How to Make Cake Cookies: 16 Recipes for Cake Mix Cookies


How to Make Cake Cookies: 16 Recipes for Cake Mix Cookies

You've seen them sweeping the Internet; now it's time for you to make 'em yourself! Check out our collection of cake mix cookie recipes so you can learn how to be the hit of the party. From chocolate cake mix cookies to carrot cake mix cookies and more, baking treats for friends and family has never been so easy. These soft 'n' gooey recipes for cake mix cookies are bound to become instant classic in any household. So... what are you waiting for? Find out how to make cake cookies today!

Lemon Coconut Clouds

These heavenly Lemon Coconut Clouds are lighter than air and have just enough tropical flavor that will have you feel like you're on a private island from the very first bite, perfect for a mini getaway in your kitchen!

Rainbow Cookies

What's at the end of the rainbow? A plate full of colorful, easy-to-make, cake-like cookies! If you've ever wondered how to make cake cookies that look this good, then you've got to check out this sweet, colorful recipe.

Cake Mix Cookies

Thanks to cake mix cookie recipes, these homemade treats are almost effortless. What are you waiting for? Tear open a package and reap the rewards of one of our favorite classic recipes for cake mix cookies!

Citrus Bars

There's nothing more refreshing for dessert than fresh-baked lemon bar cookies. This easy recipe for Citrus Bars is a winner that Mr. Food viewers keep requesting again and again 'cause it's all about how to make cake cookies like a pro.

Easy Oatmeal Cookies

Take one of our simplest oatmeal cookie recipes and curl up for a comforting snack. Our Easy Oatmeal cookies go great with milk so make a bunch and enjoy!

Chocolate Coconut Crunchers

If you only have a box of cake mix on hand and no flour, you can still make one of our favorite recipes for cake mix cookies. Here's a recipe that'll make you a hero (and it's easy, too).

Polka Dot Cookies

Polka dots are very fashionable and, once the word gets out about these Polka Dot Cookies, the polka dot trend will make its way into the cookie industry, too for a stylish way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cake Mix Snickerdoodles

When it comes to simple cookie recipes, this one can't be beat. Start with cake mix and in a few easy steps, end up with a freshly baked batch of Snickerdoodles! You'll know how to make cake cookies with the best of 'em.

Snowcapped Red Velvet Cookies

No one will be able to take their eyes off of your cookie platters when you bake up a batch of our brightly-colored Snowcapped Red Velvet Cookies. With cream cheese frostin peaks, you'll be on the receiving end of a mountain of raves.

Cookies for a Cure

What's the colorful twist to these delicious bakery-style half moon cookies? The symbolic pink and white icing that makes them perfect fundraising Cookies for a Cure at your next bake sale. Plus, since these cookies use a cake mix, you can bake up several batches in a jiffy!

Double Chocolate Cookies

If you love chocolate and homemade cookies, then what could be yummier than a double dose of chocolate flavor with these easy cookies made from... a cake mix box?! You just have to try 'em to find out just how addicting they can be!

Lemon Glacier Bars

Every time we make these Lemon Glacier Bars in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, they seem to disappear in mere seconds! If your crew loves 'em as much as we do, and we know they will, they won't stick around very long. See for yourself how easy it is to make cake mix cookies.

M&M Drop Cookies

M&M cookie recipes always bring the fun, and this one is no exception. The colorful crunch of our easy-to-make M&M Drop Cookies will look like a party on the plate, perfect for your child's classroom bash.

Carrot Cake Cookies

It's pretty hard to find after-school snacks that not only taste good but are nutritious, too. Well, our Carrot Cake Cookies are a way to sneak healthy veggies into snack time, making it a win for parents and kids alike.

Half Moon Cookies

Practically every bakery has these cookies they call either Black and Whites or Half Moons. No matter what they're called, what makes these cake mix cookies so good is that you don't have to decide if you want chocolate icing or vanilla 'cause each cookie has both!

Back-to-School Cookies

Our Back-to-School Cookies make the perfect lunchbox treat or after-school snack. These easy-to-make cookies start out from a box of cake mix and get their extra-crunchiness from graham crackers and their chocolaty-sweetness from lots of chocolate chips. Kids of all ages will love them! 

Chocolate-Cherry Cookies

In just one bite you get the chewy sweetness of dried cherries, the crunchy nuttiness of pistachios, and the decadent richness of white chocolate chips. Of course, there's also the chocolate cookie base to tie it all together. All in all our Chocolate-Cherry Cookies are amazing.

Cookie in a Cookie

This easy cookie recipe is double the trouble 'cause it's filled with the yummy flavors of another treat inside. Cookie in a Cookie is a cake mix cookie recipe that you'll want to make over and over again! 

Chocolate Coconut Crunchers

If you only have a box of cake mix on hand, and no flour, you can still make cookies. Here's a recipe that'll make you a hero (and it's easy, too).

Nonnas Shortcut Ricotta Cookies

Even the most old-school nonna (that's grandma in Italian!) turns to shortcuts from time to time, especially if she's got a whole lot of cooking ahead of her. Nonna's Shortcut Ricotta Cookies are so good, no one can even tell they were made using a shortcut. They might just become one of the most anticipated cookies on your Christmas cookie platter! 

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If you liked these easy cake mix recipes, we've got even more! Be sure to check out our free eBook, Tempting Cake Mix Recipes: 30 Simple Recipes with Cake Mix!

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