separating triangles. Separate dough into 2 squares along center cut line.
  2. Place 1 square of dough into an 8-inch square baking dish. Using your fingertips, press dough to fit bottom of dish.
  3. Layer with half the turkey, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, and roasted peppers. Pour half the beaten eggs over the peppers and repeat  the layers with remaining meats, cheese, and peppers. Place remaining square of dough over peppers. Pour remaining beaten eggs over dough and cover lightly with foil.
  4. Bake 20 minutes, remove foil, and bake an additional 20 to 22 minutes, or until golden and heated through. Let cool 5 minutes, then cut and serve.

Check This Out!

  • For even more flavor, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of Italian seasoning, along with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and pepper. Feel free to try another cheese too - like provolone! 

Nutritional InformationShow More

Servings Per Recipe: 6

  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
  • Calories 564
  • Calories from Fat 324
  • Total Fat 36g 55 %
  • Saturated Fat 16g 78 %
  • Trans Fat 0.0g 0 %
  • Protein 35g 69 %
  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
  • Cholesterol 235mg 78 %
  • Sodium 2,078mg 87 %
  • Total Carbohydrates 26g 9 %
  • Dietary Fiber 0.2g 1 %
  • Sugars 7.6g 0 %

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I have made this a number of times and we have enjoyed it, but I do use a seasoned turkey like cajun or buffalo style and add a layer of pepperoni in the middle for some spice. Then we serve it with raspberry fruit spread. Yes it is high in salt, so it isn't for the strict dieters, but we don't have it that often, so it is a nice occasional treat.

This was yummy. I swapped out they turkey for pepperoni. I used mozzarella slices instead of swiss cheese. I also added pizza sauce before the cheese layers. I don't get the eggs in this recipe. Next time I make it I will decrease the eggs and just save enough for an egg wash on top layer of crescent roll. It was also kind of salty. I'm sure this is due to my changes. I would like to find a fix for that but keep the changes. We served with a tossed salad.

I also left out the peppers. Not a fan of them.

I didn't rate this because I made several adjustments. I would rate it a "5" with these changes. I sprayed a 88 baking pan, put the bottom crust in and pre baked about 5 minutes, then let it cool. I used salami, coppa and pepperoni (thats what I had on hand) and mozzarella cheese. I added olive paste to chopped roasted red peppers. Only used 2 eggs in the middle,with Italian spice, none on top. Baked covered about 30 minutes, uncovered about 25 minutes. It was EXCELLENT!

It's a favorite here! I brought some for my lunch to work today and co-workers had to have a taste. Then they asked for a recipe. Seems like a great dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner! We leave out the red peppers--wondering if some fresh spinach might be good, too? I bake at 375 and add 5 minutes or the eggs are runny in the middle.

I have made a similiar recipe but not this one, but it really isn't Italian as some others have said. Being Italian, I would change up the cheeses and meats for a more authentic taste, but I'm sure it's delicious the way it's written because you don't have to eat it every day for those worried about the sodium levels. Really, just use common sense when cooking. It just amazes me the amount of inexperience that shows through the comments on most recipe sites.

There's inexperience in something for everyone. For you, it's tact.

I love food like this. It is made like a sandwich but, baked. I think my kids will actually like this. I swear they are the pickiest bunch of kids on the planet. This is also something that can be whipped up for company pretty easily. I also think it would be easy to alter the meat and cheese if you wanted.

Tonight will be the third time I've made this, my husband is a picky eater and loves this dish. Thank you Mr. Food.

Had to bake longer than indicated because the egg wasn't cooked in the center. Good use of any leftover cold cuts and cheese or for a warm sandwich in winter. Great for brunch, lunch, or dinner. My daughter suggested the addition of sliced or chopped olives which I may add next time to the jar of roasted red peppers which I coarsely chopped.

I am subing Mordadella Sausage and Capacolla Ham and provolone cheese for my dish. That makes it Italian! Supper tonight!

I added thinly sliced onion, Italian herbs and zesty Italian dressing.

