50 Quick and Easy One Pot Meals


50 Quick and Easy One Pot Meals

Dinner doesn't get much easier than one pot meals! For a hearty meal that has minimal clean-up, try one of these easy one pot meals. The editors at Mr. Food have collected our favorite 60 Quick and Easy One Pot Meals so that your next meal prep will be a breeze. Enjoy these one pot recipes on your next busy weeknight with the relief of knowing you won't be scrubbing tons of pots and pans afterward!

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Country Chicken and Rice

Its no wonder one pot recipes are tops on so many of our lists when it comes to dinnertime solutions. We think the best part of this recipe is that the longer it cooks, the better the flavors blend.

Cozy Beef Stew

This warm and cozy beef stew is the perfect one-pot recipe to throw together and cook on the stovetop. The best part is it tastes even better the next day, so it fits as a make-ahead, too!

Chicken Cacciatore One Pot

Our Chicken Cacciatore One-Pot is chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices galore, all in one pot. It's so easy and delicious we bet you'll love it!

Cola Pot Roast

Our slow cooker version of Cola Pot Roastcomes in a rich tasting sauce,courtesy of our favorite soft drinks. Yes, surprisingly it's the cola that adds a special flair to this tender, flavorful one pot meal.

Saucy White Chili

Get ready for an exciting new kind of chili! This chicken chili made with Great Northern beans, tomatoes and Tex-Mex flavorings gives chili a whole new meaning!

Lamb Curry

Secret ingredients make this lamb stew so succulent and satisfying. You won't believe how tender the lamb is, especially without a long cooking time.

Chicken Pierogi Skillet

The easy convenience of frozen foods makes this kid-pleasing Chicken Pierogi Skillet supper an instant hit. The extra bonus of crunchy French-fried onions guarantees that this family-friendly meal will disappear in no time.

All in One Chicken

If you need a hearty dish that'll fill your family up without the extra cleanup, then you need to make our All in One Chicken.With the fabulous flavor combinations in this dish,you can bet this'll be one of your most popular one-pot wonders!

Old World Goulash

This saucy one pot meal earns points for long-cooked flavor without a lot of long prep. Old World Goulash is a hearty all-in-one dish that'll warm and satisfy your hungry gang, with minimum clean-up! This is one of our go-to one pot recipes, and we bet it will be the same for you, too!

One Pot Mac and Cheese

It's a quick, stovetop version of mac and cheese, made with spaghetti. No spaghetti? Use ziti. No ziti? How about shells? You can change the pasta in this one-pot recipe every time, but it'll always taste amazing!

One Pot Couscous

This easy one-pot international favorite starts with bite-sized boneless leg of lamb chunks and pasta pearls known as couscous. It cooks up into a flavorful, change-of-pace Moroccan-style lamb stew your gang is sure to enjoy!

Easy Kentucky Burgoo

Burgoo is a big favorite for Kentucky Derby-watching parties, and our version of Easy Kentucky Burgoo make this hearty stew even simpler to pull off. And whether for the big race or anytime at all, it's a one-pot that always satisfies.

Easy Broccoli Casserole

What a smart way to get everybody to eat their veggies! Easy Broccoli Casserole is bathed in a Cheddar Cheese and creamy mushroom soup sauce, making it a perfect side dish for any of your favorite main courses.

Amish Ham and Cheese Casserole

Amish recipes have a huge comfort-factor. Our easy version of this classic country Amish Ham and Cheese Casserole takes advantage of some market shortcuts. Same great taste, but a bit lesswork for us.

One Pot Primavera

Here's a one-pot twist on a light pasta dish brimming with fresh vegetables. Mix up our One-Pot Primavera and enjoy the fresh and easy goodness.

Beef with Barley

Our hearty Beef with Barley one pot reicpe is sure to satisfy long after the meal is over! It's also a great make ahead meal that offers long cooking taste!

Tuscan One Pot

Chock-full of healthy ingredients, this hearty, flavorful Tuscan One Pot stew is sure to brighten dinnertime. Savor every last drop of this easy one pot with some crusty whole grain bread.

