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35 Takeout Dishes to Make at Home: Easy Chinese Recipes

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Chinese food takeout menus may be your go-to on busy evenings or late nights. But instead of throwing money away on takeout, you can easily make traditional Chinese food recipes at home! The Editors of have compiled our best Chinese recipes in 28 Takeout Dishes to Make at Home: Easy Chinese Recipes. Whether your weakness is Beef and Broccoli or Shrimp Fried Rice, these are traditional Chinese food recipes made simple with Mr. Food's quick and easy cooking philosophy!

Table of Contents:

Soups, Salads, Appetizers Beef & Duck Dishes
Noodle Dishes Chicken Dishes
New! Fried Rice Dishes Pork Dishes


Soups, Salads & Appetizers

Chicken Egg Rolls

Easy Wonton Soup - Never tried making wonton soup at home? It's not difficult, if that's what you thought. Actually, this version is simple as 1-2-3.

Hot and Sour Soup - At Chinese restaurants, most meals start with a steaming bowl of soup. Some people prefer wonton, while others prefer egg drop. Mr. Food's favorite is hot and sour soup, so we've created an easy homemade version.

Lo Mein Soup - Enjoy the filling taste of Lo Mein in a warm, comforting soup. Don't order out for Chinese food - make Lo Mein Soup!

Dynasty Noodle Soup - A taste of Asia in minutes...without leaving your own kitchen! Try using Chinese rice noodles (usually found in the ethnic section of the supermarket) for an even more authentic taste.

Egg Drop Soup - You won't believe how easy it is to make Egg Drop Soup, a famous -- and famously delectable -- Chinese takeout dish.

Asian Chicken Salad - For easy Chinese recipes that are also good for you, try this Asian Chicken Salad that is loaded with veggies like cabbage and snow peas.

Spring Rolls - Spring rolls are similar to egg rolls, only they're usually a bit lighter and often packed with veggies only - no meat. Make your own version of this healthy Chinese takeout staple!

Sweet and Sour Wings - These Sweet and Sour Wings are unbelievably tangy, and sesame seeds add an authentic Asian crunch. Makes a great appetizer to munch on!

Chicken Egg Rolls (pictured) - You wouldn't believe how easy our Chicken Egg Rolls are to make. So easy in fact, you'll toss those take out menus right into the trash! These are seriously good!


Noodle Dishes

Cold Sesame Noodles

Cold Sesame Noodles (pictured) - Our delicious recipe for cold sesame noodles bathed in a peanutty sauce is extra special! Served chilled, this dish is one of the best Chinese noodle recipes out there!

Better Than Ever Lo Mein - They say we eat with our eyes first, then our mouths. If that's so, then this colorful Asian dish will sure fill you up...twice!

Best Noodle Soup Ever - This main dish noodle soup is full of chicken, veggies, and plenty of noodles. It's a 20 minutes Chinese take-out worthy dish!

Asian Chicken Bowties - Our Asian Chicken Bowties is a unique twist on pasta that'll totally change up your ordinary pasta routine. Give it a shot -- we know you'll love it!

Sesame Noodle Salad - This take-out perfect Chinese side dish only takes 20 minutes to make! 


Fried Rice Dishes

Chopstick Veggie Fried Rice

Chopstick Veggie Fried Rice - This is one of our favorite vegetarian Chinese recipes! This Chopstick Veggie Fried Rice can go from your skillet to your table in minutes.

Shrimp Fried Rice - Now you can make Shrimp Fried Rice, a famous -- and famously delectable -- Chinese takeout dish, right at home. And when your friends and family try it, they'll think you ordered from the most authentic Chinese restaurant in town!

Anytime Fried Rice - This is a 1 2 3 throw-together fried rice recipe that uses minimal oil and no egg.  This a great homemade Chinese take-out recipe.

Vegetable Fried Rice - Using precut vegetables from a package or a salad bar certainly cuts down on preparation time and waste...and it's easy, too!


Beef & Duck Dishes

5-Minute Beef Stir Fry

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry - One of the most popular Chinese stirfry recipes, this fresh-tasting Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry will rival your favorite takeout place! Pick up a box of fortune cookies to make your Chinese dinner complete.

Kung Pao Beef - Get out your chopsticks and get ready to enjoy this easy recipe for Kung Pao Beef! To make this a complete restaurant-style meal, serve over steamed rice.

Orange Beef Teriyaki - Pass out the chopsticks and enjoy our easy recipe for Orange Beef Teriyaki. Featuring tender stir-fry beef bathed in a tangy sauce of orange, honey and ginger, this is the perfect eat-in version of a classic Asian restaurant dish.

Asian Pepper Steak - So many people think it's hard to make authentic-tasting Asian dishes at home. Well, not with this easy recipe! This Asian Pepper Steak is gonna become the regular steak dinner at your house!

Chinese Spareribs - Most people enjoy this staple at Chinese-American restaurants but haven't tried to re-create them at home. Why not give it a try? You'll see that it's easier than you thought to make Chinese Spareribs.