Very very bland .. no flavor .. no Italian herbs no Italian dressing not even Italian cheeses..... Swiss Cheese?..... I did try and made it as written but will not make it again as written It looked so good on TV as Howard way making it I just had to try it

Hi there! We're sorry to hear that you weren't a fan of this recipe. We've added some notes for those who want even more flavor - like adding some Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. You can try it with another cheese too! Thank you for your comment.

Did not like this to bland. Needs something to make it better. But don't no what...............

Try a little pinch of crushed pepper!!

It looks good


MMMM! This is going to be so easy but my family is going to love it! Italian or not, it's an easy alternative to making individual toasted subs and it transports well to potlucks.

my nephew and sister were asking about this meal today and I had to really search my recipe box to find it. We loved it and now I have requests to make it again. Thanks so much for this and all your great recipes.

I substituted pepperoni instead of salami. Recipe was a hit. And will be made often. Two other families asked for the recipe. I believe you have a hit on your hands!

This is for MY OWN 60 you don't have crescent rolls where you live? Where DO you live? I can't imagine where that could possible be.

There is nothing Italian about this sandwich except the salami and roasted peppers. Crescent rolls? No. I don't think so. Sorry.

Always a hit. Easy, just assemble and bake. Never a crumb wasted. I just don't understand the negative reviews.

It was not ooh so good, it was bland at best and a waste of 1 1/2 pound of lunch meat that could a great sandwich.

This sounds good but I am confused as to how the eggs play in? Does it taste egg-y? Is this more like a sandwich or a quiche? Four eggs seems to be quite a bit of eggs.

Hello Mary! - This recipe is a cross between a sandwich and an egg souffl. It does have an eggy texture. You can definitely make it without the eggs as a baked sandwich, if you prefer. :)

If you leave out the eggs, how does that affect baking time?

If you leave out the eggs, we suggest baking uncovered 20 to 25 minutes or until golden on top.

Italian? Deli turkey, deli ham, swiss cheese? Not what an Italian (me) would call Italian.

I liked the idea of this recipe, but didn't end up liking it all that much. I could eat some by itself, but then ended up putting either some ranch dressing or mustard on it to give it a better taste. I ended up throwing the recipe away, as I likely will not make it again. IF I were to make it again, I would use 2 (12-ounce) jars of roasted peppers.

To Whomever reads the comments.Great job.You guys have to be saints

When are you going to give recipes for cooking for one?

look for the "free eCookbooks" at the top of the page, click on that and search for "cooking for one". has a multitude of recipes for one person. There are also many others you can cut down, I do it all the time!

OMG Mr. Food...I was 'completey appaled' to read this recipe! The sodium content in this dish is 'through the roof!!!', so I hope that no-one who has an issue w/their heart (or with their blood pressure) will consume this dish! You should have posted a 'disclaimer' with this recipe. What were you thinking?! I usually enjoy and try most of your recipes, but this one REALLY disappointed me!

so don't make it. This dish was not meant to be eaten every day. get a life....

Well, since YOU represent the majority of cooks who read this website perhaps your opinion is much more important than the rest so YOU should petition the test kitchen to chuck this one in the trash can . . . . or maybe NOT!!!! I think perhaps it would be a mistake for you to try making this recipe, and I would suggest that you look elsewhere for something to eat! Meanwhile, I wonder if I will have any leftovers after my family eats this for supper!!! Yummmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!

You're making a dish with LUNCH MEAT...IT IS SALTY unless you can find low sodium meat. Use less meat and more veggies if too salty for you. Unless you make your own lunch meat, you can't control the sodium level in it, so use less or just don't make it but don't be the food police and tell others not to eat it, please, it's not up to you to decide who eats what. Honestly...

so the recipe says bake 42 minutes are u saying that is not long enough

Hi there! Some ovens are calibrated differently, which is why you might see that a few people need to bake for less/more time. When we made this in our Test Kitchen we baked for 42 minutes and it came out perfectly. Enjoy!

Easy, quick, and very tasty!

We enjoyed this, but will make it with a different type of crust next time. The crescent dough was a bit sweet tasting to us. Also will definitely add onions which I did add sliced on the top after it was baked. I used mozzarella & provolone cheeses instead. I did bake it a bit longer as well about 10-15 minutes.

