Biscuits with Sausage Gravy


Biscuits with Sausage Gravy

Biscuits with Sausage Gravy
20 Min

Biscuits with gravy are a staple at most Southern breakfast tables. Just making true Southern country-style gravy and biscuits can take an entire morning...and we don't usually have that time! Y'all are gonna love this shortcut recipe!

What You'll Need

  • 1 (7-1/2-ounce) package refrigerated biscuits
  • 1 (16-ounce) tube hot pork sausage
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

What to Do

  1. Bake biscuits according to package directions.
  2. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook sausage over medium-high heat 6 to 8 minutes, or until no pink remains, stirring to crumble sausage. Add flour; mix well. Add Worcestershire sauce and milk; mix well.
  3. Cook 2 to 4 minutes, or until gravy thickens, stirring constantly.
  4. Serve over biscuits and sprinkle with chopped parsley.


Make sure to use the hot pork sausage that comes in a tube, not hot Italian pork sausage from the meat case. That'll give you a finer-textured gravy. And, you can make this a complete meal by serving it with fluffy scrambled eggs and hominy grits. Now, that's hearty!

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I always enjoy your show and recipes, but no southerner would ever use parsley or Worcestershire sauce in it.

Everyone says it needs more spices in it!! One pound tube of Hot sausage makes it "bitey" most of the time. I have a friend makes me fresh Sausage. He can make it so you can' eat it

I've always wanted to try biscuits and gravy, but they sound so hard. I love how easy this sounds. Can't wait!

Excellent gravy recipe, but we suggest ditching the refrigerated biscuits for Mary B's frozen biscuits. They're actually better than most homemade biscuits.

love these frozen biscuits!!

Suggestion Use a can of Libby's Sausage Gravy, (microwave on high for about 4-1/2 minutes), and Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, (heated at 300 degrees for 11 minutes). Makes the all time best Biscuits and Gravy!

Responding to the post from eworley31 4499311, I am sure you could find home made biscuits recipes by using google. Also, maybe food network. I make biscuits but I find that the frozen biscuits are good also. Pillsbury or Grands,, As for this recipe for gravy, it is basically how I make it but no Worcestershire, and I just make plain gravy, no sausage. I like bacon grease.

"Tube hot pork sausage" Where do I look for that? I don't remember seeing any with the brats and summer sausage. . .

Jimmy Dean puts their sausage in tubular packaging in the ground meat or pork section of a the grocery store.


I want to make biscuits but never have do you have a video to show me thanks

You're supposed to split the homemade biscuits, then top with sausage gravy (not made with Worcestershire or parsley.)

Such a pity this recipe calls for canned biscuits. If it is a recipe for gravy it should be named gravy not biscuits with gravy. I give it a very low rating.

Did you even try the recipe before you gave it a one star just because it called for the use of canned biscuits? Some folks may not know how to make scratch biscuits, and some of us may simply used canned biscuits as a short cut to get supper on the table a little faster! I use the jumbo flaky biscuits and they are delish! As for the gravy- I wouldn't usually add worcestershire sauce of parsley, but I would be willing to try it at least once. But I draw the line when I run across a recipe that calls for adding sugar to either my scratch biscuits or homemade gravy!

While I, too, am disappointed when I see these "recipes" that just throw a canned this and a canned that together, saying one shouldn't call it "biscuits and gravy" because the biscuits are canned is like saying you shouldn't be able to call a pie a pie because it uses a pre-made crust.

People need to realize that different regions of the country have different spins on recipes that have the same name...doesn't make them wrong, just different.

I use pretty much the same recipe except I omit the worchestershire sauce and I use cream of mushroom sauce. (Campbells) is the best.

Purnell's Old Folks sausage is better than ANY tother sausage on the market if available in your area including Jimmy Dean's, Tennessee Pride, Bob Evans and any super market private label. I guarantee it! Omit the Worcestershire sauce. It kills the sausage flavor. Grands FROZEN biscuits are closest to my mom's biscuits. Your sponsor's are not available in Indy. I'm 75, grew up in Louisville and went to hifg school with a couple of the Purnell boys. They know what they're doing and put out the finest pork products you can find!

They cerainly are available in Indy, omit the worchestershire sauce, definitely NOT used in gravy, add ground black pepper for your sausage and pepper gravy.

I found Jimmie Dean sausage is the best! And no worchesteshire sauce.

My grandmother was a southern farm woman. Her sausage gravy had no parsley or worchesteshire sauce. Just sausage, milk, flour, & pepper. It of course had a lighter (whiter) appearance than your picture above.

