41 Amazing Whipping Cream Dessert Recipes


41 Amazing Whipping Cream Dessert Recipes

These easy desserts with cream are totally scrumptious!

The whipped cream on top of your favorite dessert caps off the day in style. Our latest recipe collection, 41 Amazing Whipping Cream Dessert Recipes, will show you new ways to use your favorite whipped topping. From whipping cream cakes to whipped cream pies, whipped cream desserts with fruit, and more, you're sure to have a tough time figuring out which dish to make first! Delight friends and family by "whipping" up one of these easy desserts.

Whipped Cream Cakes

These delicious recipes are just what you need when you're looking for a recipe to "wow" the crowd. These desserts are made using whipping cream or whipped topping, and many of them are no bake desserts! That's right. You don't even need to turn on the oven to enjoy a creamy dessert that's totally indulgent. Whether you and your family love chocolate desserts, lemony confections, or something else, there is definitely a treat in this list for you.

Chocolate Banana Loaf

If you like banana splits, then you are in the right place! This delicious no bake icebox cake is made with whipped topping for a super easy (and creamy) dessert recipe.

Hawaiian Poke Cake

Once you take a bite of this creamy dessert recipe, you will be in paradise! There's something about the combination of sweet pineapple and creamy whipped topping that is just a little slice of perfection.

Bananas 'n' Cream Squares

Banana desserts always remind us of the good old days, and this one is no exception. It's sure to be a hit at your next family get-together!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Everyone will be impressed by this clever no bake creamy dessert! It's super easy to make, which is good because everyone is going to want a second helping.

Chocolate Dessert Lasagna

Layers of whipped cream and chocolate pudding? Yes, please! This incredible no bake dessert is always a hit, and it's easy to see why.

The Ultimate Dirt Cake

This dirt cake always makes us chuckle. Who would have thought that "dirt" (a.k.a. crumbled chocolate cookies) could taste so good? This creative dessert will please adults and kids alike. It's one of our favorite no bake whipped cream desserts.

Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna

This whipped cream dessert is made for the peanut butter fans in your life. It's totally indulgent, but it's still easy to make (no oven required). We call that a win-win!

Chocolate Chip Dome

No one will ever be able to guess that this awesome frozen Chocolate Chip Dome dessert gets its homemade taste from a store-bought shortcut.

Blueberries 'n' Cream Cake

Blueberries and cream is a classic flavor combination, which is why it's an amazing inspiration for this cake recipe! We think it's especially delicious in the summer, but we'd happily eat a slice all year long.

Spring Fling Layered Cake

This deliciously fruity dessert is almost too pretty to eat! With vibrant flavors of raspberry, coconut, and lemon, this party-friendly cake is anything but boring.

Eclair Cake

Enjoy all of the delicious flavor of a classic French dessert, but skip the hard work! This delicious eclair cake is light, fluffy, and full of chocolate. Your friends and family will be amazed by how good it tastes.

Chocolate Sin

Think the name is an exaggeration? You haven't tasted the rich layers upon layers of chocolate in Chocolate Sin!

Elvis Whipping Cream Pound Cake

If you're looking for the "king" of heavy whipping cream dessert recipes, then you're in the right place! This delicious pound cake is inspired by one of Elvis Presley's favorite desserts.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

This scrumptious chocolate cake is one of our favorite desserts using whipping cream. And once you make it, you'll see why! The cream gives this chocolate cake a rich texture and flavor. It's sure to become a family favorite.

Whipped Cream Pies

When you think of recipes using whipping cream, pies might be one of the first things that come to mind. And you're on the right track! There are so many great pie recipes using whipped topping and heavy whipping cream, and we've collected some of our favorites to share with you.

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pie

This amazing whipped cream pie recipe is perfect for anyone who loves peanut butter! It's an indulgent recipe that everyone will be thrilled to see on the table.