Tasted OK but the eggs didn't cook thoroughly and were very slimy throughout the dish

Italian layer bake video not available :(

Followed the advice to bake the bottom crust first and it came out amazing. I also added garlic powder to both crusts and a little green onion to the bottom layer of meats. Really turned out good!

We're so glad to hear you had amazing results the second time around! :)

This was really good but needed to bake a bit longer.

This was a hit in our house. Will make it again, but I will leave it bake a little longer uncovered.

Okay, this was simply wonderful. Easy to assemble and is good reheated. I have printed the recipe off and added it to our binder of favorite recipes. Try it, you'll love it.

Why are my comments never posted??

Hello - We're not sure why your comments aren't being posted. Do you receive any error windows? Please send us some more details through our "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include what browser you're using and exactly what is happening, so we can help you! Thank you

Altho I would not call this is quick to prepare recipe, I have fixed it a number of times and we always enjoy it a great deal. I increase the covered portion of the baking time to 35 minutes to be sure it is heated thru and the eggs are cooked. We serve it with raspberry jam or fruit spread. It is great reheated for about 25-30 minutes in the oven. In fact, it is almost better the second time around. When reheating in the microwave, it gets soggy. The only drawback to this recipe is that it can be quite costly to prepare.

We don't have readymade crescent rolls in our supermarkets..Instead what can I do?

Hi there! If you cannot find crescent rolls, you can try using frozen puff pastry or a thick-cut Challah bread. Enjoy!

The recipe does not call for ready made crescent rolls. They are Pillsbury crescent rolls in a CAN in the refrigerated section of the store. Peel off the label, open the cardboard can and proceed with the recipe. Simple.

The casserole was T-totally AWESOME!! I recommend to Try & Enjoy!! Ooh so good :))

Can you substitute eggs, not a big fan of eggs

Hi Tracy! Unfortunately there is nothing you can substitute the eggs with; however, if you do not like eggs, we suggest making it without them. It will still result in a delicious sandwich!

Like another stated, I really like this recipe, but also had soggy bottom crust. I tried to follow recipe precisely. Any suggestions?

I haven't tried this one yet, but I make Williamsburg Bread (aka Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie), which is similar, and I always pre bake the bottom crust, just until it's lightly golden brown, and it never gets soggy. Hope that helps.

I loved this recipe but my bottom crust was soggy. Can I use puff pastry instead?

Try baking the bottom crust by itself first, just a few minutes until it's lightly golden brown.

Hello! As Moppel suggested, you can try pre-baking the bottom crust. Then, layer the ingredients and finish baking. You could use puff pastry, but then you would definitely have to bake the bottom of the pastry first. Let us know how it turns out - Enjoy!

I used imported ham, genoa salami and pepperoni topped with mozzarella cheese. I added oregano, black pepper and a little bit of parmesan cheese to the eggs. DELICIOUS!

Does it matter if I use the egg on top of the dough or not?

No, you do not have to pour the egg over the top. You'll still be able to eat and enjoy. :)

Suggestions for substitutes for bell peppers. I can't eat them. They are in so many recipes and I don't know what to do. I would love to see your recommendations, please.

We suggest substituting bell peppers with canned artichokes, canned or frozen asparagus, frozen spinach, or frozen broccoli. Any canned or marinated vegetables that are already soft should work. We'd love to know which you decide to use, and how it turns out!

No. The food police will break down your door and arrest you.

I am not a fan of swiss cheese. Can I substitute mozzarella?

Absolutely! Feel free to use your favorite sliced cheese. :)

My husband loved it the only problem was the salami was over powering. Next time I will get it sliced thinner and add onions

Looks delicious! I'm thinking browned beef or turkey, pepperoni, ham, onions, green peppers and mozzarella cheese! Then dip in Marinara sauce. Anybody think that'd work? Guess I will have to experiment!

Can u make ahead and reheat?

You can bake and reheat later that same day, but we don't recommend reheating the next day as the crust may get soggy.

Last night was the first time I made this and my husband and I really liked it, but we were wondering if we could use different peppers to give it more of a "zing"?

