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46 No-Fail Italian Favorites, Plus 9 Classic Sauces

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Everyday Italian recipes are family staples - they're quick, hearty, and everyone loves 'em! For easy Italian recipes you will make again and again, we've compiled this collection of 35 No-Fail Italian Favorites, Plus 7 Classic Sauces you can make at home! From Italian meatball recipes to Italian pasta dish recipes, they're all here - so dig in and "mangia"!

Soups, Salads & Appetizers

Pizza & Sandwiches

Pasta & Vegetable Dishes

Meat/Chicken/Veal Dishes

Classic Italian Sauces

Italian Salad Boat Tuscan Antipasto

Soups, Salads & Appetizers

Italian Wedding Soup - Traditionally served during the holidays, Italian Wedding Soup is a clear broth soup with dark, leafy greens and mini meatballs. These two ingredients are so close, you might even say they're married to each other! Try it and you'll why this soup is worth every last spoonful.


4 Bean Minestrone - Traditional restaurant-style minestrone soup is slow-cooked for hours before it's served as a simple appetizer or hearty main course. Our easy version is ready in no time but each bowlful is overflowing with that slow-cooked Italian flavor that we all know and love.

Big Bowl Antipasto - Nothing satisfies your hungry gang like a big antipasto. It's an Italian style green salad made hearty with meats and cheese, in this case, salami, turkey and provolone.


Deluxe Antipasto Platter - I call this "deluxe" because it includes lots of Italian deli meats and cheese, along with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, peppers, and olives - so it can be all our favorites on one platter!

Fresh Tomato Mozzarella Salad


My Way Bruschetta

Fresh Tomato Mozzarella Salad - Garden-fresh ruby-red tomatoes teamed with chunks of mozzarella cheese and drizzled with a homemade balsamic dressing make for the freshest-tasting Italian-style starter.


My Way Bruschetta - No "knead" to go to a lot of trouble if you do this my way! Taste the comfort of homemade Italian bread topped with yummy cheese and seasonings. They'll applaud and say, "Mmm mmm....Molto bene!"

Italian Antipasto


Italian Antipasto Grilled Cheese

Italian Antipasto - The key to a great antipasto is have the right mix of tastes and textures and we have the secret. Just combine readily available supermarket ingredients to make this classic Italian Antipasto, and enjoy!


Italian Antipasto Grilled Cheese - This Italian-Antipasto Grilled Cheese sandwich has all the tastes of a favorite Italian restaurant-style salad, in a warmy melty sandwich.  Meaty, cheesy and zesty sandwiched between two perfectly grilled pieces of bread. Muah!

Pizza & Sandwiches


Italian Meatball Subs

Pizza Margherita - No, it's not named after the drink. It's actually a classic traditional Italian pizza recipe that your whole gang will want to make part of their own tradition.


Italian Meatball Subs - Instead of dry bread crumbs in your homemade meatballs, use cut-up slices of white bread. Your meatballs will come out moister and tastier.


Marketplace Stromboli

Baked Italian Heroes - Load the meats and cheeses onto Baked Italian Heroes. Drizzle these submarine sandwiches with Italian dressing, and hope that you've got giant appetites waiting!


Marketplace Stromboli - Turn deli meat and cheese favorites into a hot and melty Italian-style stromboli in no time. Our Marketplace Stromboli delivers great taste using ingredients right from the supermarket.

Meatball Calzone


Ham 'n' Cheese Strombolis

Meatball Calzone - When you can't decide if you want a sandwich or pizza, have both! This hot and hearty Meatball Calzone is like a meaty, cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth pocket.


Ham 'n' Cheese Strombolis - What a super way to use up leftover ham! These easy pizzeria-style Ham 'n' Cheese Strombolis always deliver tasty raves!

Pizza Zucchini Boats


Fresh Tomato Flatbread

Pizza Zucchini Boats - Get your finicky eaters to eagerly eat their veggies with our delicious Pizza Zucchini Boats. This recipe delivers an "everybody loves it" pizza taste sure to sail off their plates!


Tomato Flatbread - Tomato flatbread is popular on restaurant menus, and now you can make it at home, too. The key is to start with really good tomatoes. We recommend topping it with fresh slivered basil, too.

Pasta & Vegetable Dishes

Better Baked Ziti


Fettuccine Alfredo

Better Baked Ziti - If you're wondering what makes this baked ziti "better" than the regular stuff, you just need to take one bite and you'll see why.


Fettuccine Alfredo - The nice thing about this fettuccine recipe is that, for flavor and ease, it rates a perfect 10! Why, it’s good enough to be served in the finest Italian restaurant.

No Fuss Lasagna


Linguine With Mussels

No Fuss Lasagna - No pre-cooking noodles, no fancy ingredients, no fuss...what's not to like about this easy Italian recipe?