Black Bottom Pie

Make this special treat tonight! Black Bottom Pie is a delicious pie-within-a-brownie that's perfect for anybody with an extreme sweet tooth!

Frozen Pineapple-Lemon Pie

We've got just the dessert for your next patio barbecue, and it's one that you can make the night before! Our Frozen Pineapple-Lemon Pie is a no-bake pie that's full of light and tropical flavors, perfect for sunshiny days.

Hawaiian Pudding Pie

When it comes to cream pie recipes, you can't go wrong with this Hawaiian Pudding pie. It's bursting with tropical fruit flavor and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Sunny Party Pie

Looking for an easy-to-throw-together pie that's full of sunshine? Our Sunny Party Pie will do the trick! It's one of those whipped cream desserts that you'll be talking about all year long!

Watermelon Pie

Beat the summer heat by making this no-bake pie that features fresh and refreshing watermelon! Our Watermelon Pie is creamy, cool, and full of fun summer flavors. 

Diner-Style Banana Cream Pie

Our Diner-Style Banana Cream Pie will surely put a smile on your face! With just a few easy shortcuts, this one can be on your table ready to be served up. And yes, they'll go bananas over it!

Frozen Pumpkin Pie

A no-bake pumpkin pie we can make ahead of time is like an early holiday gift! Our freezer does all the work for us in our Frozen Pumpkin Pie recipe. When it's done, we have a creamy, smooth holiday-festive pumpkin pie with no oven time required!

Whipped Cream Parfaits and Trifles

Some people thing that parfaits and trifles are tricky to make, but the opposite is actually true. All you have to do is layer in delicious ingredients like crushed cookies, fresh fruit, or chocolate candies, and you've got a dessert that will have everyone coming back for a second helping. Check out some of our favorite parfaits and trifles made with whipped cream below.

Chocolate Cookie Pudding

Chocolate, cookies, and pudding, oh my! We can't go wrong with this combo. You'll find true love with 6 simple ingredients, and you'll keep this Chocolate Cookie Pudding recipe forever.

Chocoholic's Parfait

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! If easy chocolate recipes is your thing, this Chocoholic's Parfait is right up your alley. Get a spoon and dive in!

Death by Chocolate

This was Mr. Food's favorite dessert! Art lived a full, sweet life and this dessert is representative of just that. There's a reason why Death by Chocolate is the most requested recipe on our site; and Art wouldn't have it any other way.

Napoleon Trifle

This recipe was born out of a Test Kitchen disaster and has become one of our best desserts! Our motto is "never give up!" and when our Napoleon pastry broke apart, we turned it into a luscious layered Napoleon Trifle. Shhh...no one has to know, and is it ever easy!

Berry Fool

This delicious dessert uses a whole cup of heavy whipping cream, so you know it's going to taste amazing! It's bursting with fruit flavor, but it's still light enough to serve for a spring party. Enjoy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Bowl

This recipe is made for chocolate lovers! It's also one of our favorite desserts with whipped topping. Everyone will love the flavors of freshly made brownies, peanut butter cups, and more.

Chocolate Coconut Cookie Parfaits

This has got to be one of the all-time best dessert recipes with heavy whipping cream. This sweet treat has layers of fluffy freshly whipped cream and crunchy chocolate cookies. Everyone will be clamoring for a second helping.

Patriotic Blueberry Pie Parfait

Show off your American pride by serving up these Patriotic Blueberry Pie Parfaits at your Fourth of July barbecue. Made with a frozen blueberry pie shortcut, creamy vanilla ice cream, and strawberry toppings, this whipped topping dessert isn’t just summer refreshing, it’s also super easy to put together!

More Great Whipped Cream Desserts

Here are a few more great dessert recipes for you to try! They're all bursting with flavor, and we think the whole family will love them.

Strawberry Cream Puffs

There's something extra special about these Strawberry "Cream" Puffs, and it can only be described by taking a bite for yourself. Light, luscious, and creamy, these cream puffs are a pastry delight!

