Creamed Chipped Beef


Creamed Chipped Beef

Creamed Chipped Beef
15 Min

It's creamy, it's beefy, and it's downright delicious. Creamy Chipped Beef is a diner favorite, and one that you can easily make at home. We like to serve chipped beef when we're craving a down-home, comforting kind of breakfast (or breakfast for dinner!). 

What You'll Need

  • 2 (2.25-ounce) jars sliced dried beef, cut into 1/2-inch strips
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 slices white bread, toasted and cut in half diagonally

What to Do

  1. Place beef in a medium bowl and add enough warm water to cover. Soak 2 minutes; drain.
  2. In a medium skillet over medium heat, melt butter; add flour, onion powder, salt, and pepper and cook 1 minute, stirring constantly. Add milk and Worcestershire sauce; mix well. 
  3. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and stir in beef. Cook 2 to 3 minutes, or until sauce is thickened, stirring constantly.
  4. Spoon an equal amount of beef mixture over each piece of toast. Serve immediately.

Just a Suggestion!

Nutritional InformationShow More

Servings Per Recipe: 4

  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
  • Calories 291
  • Calories from Fat 115
  • Total Fat 13g 20 %
  • Saturated Fat 7.5g 37 %
  • Trans Fat 0.5g 0 %
  • Protein 17g 34 %
  • Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
  • Cholesterol 58mg 19 %
  • Sodium 1,516mg 63 %
  • Total Carbohydrates 27g 9 %
  • Dietary Fiber 0.9g 4 %
  • Sugars 8.8g 0 %

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I grew up on this "comfort food" in the 50s and 60s and still fix it today. We always serve it on toast with diced hard boiled eggs and paparika. I have started adding about a cup of shredded cheese to the sauce and really like it. It may not be the healthiest dinner I can serve, but it sure tastes good once in a while.

This brought back memories! My mom always called this "poor man's gravy" and when little one of my kids couldn't remember the name and started calling it "dead man's gravy" and the name stuck! Some times I added peas to the dried beef and served it for supper over mashed potatoes. We all loved it.

Have made this.. But in my old age I've resorted to "Stouffers" creamed chip beef with the carl budig chipped beef added.. Jumbo double yoker on top..

There is a reason they call this SOS

I would love to know where you are. I live in the middle of New York State and nobody can find real dried beef. My grocer has even tried ordering it from the mid-west. My favorite meat market can't get it unless he buys a truck load!!! Can anybody help???

If you have access to the internet try I hope this helps.

Do not EVER buy jarred chipped beef (section and formed) yuk. Either buy from the deli or in the refrigerated section of meats at the supermarket. Best bet is Krauss sliced chipped beef. Quarter hard boiled eggs added just before serving makes this a delicious meal. I have never put worcestershire sauce in this recipe.

Delicious 15-minute meal. Anyone with a military member will love this throwback recipe.

you use real chip beef you get at a butcher shop not canned beef and you do not soak it in water.go to and search for Amish/ Mennonite Dried Beef Gravy. this is what i grew up on.

I grew up on this stuff and loved it! I don't think my mom put Worcestershire in it though and we had sliced boiled eggs on the toast before pouring the gravy over all. Lots of black pepper and YUMMY!! NONE of my family like this so unfortunately I hardly ever get to eat it now, I just put my sliced boiled eggs on my biscuits under my homemade sausage gravy now!

I have been making sos for year. Brown 1 small diced onion, garlic powder several packages of Budding Beef tear apart in 4 Tablespoon of butter. Add 4 tablespoon of flour stir everything for a minute or two, add milk4 or 5 cups.Season with salt and plenty of black pepper. I also add nutmeg about 1/2 teaspoon or more to taste This brings it over the top .Serve over canned butter biscuits.

Thank you. Our store stopped carrying Armour...I will try the buddig

The best SOS is Horn Hardarts, it was a brown gravy that had the best taste in town, but their recipe is no where to be found. I'm still looking for their recipe, so if anybody knows it POST IT HERE

No more Horn and Hardart but my grandmom taught me how to duplicate in the 1940's. You fry up the torn dried beef in a good bit of butter until the butter starts to brown ( really have it swimming in butter), then add a couple tablespoons of flour and mix around pan untiul blended then stir in milk, a small amount at a time until you get your desired thickness..add Salt and pepper to taste. I never had any exact measurements although usually I used about a 1/4 pound of the dried beef from a package or fresh from an Amish market or a deli. Sometimes I use this for our supper with mashed potatoes and green peas. For breakfast over toast.

Exactly how I have always made this except I've always melted a small amount of shortening. I didn't learn to make it with butter

I should have doubled the baked eggs to serve 4 with my previous comments.

I serve mine over baked eggs. Just mix 4 eggs and 1/2 oz water together. Pour into 2 souffle cups. Bake in 350 deg F oven until firm. Pop out onto plates, pour chipped beef mix over them...Enjoy!

This was awesome,my whole family loved it!! I make this this at least three times a month! Thanks for posting this recipe!!

I have made this for years, but never with the worcestershire and onion powder, it was awesome! I will definitely do this again!

