Good Ol' Southern Deviled Eggs


Good Ol' Southern Deviled Eggs

Good Ol Southern Deviled Eggs

These traditional southern-style deviled eggs get their down-home tangy taste from yellow mustard and relish. Any time of year, for an appetizer or a snack...these Good Ol' Southern Deviled Eggs will go fast!


  • For an added burst of flavor, sprinkle with some chopped cooked bacon pieces.


  • Check out our tips on how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs!


Preparation Time5 min


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and cut in half lengthwise
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons yellow mustard
  • 2 tablespoons sweet relish, drained
  • Paprika for sprinkling

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Add Vidalia onion and get ready for a yummy treat

I mix some horseradish in this recipe or just use horseradish sauce to taste.

Looks GREAT. I'll make this using Duke's mayonnaise, dill relish, and Chef Paul's Vegetable Magic.

This is perfect! Exactly how my grandmother and mother made their deviled eggs. They would use sweet relish or dill relish, along with plain without relish. Mayo is a personal preference. We use mayo in our deviled eggs and potato salad, but use Miracle Whip for Ham sandwiches. I make my deviled eggs plain (mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, splash of white vinegar for tang, and sprinkle with paprika). Yum Yum - I can eat about 7 in one sitting! I use the same ingredients for my potato salad except I add some white onion and green onion, chopped. Tastes like a deviled egg salad. :)

We always used Miracle Whip instead of Mayo. It gave it better flavor. We also used Durkees dressing instead of regular mustard and sweet pickle juice but no relish. We also never have any left when we make them.

Good, but i prefer a little honey mustard or dejon to the yellow and i add a little creamed horseradish sauce

I drop the relish, use MW at a reduced amount and add in Ranch Dressing along with the mustard. Never go home from a Pot Luck with any Deviled Eggs. Make some for one friend without the mustard as she is allergic to it. Thanks for all the variety of yummies, we watch every weekday.

I usually add a little curry powder "until it tastes good" as another reviewer said.

I usually add a little curry powder to the Miracle Whip (don't like mayonnaise) egg yolk mixture. Start with a little and then like another reviewer said "add till it tastes good"

I was raised thinking Miracle Whip and mayonnaise were the same thing. I have 3 sisters and we all make it the same way. Mama taught us how to make it. My oldest sister sister has been making it for 60+ years. I will have to try the bacon bits. Sounds yummy.

After reading comments, I just had to add, we were really poor growing up and my Mom used Miracle Whip and yellow mustard for her devilled eggs. No matter how many variations I try, that still tastes like home. Polly



Thank you all so much for your comments. This is the way we made them all my life. I thought this WAS the "regular" ones :) I love it with dill or sweet relish but just the plain ingredients are amazing all by themselves. A weird thing happened the last time we made them - I would have sworn they had Arby's Horsey sauce in them - well that gave me an idea - I have a wonderful cranberry horseradish sauce that I think would be just fantastic so I'm going to try a new recipe with the cranberry horseradish sauce and a bit of mayo. I'll let you know how they come out.

I have made our Deviled Eggs this way since I was still at home with Momma. She taught me to use the Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise, Teresr59. That was over 50 years, and everyone in our family still uses Momma's recipe today!

My momma always used Miracle Whip too HUGZ by Grammee & that was over 50 yrs ago. My daughter & granddaughter now make their deviled eggs the same way. Being poor growing up we only had Miracle Whip & Yellow mustard. If it was in the summer momma would make some with her homemade sweet pickled relish. I like the relish but really like the basic ingredients best. LOL! My husband loves to cook & I taught him mommas version. When folks ask for the recipe he proudly gives them my mommas recipe. My momma never measured so we just guess at the amount. When folks ask him how much Miracle Whip or Mustard to use he smiles & says "add until it taste good". LOL! This is one recipe that will continue through many years yet to come.

Like HelenGloria, I've made this recipe for over 40 years. Sometimes I use Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise, or I add a splash of red wine vinegar. Sometimes I use finely chopped onions or green onions. There are so many variations and they are all great so it depends on what I am in the mood for. Salt and pepper to taste, a little turmeric for color, etc. Play with it, the only way you can really go wrong is adding too much juice making the filling too runny. If that happens, add more egg yolks. Have fun with this one and use your creativity!

This is how I've made my Deviled Eggs since we married in 1958...long time and everyone still loves eggs like this. Simple and delish!

I omit the relish and add horseradish. It gives it a little tang.