In Kentucky we made excellent Sausage Gravy I learned from my dad - and he called it Red Eye Gravy You can still use sausage but he preferred a thick slice of ham Fried up in a cast-iron skillet with a bit of oil and butter to season the pan Then remove ham keeping warm on the side Crank up heat to medium high Add a bit more oil or butter and heat to melt you can omit that if you used sausage Add a healthy TBS of flour Stir as it cooks to form a roux When it browns a bit you're ready to quickly pour in cups of milk and cup of water Use a large whisk to blend liquids into the roux Turn heat back to Medium Keep stirring as you add a tsp salt - tsp black pepper we liked pepper tbs of Kitchen Bouquet and cRead More of black coffee Keep stirring as it bubbles and thickens If it gets too thick add a bit more milk and or water Serve hot and with lots of Freshly made biscuits My dad loved this gravy on his eggs too

My southern grandpa used to make red-eye gravy but it was clear. I don't think he used any flour or milk. I think it was just ham drippings, black coffee & a dash of worchesteshire sauce. It was really good on anything.

Don't know where in Kentucky you grew up but Red Eye Gravy is clear in consistency with no flour or milk. It is a by-product of skillet fried country ham and made with brewed coffee added to the drippings in the skillet. Soaks into biscuits nicely. I don't know of a country ham gravy with a flour/cream base. They just don't seem to go together.

Red-eye gravy is made from ham drippings & coffee, no flour, no milk.

Think my color is off on my computer. This picture of sausage-gravy looks like chocolate gravy to me, which is a favorite of ours when all the kids come home for a special occasion. Here is my mothers recipe (she wrote it out for the youngest kid that never paid much attention) Brown ground sausage in iron skillet. Add a little oil, then flour, salt and pepper (roux is equal parts of grease and flour) brown the flour! Then add milk slowly, stirring until thick. (if not thick enough, add a tablespoon of cornstarch and water mixture) We have (cream gravy) at least twice a week. I use old bacon grease, if Im not cooking a meat. I also use a spatula or whisk for lump free gravy. Oklahoma

no your color is not is a dark color gravy is n the pic.i am southern. tennessee ours looks nice and whitish to light brown and is served on homemade biscuits.very good. i say ours meaning most any gravy served here is about the same color.but if it is this dark it is burned to us.or mosts tastes

I use hamburger sometimes in place of the sausage, and put my flour in a quart jar with the milk and shake it to get the lumps out Add more flour to make a thicker gravy

If you coat the meat with flour, or put the flour in the juices from the meat and cook until the flour is no longer "raw", you will not have lumps. Lumps come when you put raw flour with milk or water and then heat. Always cook the flour first before you add liquid.

Hamburger type cream gravy is what we had in the army. Commonly known as SOS which stood for Sh*t in a Shingle. Troopers gobbled it up!!

that's what the service calls SoS, not the same thing.

I added some raw diced onions on top before serving. Umgood

I've made biscuits and gravy using bacon or sausage I always add some butter to the skillet before I add the flour and would not add worcestershire sauce. I also make it using hormel dried beef. I melt 1 stick of butter in a skillet add flour and whisk into a medium paste add milk using the whisk until thick, then I just take the beef out of the jar and tear up pieces into the gravy and let simmer while i make biscuits add salt and pepper to taste. My family also like sliced tamed jalapeno peppers on top of biscuits and gravy.

My all time favorite breakfast. I like mine with a side of fluffy scrambled eggs.

there are lots of differences here than from the sausage gravy of my childhood. My mama had 7 mouths to feed and our sausage gravy was heavy on the milk (we always had cows) and very light on the sausage. And that is the way I still like it. I could and can stretch a pound of sausage over at least a week of gravy. This brought back so many memories. . .

That's how my grandmother did it, she raised 5 kids during the depression.

This would be better titled "Biscuits with Sausage MILK Gravy." Sausage gravy in the Carolinas when I was a child was made the way I still make it. Make a pot of coffee; set aside. Cook your sausage patties in a deep iron skillet. When the sausage is done, leave it in the pan - a little to the side - while you add a tbsp. or so of seasoned flour and whisk it into the sausage grease. Then pour in a cup of hot coffee. THAT is "Sausage Gravy" a/k/a iron mill gravy.

i'd leave out the worcestershire sauce, and just use salt and pepper for seasoning. Pretty standard gravy, no real shortcut to this.

if you dont want pork use any other meat sausage

baeb47; forget the calories and magic wand stuff. Just eat your fill and jog an extera mile or two, like I do.

@grumpy... if you don't have anything constructive to say, go away!!!

jerrygriffin 3187104: I live in Tn. and find Tennesse Pride one of the BIGGEST JOKES on the market.

Is this some kind of joke? I got a recipe for " ANGEL BISCUITS " ( yeast biscuits ) from " TASTE of HOME " around 15 years ago. The sausage gravy is nothing more that a thin or medium white sauce with sausage AND your choice of spices. GET FREAKING REAL. With this recipe, just tell everyone to go to a fast-food resteraunt and stop cooking real food.

Obviously a well-chosen User name!! And a less-than-worthless comment!!