Rocky Road Fluff

This may just be the most decadent fluff you've ever tasted! Our Rocky Road Fluff combines the three most important rocky road ingredients—chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts—into one fabulously creamy fluff!

Pot of Gold

It's said that there's a Pot of Gold at the end of every rainbow. Well, this colorful gelatin dessert is sure to add sunshine and a rainbow of color to your taste buds and your table!

Icebox Strawberry Shortcake Bars

We're over the moon for this delicious fruity recipe that's made with freshly whipped cream. If you're a fan of strawberry shortcake, then you're going to just love this icebox bars recipe.

No-Bake Lemonade Cheesecakes

Craving a homemade dessert but don't feel like baking? Then our recipe for No-Bake Lemonade Cheesecakes is right up your alley! In fewer than 10 minutes, you can whip up this 5-ingredient dessert recipe that'll have you dreaming of breezy blue skies and fields of fresh berries.

Potluck Pistachio Fluff

If you've ever been to a Southern buffet or a church dinner, then you've probably already experienced the deliciousness of fluff. Fruity, fluffy, creamy, and just a bit crunchy, our Potluck Pistachio Fluff is one dish that doesn't stick around for long. That's 'cause folks will gobble it up so fast, you'll think it disappeared!

Strawberry Pretzel Bars

What a super dessert that's great for home entertaining or as a bring-along. Our salty yet sweet, light yet creamy recipe for Strawberry Pretzel Bars will stand out from the rest.

Tutti-Frutti Ambrosia

Keep your guests refreshed with a dish that some folks refer to as a side dish, while others call it a dessert. Either way, we think you'll love this colorful, sweet, and tasty whipping cream recipe for Tutti-Frutti Ambrosia.

State Fair Cream Puffs

Ever been to a fair or festival and sunk your teeth into a cloud of whipped cream sandwiched between two flaky pastry puffs? Well, get ready to easily make your very own version of State Fair Cream Puffs, any old time you want!

Poolside Party Fluff

Okay, you've got your towel, your sunscreen, and your flip flops, but did you remember to bring along a sweet treat? Our Poolside Party Fluff is just what you need when you're laying by the pool and dreaming of a tropical paradise!

Lemon Whippers

Bake up a batch of these sugar-coated Lemon Whippers for those days when you're craving a sweet and tart cookie. This cookie recipe is made with a box of cake mix, so you can bet they're super simple to "whip" up!

Time-Saver: We love using shortcut ingredients like frozen whipped topping or pressurized whipped cream when we're making cream based desserts, but some desserts taste even better with freshly-made whipped cream. If you'd like to make your own, check out our recipe for Homemade Whipped Cream

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Every time I make the Chocolate Chip Dome, people are amazed to find out how easy it is. I always give at least 2 people the recipe when I make it. Also a huge fan of the Strawberry Pretzel Bars. The salty, crunchy crust and the sweet, creamy filling - it's magic!

I'm a certified chocoholic the Death by Chocolate trifle has been one of my favorites for years! I have my eye on the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Bowl to try next. I've also made the Chocolate Chip Dome, which is a real crowd-pleaser and so easy!

yum! lots of great (and tempting) ideas on this page. Especially love the shooters - will be serving this at my next study group meeting. Already made the Lemon Whippers because I was so curious how using whipped cream in a cookie would come out and they were fabulous!

Your Whipped cream dessert are not made with real whipped cream. They are made with Cool Whip and it is not whipped cream. I am allergic to some of the ingredients in frozen toppings and would like to see real whipping cream used in recipes.

Hi there! This collection page features different recipes that call for whipped cream and frozen whipped topping. If you're looking for a substitution, we recommend adding a whipping cream stabilizer to your regular whipped cream recipe. We found Dr. Oetker's Whipping Cream Stabilizer on WalMart's website. Enjoy!


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