Howard, thank you for this recipe. It brought back many happy memories from childhood. My dad was an ex WWII Navy man and he used to make this for our breakfast from time to time. You do Mr. Ginsburg proud always, but, his being and old Navy man himself made this one special. So for me, my dad and family, and of course, Art Ginsburg, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

True comfort food. Thank you for this one.

If you use ground beef you are making the favorite USMC Breakfast of SOS. Stuff on a Shingle (toast). I still make it from time to time. Reminds me of the "Good old Days" so to speak. )

Great comfort food. Am I the only person fortunate enough to have a meat market that makes their own dried beef? Beats the kind in the jar by a mile. BUT, if you only have access to the jar use it and love it. I usually double the recipe as the flavor the 2nd day is even better. Love the comments! JARS

I am 78 and still make this. In fact, I am making it either Thurs. or Fri. for supper. I have never rinsed it but may try it. I never have nor will I ever use Worcestershire Sauce. It stills comes in the little glass jar and is rolled up. By the way, you can use this on either boiled or mashed potatoes. Yes, it is on the shelf where Spam and other dried meats are. I also still like fried Spam.

Mom used to make this and we loved it The beef came in a little glass jar all rolled up and was always extremely salty but ..we all loved brings back memories soaking draining gets rid of most of the salt have to see if I can still find it at the store probably near the canned meat items like spam which we also loved fried and served with over medium eggs and buttered toast In the old days people kept items in their pantry which did not require refrigeration spam dried beef canned chicken canned tuna

Buddig beef is next to the sliced sure you get the beef, as the company has several options ie. beef, turkey, ham, etc. if you use coupons you can get it for 69 cents per bag

Buddig is NOT dried is simply wafer thin sliced beef. It WILL NOT offer either the flavor or consistency of REAL dried beef. The ONLY true dried beef is in a jar. Believe me I know......I'm 65 and we got served a lot of "S--- On The Shingles".

you can do a search in yahoo for sliced dried beef - there will be images that come up so you can see what it looks like. Larger grocery chains carry it, you can ask a clerk to show you where it's at.

What is sliced dried beef from a jar?

My store does not have it in a jar, but it does carry it in the meat section with the other thin or wafer sliced meats.

http// most grocery stores carry it, you can ask a clerk to show you where it is (if indeed they do carry it).

I learned to make this from my 86 year old grandmother. In addition to the onion powder, add garlic salt, pepper, chopped green pepper, and a small can of is amazing comfort food! Try it with highly buttered toast and a fresh fruit salad, don't worry about the calories and enjoy.

So very much a comfort food!

Childhood memories!! I just doubled this and added 1/2 cup frozen peas and 1/2 cup frozen pearl onions...just like Mom's!!

I make this but add a beef bouillon cube to the milk mixture, put it over toasted English muffin and top it with cooked asparagus for dinner.

This used to be our "first day of hunting season breakfast" tradition. Everyone would congregate here and I'd feed them all. Nowadays, we just sit back while the rest of them go hunting and we enjoy the rewards since hubby has all the butcher equipment. :) We always called it SOS...:) I never used pepper, onion powder, or flour. I made sure it was air dried beef (less salt) and used to heat the beef up first in butter, then "sprinkle" cornstarch on the beef, then add a little cornstarch and milk slurry (no lumps), and then the rest of the milk.

I like to put 2 or 3 hard Boiled eggs in, I just love the extra flavor it gives.

My favorite breakfast is creamed chipped beef on toast with two fried eggs on top. Don't have it very often though.

This receipe has been around for many years. It's so easy to make. My husband and I also like it over mashed potatoes.

it look good

I have always loved this so I decide when I saw this recipe to introduce my husband to it. This is now one of his fav's also! Made enough of this for him to eat every morning before he went to work and he loved it every day.

I grew up eating and then making something very similar. Even my husband, who called it an obscene navy name loves it. Just substitute the ham left over from a roast with the little pieces that always drop to the bottom of the plate when slicing. Don't need to add salt since the ham is usually salty enough. My children love it and its a given that it is the first supper after a holiday dinner.

Had a comment a while back that I encouraged using a can of mushroom soup, that's how I like it!!!! My wife loves this dish, I could take it or leave it up until I came up with a new idea I made cheddar waffles instead of toast, that is COMFORT FOOD!!!

I use mushroom soup, too, sometimes. Depends on how much of a hurry I'm in, but I usually get the reduced-sodium kind. (Don't care for salt free). Any way you make it, it is all good! Really like your waffle idea too!

My husband and I loved this. Served over thick slices of toasted homemade bread. Delicious.

Very delicious! My husband loved it, and I really liked it myself. Made exactly as is.

I add 1 beef bouillon cube to this recipe. I have served this for dinner with cooked asparagus on top.

The salt content is already high. Adding a bouillon cube should make it just about lethal!!!