I lived in Mississippi and they make their gravy with evaporated milk, lots of black pepper, sausage grease or bacon grease after the meat is fried. Add the flour to the grease and cook till it's browned then add the milk to flour mixture and stir. It will get thick, then add more milk or water as needed and as much pepper as you want.

That's the way we do it here in Alabama too. Roll-Tide!

you have got it right, that is the way it is done in ky too. good post!

Same way Mom made in back in WV.

That's how we do it in Arkansas too.

In Louisiana top

Try this product from Walmart.."Tennessee Pride" sausage gravy in the freezer section..Very good...Enough for 2 big biscuits,,,Ummmm good!!!!!!!!!!!1

You're right ... this is really tasty! Now, if we could just wave a magic wand and eliminate the calories ... !!

I like Jimmy Dean's Hot Sausage.

I use bacon insted of sausage and its really good!!

I'm the oldest of seven. My mom always saved her bacon grease. We were always in lean times, but, in the leanest of times, she would bring out the bacon grease, add the flour and cook the roux extra brown. She then just used water and we poured it over her homemade drop biscuits. I still cook it like that to this day!

homemade biscuits

I have made this and i missed the thyme and sage herbs, and onions, and red pepper flakes that adds complex flavors to this great American classic, if u use store bought biscuits use Grands

I usually make this once ot twice per month, when suausage is on sale. I never used Worchestershire sauce in it before. I always add a few teaspoons of chicken soup base and a few drops of hot sauce and black pepper. Always yummy. You can add these ingredients "to taste".

Bigjohn10 is right, I wish I had read the reviews before trying this recipe. Worcestershire sauce totally ruined it!

Right-On about the sauce, totally ruins it...especially if you want authentic!

I am from Connecticut (born and raised) and I have been making sausage and biscuits for years. Anyone could figure that you have to make the gravy taste like something. Who would want to eat a biscuit with a gravy made of water & flour with a dash of worchestershire? You need the meat grease for taste....

To beccirose Start with a deep skillet Cook your loose sausage not links until pinkness is all gone Leave in pan and make gravy in same pan I use a pat or two of butter and a lilttle vegatable oil blending in the skillet with the sausage I add several tablespoons more if the needed of all purpose flour and stir into the oil and butter with a wire whisp this will insure that there are no lumps The flour and oil should be of a pasty substance in appearance If flour is too thick you added too much Brown the flour just a little bit on med heat I use evaporated milk half mixture of milk and water Keep stirring with the whisp until gravy starts to thicken then turn heat off Add salt and pepper to taste I have to add that pepper really makes the gravy But addRead More to your own desire This is called sausage milk gravy here in SC PS if the gravy becomes too thick just add a little water and stir to thin it out

jepolk27 I use exactly the same as you. I mash the sausage with a fork in the pan to keep small pieces, and I fry a couple of sausage patties to have on the side, making gravy with the sausage pieces and grease. I use Jimmy Dean with sage, because I can't find any like we had growing up, but it had a lot of sage too. JD sausage doesn't produce enough grease so I add some canola oil to have enough to make the roux to the right consistency. Serve with homemade biscuits, and when in season, sliced tomatoes or sliced cantaloupe. The same way my mom did for over 50 years. From North Carolina. The only thing better, is fry out fat back meat and use the grease to make the gravy, and eat the fat back, scrambled eggs with it.

Nancy8 You have this down!!!! Thanks for the info, had just told hubby about this and I said it looked nothing like what I am looking for, You can contact me in you wish with your recipe,I bet its great

I make biscuits and gravy every Sunday from scratch. More flour and no Worcestershire sauce. Let it brown a little -add milk until desired thickness. Salt and pepper to taste. Biscuits from scatch or Bisquick mix. Not refrigerated one. Yuck

homemade is best

My kinda girl!

For large servings I brown lb sausage in iron skillet and add bacon grease as needed Leave at least TbL grease in the pan and add flour - stir in a little over cup until grease is soaked up Stir this until it cooks a little maybe minutes on medium high heat Add a cups of milk and stir constantly until starting to thicken Keep adding a cup or so of milk at a time letting it thicken each time before adding more I make the pan almost full Or stop adding milk when you have as much as you want If the gravy doesn't thicken enough mix some cold water with a little flour and add it to the hot mixture and stir Salt and pepper to your taste I don't measure any of this that is why no specific quantities After making making it a couple of times youRead More will get the feel how to adjust the recipe for how you like it Enjoy I hope this helps some of you By the way I am from the north not the south but love to cook

Just not right?

how DOES one make good sausage and gravy. always wanted to try it and I love to cook. would rather make my own than get at Bob Evan's or some restaurant like that. where can I get a good recipe? thanks all! p.s. I am not southern but want a true southern recipe!

I totally agree with bigjohn. I don't think you have ever eaten true Southern food.

This is nowhere close to an original Southern "Gravy & Biscuits" breakfast. Why do you want to destroy such a tradition? John "born & raised" southern....


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