Linguine with Mussels - No muscle is needed to get the family to the table when this dish of linguini with mussels is served!


Broccoli and Cheese Manicotti

Creamy Cavatelli - This is a great last-minute throw-together. The cavatelli is in the freezer, the soup is in the cupboard, the pepperoni is in the fridge, and the tomatoes are on the counter. In minutes, you've got a super Italian meal.


Broccoli and Cheese Manicotti - Try our Broccoli and Cheese Manicotti tonight. It's a satisfying, homestyle baked Italian favorite that you'll find a cinch to make from scratch, especially when you use this fool-proof trick to filling the pasta shells!

Baked Macaroni and Eggplant Neopolitan


Ready in Minutes Risotto

Baked Macaroni and Eggplant Neopolitan - Baked Macaroni and Eggplant Neapolitan is like eggplant parmigiana and baked ziti all rolled into one. Every mouthful is pure delight!


Ready-in-Minutes Risotto - We'll show you the trick to turning out Italian-style risotto with a creamy rich texture every time! Our easy recipe is ready-minutes, just like the name!

All Star Zucchini


Baked Penne Primavera

All-Star Zucchini - Basil, garlic, tomatoes, zucchini...what an all-star line-up! And when you put them together in this Italian favorite, you'll be tempted to sing Italian love songs.


Baked Penne Primavera - Baked Penne Primavera is a favorite baked vegetable and pasta dish, thanks to its fresh-from-the-garden taste & creamy, fill-ya-up satisfaction.

Cheesy Easy Risotto


Vegetable Pasta Toss

Cheesy Easy Risotto - Risotto is really popular in many restaurants these days, and now we can easily make it ourselves. The keys to making this Cheesy Easy  Risotto are using arborio rice, adding the chicken broth a little at a time, and stirring it constantly.


Vegetable Pasta Toss - The age-old struggle to find ways to get everyone to eat their vegetables just got easier . Our incredibly delicious Vegetable Pasta Toss is so colorful and tasty, they may even ask for second helpings.

Meat/Chicken/Veal Dishes


Meatballs and Sunday Sauce - These Old World Italian-style meatballs are the secret family recipe of guest chef Daniel Mancini, who shared his grandmother's special recipe with us!


Chicken Tetrazzini - This creamy, cheesy, fancy-sounding Italian chicken dish gets whipped up in a jiffy because it calls for one of our favorite shortcuts: cooked rotisserie chicken.

Chicken Cacciatore One Pot


Italian Beef Roll-Ups

Chicken Cacciatore One Pot - Forget washing a bunch of pots and pans tonight. Our Chicken Cacciatore One Pot requires only, you guessed it, one pot! Cleanup is a cinch and whether you choose to serve it over pasta or rice, you'll have a new dinner favorite on your hands for sure!


Italian Beef Roll-Ups - This budget-friendly steak recipe is so fancy-looking and tasting, no one will ever believe how easy  and reasonable it was. Check out our Italian Beef Roll-ups for an Italian-themed dinner, making an ordinary weeknight special or impressing company!

Italian Beef Stew


Beef Pinwheels

Italian Beef Stew - Hearty and comforting Italian Beef Stew is a great winter recipe, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it year-round!


Beef Pinwheels - Steak lovers will praise you, since the filling of these Beefy Pinwheels is so flavorful. Please let us know what your gang thinks. We love your feedback.


Stovetop Chicken Noodle Parmigiana - Who would have guessed that those little packages of ramen noodles could be so versatile? Our delicious Stovetop Chicken Noodle Parmigiana cooks up all in one skillet, so it's quicker and clean up's a breeze!


Creamy Chicken Manicotti - This is a heartier version of traditional manicotti. With the addition of chicken, broccoli and pimientos, I'm betting that my Creamy Chicken Manicotti will become your family's new favorite Italian dish!


Italian Chicken and Rice - When you want to combine yesterday's flavors with today's "easy ," try this one. It'll taste like you spent hours at the stove like Mama did, but not with this one. Uh! Uh!


Very Ritzy Italian Chicken - Very Ritzy Italian Chicken is fancy enough for company, but easy  enough to add excitement to any weeknight meal. Our creamy-cheesy topping for chicken breasts taste luxurious.


Chicken Scaloppine - Sauteing is the quick cooking method used to make our Chicken Scaloppine. No matter whatchya call it, this quick chicken dish is as flavorful and delicate as any chicken dish you'll ever taste.


Italian Chicken Tortellini Soup - This recipe for Italian Chicken Tortellini Soup was sent to us by Jaye, in Florida. Full of flavor and love, this is one soup recipe that's sure to warm the hearts and bellies of your loved ones.