Orange Duck - Don't feel intimidated by Chinese duck recipes - Mr. Food has an easy Orange Duck recipe that has a great citrus flavor...with a little kick. If the duck is frozen when purchased, ask the butcher to cut it in half for you.

5-Minute Beef Stir Fry (pictured) - Grab your wok (or a skillet!) and some fresh ingredients and get ready to impress your whole family, 'cause it only takes a few minutes to make this home Chinese recipe taste takeout-worthy.


Chicken Dishes

Bourbon Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken - "Most ordered" on many of the best Chinese takeout menus, sweet and sour chicken is so easy to make at home - and quicker than it can be delivered!

Sesame Chicken - Sesame seeds are part of so many of our favorite foods, from bagels and rolls to salads and candies, so why not team them with chicken? And on the grill, it's an unbeatable combination!

Peking Chicken - This easy version of a classic Chinese dish is short on work but long on taste. Pass out the chopsticks and enjoy homemade Peking Chicken!

Honey Chicken - Now you can make your own Honey Chicken that rivals what you'll get at your neighborhood takeout place...and in less time, too!

Bourbon Chicken (pictured) -  This version of a Chinese restaurant take-out favorite only takes 25 minutes and uses common ingredients. 


Pork Dishes

Pork Lo Mein

Pork Egg Foo Yung - Egg foo yung is a cousin to an omelet, frittata or crepe. This tasty pork version makes a super anytime change-of-pace main course.

Pork Lo Mein (pictured) - Why order takeout when you can create this Chinese restaurant classic pork lo mein with off-the-shelf ingredients that are probably already in your pantry?

Grilled Asian Pork Chops - With just 10 minutes of marinating, these boneless Grilled Asian Pork Chops are succulent and packed with flavor. They're a winner for a fast and easy dinner

Shanghai Pork Chops - When you're ready for a whole new pork chop experience, this is the recipe for you. With an Asian marinade that includes ginger and brown sugar, you couldn't ask for a more succulent recipe for pork chops.

Asian Marinated Pork Chops - Store-bought marinades can be okay, but why not make your own in minutes for a fraction of the cost? These Asian Marinated Pork Chops will melt in your mouth, and each bite is packed with great taste!


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?? Egg Rolls are baked with no fillings ?? What?

First you have to get the name of the food right. What you called 'Egg Roll' is not egg roll. Egg Rolls are baked with no fillings. What you purported to have is 'Spring Roll'. There is a big difference.

I tried to get to the Sweet and sour chicken page but apparently the link is corrupted.

Hi there! Sorry you had trouble with the link. We just tested it and it seems to be working fine now. Please let us know if you are able to get to the recipe.

What a great website. I love chinese cooking. I sometimes use The site also has lots of great recipes.

This Chinese meal does look simple to make. However, I think that I woulde prefer less broccoli and more meat. Corporate event packages

I have to say that the information here was the most complete that I found anywhere. I am definitely bookmarking this to come back and read later.

Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a marvellous job! Please keep on posting such quality articles,

To the Mr. Food boss........Do you think you could put these into an e-cookbook for us? I'm going to bookmark the page but a pdf would be so much better.

After trying to eat healthier, I couldn't eat at a Chinese Buffet anymore so this is a definite helper. thanks.

Really like most of these recipes, looking for a dim sum recipe for chicken feet flavored with soy sauce and steamed with jalapenos anyone have this recipe?

cn anyone tell me how to make malasian chicken??

i love chinese food

All these sound wonderful . . . can't wait to try some. I'm looking for a particular Chinese buffet dish called "Cho Cho Chicken". It is chicken that looks like it has been marinated for a long time then skewered on a stick and I assumed baked?? It is absolutely delicious. I've tried and tried to find the recipe on line without success. Anyone out there have a recipe??

Search YouTube for chocho chicken uploaded by Zomblog17. It's a tutorial for homemade Cho Cho Chicken. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

I would love all of these recipes in a free cookbook. Possible? Thnx

i would love this as an ecookbook


when you try to go to kung pao beef you find your self here Festive Peppermint Treats

That is a pop up ad...look in the upper left corner...see the word CLOSE? So click on the word close and the ad goes away and you can read the recipe.

Can anyone help me please, I'm looking for a recipe for crabmeat ragoon, and the red sauce they serve with it, what I've been making is close but just not right, and the red sauce is nothing close

Buy red hot pepper jelly in the jelly isle. Use 1 cup jelly, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 2 tablespoon bourbon. Heat until jelly is melted & if u want more heat sprinkle a few red hot pepper flakes. Is good.