Yes, you can definitely substitute with different peppers, as long as they are marinated or pickled (not raw peppers).

This is the 3rd time i made this. Love it. BUT this time the bottom was still raw. I baked it for 45 minutes. The top looked just perfect. So i didnt want to bake it longer.?????????


Leave the top covered w foil a little longer because the "bake" element in your oven is the bottom coil. Should have no problem with the bottom of your product getting done. Make sure it is the bottom element and not the top that comes on and produces heat. Also, try lowering your rack if you still have a problem.

Made this two times now. My family loves it

Love this recipe-doesn't look like it's going to come together when you follow the recipe but it does!

Very good . Just needed to bake longer than stated.

I'm curious about the eggs. I don't want a breakfast casserole, does it have a quiche-like texture? I'm considering using a little pasta sauce instead.

It does not have a quiche like texture when using the eggs.

Can you make an Italian Sauce to pour over it while baking for added Juiceyness?

We would recommend heating the tomato sauce up and pouring over the baked casserole before serving, otherwise the casserole might be to wet if you cook with it on top.

I have made this over and over again. Great to bring to a party or dinner at home. Everyone loves this.

So, the eggs work okay????

The eggs have me worried....Has anyone made this without using the eggs????

Mine came out runny, what did i do wrong?

Try draining roasted peppers then patting dry with paper towel to remove all liquid. Bake a little longer and dont let sit as long to cool. See if that helps. Enjoy!

I made this about a month ago and my kids just requested it again. I have a large family so I doubled the receipe (won't double the eggs again, though). Easy, tasty and different. I will be making this again tomorrow night!

Simply so tasty. Company love it and were going to make it at home.

Those who have made this.. did you use non stick spray (Pam) in the pan first? Thanks, Lori

Lori...your question was not answered..but an accomplished cook..anything with eggs...suld have a greased or sprayed pan...even for the melting makes clean up so easy...

Those who have made this.. did you use non stick spray on the pan first? Thanks, Lori

TO answer your question, the eggs are used to keep everything in the recipe firmly together so everything will not be runny after it is done.

I write down hundreds of recipes that I don't make(honestly)but this one was so good I didn't want to share.(I only made half)Plus my grocer was having a sale on deli meats so I made it for almost nothing.

I've made this 3xs now. Yummy. Only thing i changed was the temperature. After the 1st 20 mins. I put the oven to 375 degrees. Turns out great..

I think if you really wanted to you could make this with just cheese and veggies. Use banana peppers, tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts and provolone or mozzarella cheese. I do not eat much meat and prefer veggies anyway.

I think that I'll try using Whole Green Chilies (Ortega) instead of roasted peppers or maybe I'll use both

why the eggs?

why the eggs?

I have made this numerous times, and it's excellent every time. LOVE this recipe and so does my family. yummmmmm.

I do this almost the same but w/peppered deli ham, pepperoni and use Italian flatbread. This is a keeper.

Use Olive Mix instead or with the peppers and you have a great Muffeletta, North Louisiana-style. Can't wait to try it!

Quick, easy, and delicious! this recipe is a keeper!

We loved this! I think that next time I'll add a few mushrooms, green onions, and green peppers! I'm glad I doubled the recipe. Leftovers!!

Every bite from my Hubby brought forth more praises! It is certainly easy and fast to make! Definitely will be making this again!! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! Jeannette & Joe

Gosh, I have made this for decades! I use both Swiss and Provolone cheeses in separate layers. I don't use turkey, but use slicing pepperoni. Also, during the last 5 minutes of baking, I sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese over the crust. It is also good served cold...cut into small pieces as an appetizer. The eggs sort of "hold" things together. I don't think the Italian dressing would work.

I use provolone cheese, Italian type cold-cuts, Italian pepper (roasted Cubenelle peppers) slice sweet onion, slice Italian olives, also sprinkle a little Italian seasoning on the crescent dough OOH ITS SO GOOD!!A keeper =..=

IMHO to make this more of an Italian dish Provolone cheese should be used instead of that swiss cheese.