Sounds good, I will try this. We have a brand of pickles and relish called Wickles here. It is spicy and delicious. Try it if available in your area. I also add a dash or two of hot sauce. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I love to start with a recipe and mix it up and experiment.

another site lets you print your notes, also another site lists the comments and you check which one you may want to include.----Me I would rather put memos in my notes, BUT at the moment they don't print out with the recipe!!!

I use dill relish instead of sweet relish. And my granddaughter calls them blessed eggs.

I have to try this, many of our family members have a dislike of sweet relish. Thank you for the great tip!

This is how I was taught by my Mommom & Mom....yummy!!

I never made deviled eggs with relish, but with Miracle Whip and mustard. Another really nummy addition is very finely chopped or grated onion. Oh, it adds such a delicious flavor!

T this my first post, hoping not to offend anyone. I have enjoyed Mr. Food recipes for years. I love the "test Kitchen ideas" as well as the rest of the cooks out there. I for one, am really happy that we all have different ideas. we all make it..."Sooo Goooood". Thank you to all for the excellent ideas. KEEP EM coming.

Very nice post and acknowledgment with compliments for all the cooks out here! Yes - we all have different ideas, and I enjoy trying many of the suggestions! Thank you!

Yep, this is how my mother taught me!

That is very good, to make things simple try this mash the ingredients in plastic bags. Then squezes the ingredients in corner, cut the tip and fill the egg with yolk throw the bag out. Less of a mess Enjoy..

Thanks for the great recipes. I usually add some salt, pepper, and melted butter to taste and skip the relish. I like that the rating and reviews don't print less paper and ink. I

Being aNative born TEXICAN, I like to add chopped japoleons, dry onions and some roasted garlic, OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!!!!!!


These are delicious and I've made them this way for years minus the relish so will add it next time and I'm positive I won't be disappointed Never am when I make the recipes I've gotten from this site And a comment to GRUMPY Please don't make waves and complain about how the 'recipes' are printed out Mr Food and his Team have been very helpful and I'm sure they are not afraid to print any useful information needed by their viewers And comments from the readers can be helpful at times but the main purpose is the way Mr Food and his Team came about the way They prepared food in their test kitchen Please be respectful to them as they have made alot of peoples work in the kitchen a more pleasurable experience including mine And I am happy to just have the recipe printed when I press theRead More 'print button ' and when I find a readers comment or suggestion helpful I simply write it at the bottom of the printed recipe Not a big deal Hope this is helpful to you and others Sounds like your name matches your comment Please try to be a help not a hinderance Thanks again Mr Food site for all your wonderful recipes and don't change your site it is great the way it is Sincerely 'little ole' Ohio cook ' Sherry

This is how I have made mine for years. You can vary by using dill relish. You can add some very finely minced or dehydrated onion too.(Don't use much!)

Try a little fine chopped green olives with a little olive juice in place of relish - delectable!

I have used olives for more than 60 years. Durkees used to make olive butter, but now, I do the olives in the blender. Salad olives are fine. Here is an excellent recipe for the dressing. I do not measure so you have to go by taste. Not to thin. Beat heavy cream, mustard, cider vinegar and sugar. Mash egg yolks, mix with olives, add just enough dressing to moisten and stuff away. Sprinkle with paprika.

I make this, yoke with ketchup and salt and pepper mix and refill that yoke into the whites

Replace the yellow mustard with Durkeys Dressing

You still need to upgrade your program so that ratings & reviews can be printed with the recipe, or is your test kitchen afraid that the reviewer's way is better?

There is always a grumpy or someone who is not happy. For peat sake the recipes here are free. Free!Free! Don't you get it! And besides Mr. Food did make recipes that were so good!

At the risk of being called grumpy - or worse - simply because I express a preference for the way something is printed, for PETE's sake - I find it helpful when options are given as well. That said, I copy more recipes from Mr. than any other web site - and I subscribe to a lot of them. I hope everybody keeps expressing their personal views, preferences, changes they make, etc. It's a free country - even in the kitchen, and even if I don't always agree!!!

Don't care for the relish, I use dijon mustard w/horse radish and chopped crisp cooked bacon. Voila!!

This is how I learned it from my mother, minus the relish. Of course with no measurements. And we are from Ohio, not the south. Will try it with relish next time.

Ditto - and Mom never measured the stuff, so I don't either. And I'm considered a good cook!

I been making this same recipe for 50 yrs.We love it.

This is great!! I have made deviled eggs for years using these ingredients and this method, but I have never really measured the ingredients - just dumped and guessed and tasted until it was right. Now, with this recipe, I can take the guesswork out and simplify the process. Thanks, Mr. Food!!

If you cook very many of these dump and guess is good enough. Add some minced onions and celery seeds to make it very good.




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