I had a Vietnamese recipe simply called, "Fried Shrimp." But, it was not only Fried Shrimp. There were 6 skewered fried frhimp, and it was served with some kind of cold soup. I know the soup had rice noodles in it, and a few vegie snips in it. There were a few pieces of very think carrot and a few green onion top pieces. I don't know what was in the clear broth, but the whole thing was so good. This was before Katrina in New Orleans, and the storm totally damaged the small restaurant. I don't know who the people were but they were an old Vietnamese couple whose son worked in the restaurant, and he made deliveries on a bicycle. A teen age grandaughter, very beautiful helped out in the place. She was a high schooler. I don't know what happened to the family after the storm, but I would sure like to get a recipe for the dish. BTW, the way one ate the dish was to drop the hot fried shrimp into the cold rice noodle soup. It was so enjoyable and was not over stuffing. One ate and the soup, and afterward did not have that bloated or lazy feeling, even though the dish was very filling. If anyone know the receipe or know where I can find it, I would appreciate having it. Thanks. GJB

Just the picture of using a fork on Chinese food is ridiculous. What would you think if someone showing a picture of using chopsticks to eat western food. You would think it looks ridiculous, wouldn't you?

So Sorry but not everyone that likes Chinese knows how to use Chop Sticks, fortunitly I'm not one of them but I have taken others that like the tast of Chinese but don't have a clue about useing chop sticks

Do you really think this is authentic Chinese food, meant to be eaten on Chinese plates with Chinese chopsticks? Be real - most of the Chinese food we know in American is just that - American food made with the ingredients the Chinese migrant workers would eat.

Xiexie (Chinese for thank you) switchwitch317. My roommate is a visiting professor from Chongching, China. She actually laughed at these recipes and finds the food at US Chinese restraunts awful. I have been eating REAL Chinese food for several months and will most likely never eat at another US Chinese food establishment. Oh by the way she uses thinly sliced cooked cucumbers in her meat dishes and the cucumbers add an absolutely awsome and delicious flavor to the meat. Try it. As a side note my forks are in temporary retirement (LOL). My roommate does not grasp the concept of finger food and eats pizza with chopsticks. She wants me to make an extended visit to China after she returns home. I may just do that.

To titchwitch317 7047245, Chinese do not eat food off the plate. It is very bad table manner. Chinese who stick to proper table manner eat food from a bowl. You get the food you want to eat and put it in your bowl and then eat it.

General Tso's chicken would be awesome!!!!!

The General's Chicken You'll find the General's chicken on every good Chinese buffet... well you better anyway. aka General Tso's chicken. Ingredients By Measure The Sauce: 1/2 Cup Corn Starch 1/4 Cup Water 2 Tbs Minced Ginger 2 Tbs Minced Garlic 3/4 Cup Sugar 1/2 Cup Soy Sauce 1/4 Cup White Wine 1/2 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar 1 1/2 Cups Chicken Stock The Chicken: 3# Chicken Breast Cut Into 1Pieces 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce 1 Egg 3/4 Cup Corn Starch 1/4 Cup Flour Oil For Frying Vegetables and Garnish: 1 Cup Julienned Carrots 1 Cup Julienned Onions or Leeks 1 Cup Julienned Red Bell Peppers 2 Cup Sliced Green Onions 12 Small, Dried Chili Peppers Preparation For The Sauce: 1.Mix all the sauce ingredients together in a bowl and set aside. For The Chicken: 1. Mix the soy sauce and egg together and coat the chicken well. 2.Mix the corn starch and flour together and toss the chicken in it making sure it is coated well. 3. Deep fry the chicken in batches in 350 degree oil until browned and cooked through. 4. Set the finished chicken in a 200 degree oven until needed To Finish: 1.In a large wok or saut pan cook the carrots, onions or leeks and bell peppers in very hot oil for 2 minutes. 2. Add the dried chilies and cook for 2 more minutes 3. Add the sauce and cook until it simmers and thickens 4. Add the chicken and toss until well combined 5. Garnish with the green onions and serve with rice

Would also like to see a recipe for General's Chicken. I have tried three or four home versions over the past few years and none of them quite work for me.

I am anxious to try some of these recipes. Could you get a recipe for Cashew Chicken? thankyou.

An Almond Chicken variant would be nice too, although I'm thinking that one recipe would do for either Cashew or Almond with only one or two minor substitutions (if any, other than the nuts themselves).

Would love to have a chow mein recipe.

like to have recipe for walnut shrimp and something with pineapples. THANKS

Good to have also looking for eggplant recipie made wit a sweet sauce

These recipes are great to have, but I have been searching for years for a Malaysian chicken recipe. It is a spicy dish with chicken, mushrooms, dried hot peppers and not sure what else. It has a brown sauce and is very spicy. If you could find a recipe for that, I would be so extremely happy.

They sound great but, my favorite was left out. Honey walnut prawns, it is the best thing ever!! Please include a recipe for that dish!

What? No recipe for almond chicken?? That's my daughter's favorite. Love these recipes. Thanks, Mr. Food. lizzieb

Love these recipes, will be trying some of them for the first time. Also glad to have these available. Mr. Food is fun to watch on tv!!


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