I LOVED this recipe! I followed the advice of several of the reviewers and only added one egg to the middle layer (I did two eggs for the top layer). I also added some thinly sliced Italian sausage to the mix of meats (I had it left over) and used an Italian cheese mixture instead of the Swiss (it was already in the fridge) as the recipe called for. It turned out delicious and was fast to assemble. My husband loved it too! And we have plenty left over in the freezer for future consumption!

this turned out great!! I doubled the recipe for a 9*13 pan. It was definitely a keeper and I will make again!

Do you think it would work to not add the eggs and put some italian dressing instead?

Do you think it would work to not add the eggs and put some italian dressing instead?

I made it but forgot to get the peppers so I put a little minced onion over it. I did not use any eggs. I do think the next time I make it I will only make it a single layer. Too much meat. I froze it in individual servings.

Hey, has anyone made this w/o the eggs? Wondering whether they're necessary.

looks like a stromboli,roll it up and then slice it and it will go farther

This looks great gonna cook it up over the weekend, might even add red onions to it or should I go white or yellow? Any and all replies will be helpful. Thanks all


Im thinking Olive Salad instead of the roasted peppers....would be a cool spin on a muffaletta .....

I only use 3 eggs instead of four....otherwise it gets a little "eggy" I think. Also, tomatoes and/or onions are great instead of the roasted peppers.

I might have to give this a try. I need to pick up turkey and peppers but it looks fabulous. I have munster cheese but not think that would work?

I have made it with Mozarella and it's just as delicious. I don't think the kind of cheese matters---whatever you like. Hope it worked out for you!

Munster cheese has an amazing, smoky flavor which I love....have fun, experiment...try it!

I made this back in November. Family loved it. Great recipe!

I just made this and...LOVE it! It was a perfect Wednesday night dinner.

I made this with some adjustments today and was really impressed! So good! I used roughly 1/3 lb. of each of the following (all from the deli counter, sliced medium): hard salami, sandwich pepperoni, hamcola (tastes like ham and pepperoni combined), and about 1/2 lb. of provolone. I also used pizza sauce. I started with 1/2 of the crescent rolls, put down pizza sauce, then layered half of the deli meats and cheese, poured ONE beaten egg over that half, then layered the remaining meats and cheese. I put one more layer of pizza sauce then the final layer of crescents, topped with one more beaten egg. I covered with foil and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, removed foil then baked for another 8-9 minutes. Came out great!

I love to "tweak" recipes, too! I made this with a little onion instead of roasted peppers...and Mozarella cheese. I have also switched tomatoes for the peppers, too. I only use 3 eggs, as I think it gets a little "eggy" otherwise. It's a great idea for a recipe that lends itself to varying the ingredients.

Now this is more Italian!

can this be frozen?

I don't see why not. I'd bake it first so that the dough is cooked. No different than freezing any other bread or lunch meat.

just made this thought it was awesome although I would add some tomatoes and sub the salami for bacon..

I made this but made a lot of adjustments prior. i changed the meats to only italian meats, i did a layer of american cheese and 5 cheese blend and i only used ONE egg on the very top. ALso, they sell the cresent dough in sheets now, which is great for this. This came out like a lazy stromboli. I didn't want it to taste like a scramble otherwise. It holds together just fine without egg in the middle.

What do the eggs do? Just help keep it together? Seems like an odd ingredient!

Yes, the eggs keep it all together. It may seem odd, but we promise you, it works! Thank you and enjoy!

Just made this for the fam and it was delish. I did stick to one egg per layer.

I agree---4 eggs is a bit much. I use only three eggs and I like it better that way.

This was incredible! I did change a couple of things...I didn't use quite as much of the lunchmeat slices, and added some turkey pepperoni, then sprinkled the layers with an italian seasoning. I used a 6 cheese italian blend instead of swiss, and only used 2 eggs. I like things spicy, so next time I will add some cayenne pepper with my seasoning. It turned out fantastic, and my kids loved it!

I am fixing this for dinner AGAIN tonight. It is a pleaser for everyone in my family. I do think that 6 servings makes pretty generous servings...its usually 9 for us. And I agree that maybe 4 eggs is a bit much, but still like the one in the middle and another on top. This is an easy go-to on a busy day and seems "fancier" than just sandwiches for dinner!