Classic Italian Sauces

Fresh Pesto Sauce


Classic Alfredo Sauce

Fresh Pesto Sauce - Why buy store-bought Italian-style pesto sauce when it’s so easy to turn out our own freshly made basil pesto sauce in a blender or food processor? This recipe for Fresh Pesto Sauce is so versatile, you will make it again and again.


Classic Alfredo Sauce - Who would have thought a classic could be this easy? Butter, heavy cream, black pepper and Parmesan cheese. Yup - four ingredients, one pan, a few minutes, and we're ready for some really good eatin'!


Veggie Marinara Sauce

Bolognese Sauce - Here's a classic meat sauce that comes from the same place that gave us that other classic: bologna sausage. (And that's no baloney!)


Veggie Marinara Sauce - Nothing shouts fresh better than a homemade marinara sauce. Our Veggie Marinara Sauce comes packing fresh veggies and basil. 

Vodka Sauce


Easy White Clam Sauce

Vodka Sauce - Creamy Vodka Sauce is one of the best pasta sauces! Made with a flavorful and herbacious tomato base you'll be screaming Mamma Mia!


Easy White Clam Sauce - Light and flavorful, our recipe for white clam sauce will beat canned by a mile! This Easy White Clam Sauce is easy  and flavorful, for sure.

Home Cooked Spaghetti Sauce - A must in every Italian kitchen is a good tomato sauce. With crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, and chopped garlic, onion and bell pepper, this one fits the bill. I'm sure you'll be making it over and over again.

Puttanesca Sauce - Puttanesca is probably the most Italian of all sauces, since every ingredient is a Mediterranean native. (So is the taste!)

Homemade Pizza Sauce - With pizza, the secret's in the sauce. So smother your own creation with this homemade sauce for that flavor of your local pizzeria; and save the take-out tab.

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nothing related to Italy here, i'm sorry murricans

Mr Food is such a fantastic website I would give it 25 stars if I could We appreciate the entire Mr Food Staff always trying to find new ideas and recipes and ways to make recipes better

Thank you for your comment! We love hearing how much you love our recipes. :)

Its abeautiful sight

Don't you mean 'site'? Also, 'abeautibul' is NOT one word!

I just highlight what I want to print than on my setting on the computer (where it says or has a photo of a printer) I go into that and there is a place where it says print review. I than go to select and try and fit my recipe into one page (sometimes it is longer). You can than print it smaller (there is different per cent 60 70 80 etc.) when you reach something that is large enough to fit a page, I can than just print it. It will only print that which I highlighted. Also, sometimes I turn it horz. the print is usually a nice size especially for a smaller recipe. Oops, I may not be too clear, I know, as some computers are so different. I play around and touch the different buttons to learn. Hope that helps some people. Nobody is being silly, computers are all different sometimes.

Love everything offered here !!!!

I love this site! Now for br br I love this site! Now for those that wine and complain because you apparently are not skilled in using your computer and printing. Grow up! If it weren't for sites like this you would not get the recipes! Be appreciative of the people who run these recipe sites! Thanks Mr. Food for all you do! It's oh soooooo Good!

I think you might mean "whine" not wine! The "other" people are idiots?

I make my own tomato sauce as it was taught to me by my mother.She never used onions in her sauce. It was made with pork butt , braciolla or pork sausage We now use POMI which is imported from Italy and has been strained to remove seeds. Makes a great sauce. I still enjoy a lot of your other recipes

How much POMI do you use in your sauce?

i deeply appreciate all you wonderful recipes and your time. i have tried many of them and had many compliments, thank you from the bottom of my heart

Love your site, love your recipes, hate your print option! LOL LOL When I desire to print a recipe, all I need is the recipe, not slogans, not advertisements, these only waste my paper and ink. About one third of your recipes will print on one sheet of paper. The rest waste my paper using a second sheet that only has your slogan, "Ooooh, it's sooo good!" or ads enticing me to buy a baking kit or something. Please, don't waste my paper and ink with extranneous useless information. Thank you, mandroid

I totally agree, love the recipes hate the wasted paper, can something be done? Thanks for listening, mawalter

I simply "Copy" and "Paste" onto a "Word" document. Not only do you not have the garbage print, but you can make changes in the recipe if you want to.

if you have Window7, just go to tool bar & click on printer icon arrow. drop down box appears, click preview. window opens & you can go to top & click on page view. then when you see how many pages the recipe is on--click the printer icon in LEFT hand corner then you can see what is printing b 4 you do so.

Hi, I just printed a bunch of recipes and had no problem running into "wasting" paper. All of the info fit on one sheet, as a matter of fact, I even had space leftover even after the slogan was printed. You don't have to look at the ads, I didn't. Don't sweat the small stuff! lol!!

Thank-you Mr. Food. My family and I love you! God bless you!!!


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