I add 1 beef bouillon cube to this recipe and serve it on English muffin. I have served this for dinner with cooked asparagus on top.

i grew up eating this and my Mother made it every Sunday,she died before I got the recipe, This is it , same taste, Thank you

This sounds a whole lot like what we called SOS when I was in the service. Pretty good stuff

I have made this for many years. I like it best over Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits. YUM!


Haven't made this in years----- we always sauteed a good size onion in the butter before adding the flour and milk and pepper. we served it over boiled potatoes that were slightly tossed w/some butter. no worcestertshire sauce or onion powder. yummy!!!

I'll tell ya something, when I was little my Grandmother made "creamed dried beef", we always asked for this when visiting Her for lunch, when she passed on I never had this dish as she made it again, got close but just not quite the taste I always remembered, till I found a recipe that called for a can of cream of mushroom soup, and this had to be Grandmas secret ingredient, I always remember little chunks in it which all through time I thought to be hard boiled egg, but no it was the little chunks of mushroom, so if you're doubling down on this recipe, just ad a can of cream of mushroom soup and see how ya like it!!! Trust me IT IS YUMMY!!!!

I agree w/cken-add asparagus on top. I'm going to look for the Chipped Beef in the deli isle-the jars are unbelievably expensive! About $3-4 dollars a jar at Walmart Supercenter when I looked last month. I had wanted to make this recipe ; but without the eggs & on toast. This was called " Shit on a Shingle" when I was growing up. But Doesn't taste like it! It's delishious.

Go to the lunch-meat section and get the Buddig dried beef in the packages. Sometimes they are even on sale for a buck a package. That's what I have always used.

How do you know it "doesn't taste like it?" LOL

My mother use to make this when a was little, too. This is one of my daughter's favorite dinners. My mother always began with a white sauce and served creamed chipped beef over toast or biscuits. It brings back such great memories of childhood. Love all your recipes!

when i asked for a cream sauce/white sauce you can publish the sauce used in this recipe, but use a double boiler to make it. you can also use hard boiled eggs in place of chipped beef.

Well, what is it called instead of creamed chipped beef if you use eggs instead of beef?

Great recipe for a quick and tasty meal

I am retired military and this recipe sounds like the creamed beef on toast (sos) that was served in our mess. It was delicious, especially with a couple of fried eggs floating on top. Of course in today's diet , more appropiate scrambled or poached would be the norm. Must try it.

I also have made this for years. I use Budding beef, chopped, and also fine chopped onion and green pepper ( to taste). Very good !!!!

Thank you for posting this recipe. When I was a little girl my Mother fixed this. It was so good but I never knew how she made it. She is gone now and I never did ask her for the recipe. As a matter of fact I had forgotten about it until I saw the recipe here. I will be making this soon. I hope it tastes just like my Mothers.

I just made this (while waiting for Notre Dame to become 9-0). I think I would use a bit more milk as it was not as 'gravy' as it could be and I think I used too much pepper as it has a bite.... but in all, it is better than Stouffer's that I used to fix a long time ago. I bought the jars of chipped beef but I don't see why you can't use the packaged beef in the bologna section. I think next time I will take shadowpep's recommendation and serve with a sliced boiled egg.

In the 1950's my mother made this with sliced, boiled egg and topped with a dusting of paprika. I have made it that way for my children and grandchildren, too.

I so remember this! My Mama made it for years, with hard boiled eggs, the whites sliced and the yolks mashed through a sieve! Then my Daddy had a heart attack and she stopped making it and anything else that was high in salt. I'm so glad that I have a chance now to "re-make" a well loved dish from my childhood!

I have used this same recipe but used left over ham. I saute small chunks first and then add the rest. I agree----- at least double the recipe for 2 people...

You can fine packages of "chipped beef" over where you find packages of sliced meats like sliced chicken, ham, etc..

Has anyone tried it with cream or half-and-half?

Yes, but it's awfully rich. It's great just as it's written -- creamy and delicious

I love chipped beef, but have never made it. I have always bought it frozen. Where do you find the "jars sliced dried beef"?

It is found in almost any supermarket. Not sure of the aisle, just ask the manager or an employee.

It's in the canned meat aisle (with tuna, etc.)

you will find it as another the tuna isle...look for the canned chili (hormel)...canned beef stew, Spam... Made this tonight for my I left he said "thank you so much for such a wonderful dinner!" but as we were growing up it was called S.O.S.

The Buddig dried beef is less expensive, it's over in the lunch-meat section.

This is EXACTLY how I have always made creamed chipped beef. However, in my house this recipe serves only 2 people.I serve it over toasted English muffins.When serving it for lunch or light dinner I add asparagus on top. delicious!

this is tasty. i grew up on this.

R U kinding!! this recipe servervs 4 !!!! Is this an appetizer or R U feeding infants?

I totaly agree I usually end up using 4cups of milk to make the sauce and that is for two average weight adults. I do serve it over boiled potatoes in place of the toast, and a veggie.

We Love this Chipped Beef, I have had it since I was a kid, lol, alot of years worth ;) I need more binders hehehehe !!!!!

I made Chipped Beef for years when sons were growing up and my husband & I still enjoy this recipe. Family always wanted fried potaotes served with Chipped Beef.


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