I was very hesitant to fix this after all the reviews, but I love Italian sandwiches so thought what the heck gonna try anyways! We always have all the meats on hand already so why not! So glad I did as this turned out great!!!! Worried about the reviews I did only use 3 eggs and I did bake after removing the foil 35 minutes instead of the 20 suggested. I added a few extras on each layer- red onion, bannana peppers, didnt have the pepers but had sun dried tomatoes and used italian dressing. I also added Italian seasoning to the egg mixture. My only suggestion would be roll out the top layer of crescent rolls before laying it on top. It was a little difficult to pat it out to the edges with all the toppings. This tasted exactly as expected- so glad I went ahead and tried!!!! :)

Just made this for lunch. It's great. I had the peppers in big chunks. I think next time I will chop them in small pcs and spread them around more. It is RICH! Can't eat a whole lot of this.

I started making this BEFORE I read the reviews... I panicked. I even added 2 more eggs. I was starting to dread tasting it. Even worse, I had 3 kids and a hubby to feed. We all tried it and was AMAZED at how good it was!!!! It will be a staple in the house from now on!!

I have made this several times and love it. I do make a few adjustments to the receipe. We do not like swiss cheese so I use provolne cheese. I have forgotten to use the eggs and/or peppers and it still comes out fine. I also double the receipe and make it in a 13 X 9 pan and add 3 - 5 minutes to each of the cooking times turns out great.

wow, sounds like a monte cristo with a 'tude and totally delish!

This was great. no complaints.

If you can, switch the crescent roll for a puff pastry shell (save about 500+ calories, 70 carbs, 15+sugar (this is for the whole entree). Also try using reduced fat swiss (thin sliced sargento) and I'd just not use the eggs (save about 300 cals when using large eggs).

Here's the break down: Original Recipe (with eggs) Per Serving (6): 367 Calories 24.5 Fat 20.8 Carbs 4 Sugar Modified Recipe (w/o eggs)(6): 214 Cals 16.3 Fat 7 Carbs 1.4 Sugar Hope that helps some people. You can probably make adjustments elsewhere (extra lean meats, no salami, etc) to bring the numbers lower.

Without the eggs, it's a whole different recipe!! The eggs are what keeps it together, and changes the taste from just a regular "toasted Sub"....

How many servings is this supposed to be? I'm guessing 9. Would make a delightful brunch, IMO.

Top left corner says recipe serves 6

Is there any way of getting the nutritional info of this recipe, not to mention any others? I'm trying to watch my weight, and I don't mean watching my weight balloon? Thank you to anyone who can help me with this!

Try low fat deli turkey and ham plus turkey pepperoni instead of the hard salami. You can also find low fat crescent rolls, low salt swiss cheese. That will bring it more to a low fat diet option.

I made this last night for supper. It was good but I could not understand ALL the eggs. IF I do it again I will put eggs on top(it browned beautifully once the foil was removed) but leave out the middle layer eggs. I also roasted my own peppers and also did purple onion and mushrooms for the dish...

there is a site called Sprakrecipe that you don't even have to register in, (I don't think) and you can type in this recipe and figure number of servings, and it divides into nutritional value for you. This is going to be high in fat with four eggs, and salty. I'd cut back on some of those places AFTER the first try. I usually don't tinker with a recipe until I've tried the original first.

This mathmatically looks pretty expensive for an 8x8 pan.....NO???

Eh...where do you shop? It'll cost you maybe 10 bucks for everything (sans the pan if you dont have that)

It cost me $14 to make this- I thought too it was a tad expensive for such a small dish but you do use alot of meats!

It is costly but sounds worth it 4 bucks for cheese 6 bucks for the meats, .66 cents eggs, dough about 2.50 =$13.16 six servings real good deal that's 2.19 per person hard to top that. My wife & I are going to enjoy soon as I get back from the store

Expensive?? I think it's really reasonable....especially if you sub onion or tomato for the peppers. Everybody has eggs in the house it's just some deli meats (whatever ones you like) and a couple slices of cheese (any kind) which most people already have, too. Then $1.50 for the crescent rolls, and that's it!!




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