Hearty Italian One Pot

Our hearty Italian One Pot is a meal in a bowl! With turkey sausage, beans, potatoes, and vegetables, including lots of hearty kale, you'll be full the whole night through!

Simmerin' Beef One Pot

Serve up thiseasy, beefy meal and you're whole family will thank you!One pot simmering means the stove does all the work and you get all the credit. Who wouldn't like that?!

Skillet Chili Mac

The gang will be all smiles when you serve up this enhanced version of mac and cheese. It's easy to keep the ingredients on hand for this quick one pot meal any night of the week.

Homemade Hash

​Corned beef hash is found in restaurants all over the country, but with our recipe for Homemade Hash, you won't have to travel past your front door to get it. 

Cuban Shredded Beef

We're betting the zesty flavors of this classic Cuban one-pot will make it a favorite on your table!

Southern Beef Stew

One-pot meals are great for chilly weather, so what could be better than the comforting taste of an old favorite, Southern-styled stew madewith a surprise ingredient? This is the perfect meal to cozy up to on those cold nights!

One Pot Italian Feast

We think you're gonna love the classic Italian seasonings and spices we use in our One Pot Italian Feast. Plus, the hearty stewed tomatoes, flavorful Italian sausage, and filling pasta noodles makes this an easy one pot recipe worth feasting on.

Rigatoni Bolognese

You'll feel like you're in the heart o fItaly with this all-in-one-pot sensational Rigatoni Bolognese! No need to go over budget at a restaurant or travel halfway around the world to enjoy this easy Italian classic!

Savory Short Ribs

Long and slow cookin'makes these beef short ribs as tender as can be, the perfect one-pot meal for a hungry gang. With hearty barley and healthy veggies, Savory Short Ribs is an all-in-one good choice!

Sausage and Bean One Pot

This easy one pot meal is part soup, part stew, and adds up to a comforting main-dish meal. You'll love Sausage and Bean One Pot for how easy it is to make and how good it tastes!

Shrimp Boil

Throw your shrimp, sausage and veggies together in this quick and tasty one-pot recipe. The taste is so spicy and original that it's sure to please even non-seafood lovers!

Simple Turkey One Pot

Why wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy those comfort tastes we all love? Toss everything together in your slow cooker and you'll have a complete one-pot turkey dinner without any work.

Mardi Gras Jambalaya

Alright, pretend it's Mardi Gras. Throw all these ingredients in one pot and crank up your favorite New Orleans jazz. That's the way to turn regular-old dinner into a celebration!

Irish Beef Stew

The whole gang will be smiling when we serve up this hearty Irish Beef Stew. This easy one pot meal cooks up to be weeknight or company special.

One Pot Whatever

With a name like this, you may be wondering what the mystery is. No mystery, just a hearty beefy skillet meal you can't go wrong serving anytime.

Easy Tortellini One Pot

Take a stroll through the frozen food aisle at the supermarket and grab everything you need to make our Easy Tortellini One-Pot. It only takes 20 minutes and it doesn't get much easier than that!

All in One Pierogi Skillet

Wow! Ground beef and broccoli never had it so good, 'cause in All in One Pierogi Skillet they're teamed with puffy, melt-in-your-mouth, everybody-loves-'em potato pierogis. Better make extra!

Welcome Home Pot

When you've got our Welcome Home Pot one-pot meal simmering on the stovetop, the gang's gonna come home from school and work to an aroma that says, "Welcome home!" You can't ask for a better one pot recipe than that!

Skillet Sausage n Cabbage

What could be better on a cold winter night than a skillet supper bursting with the hearty flavors of smoked sausage and cabbage? Oh, it's so comforting!

French Country One Pot

Traditional recipes for dishes like our French Country One Pot are easy but use lots of pots and pans. Well, from the ingredients here, you'll know you're in for a taste treat. And from the title, you'll know you're in for a cleanup treat, too!

Chuck Wagon Skillet

With just one pan and 15 minutes, you can whip up an extraordinary dish that'll have the whole gang pining for more. Our recipe for Chuck Wagon Mix has all that great barbecue flavor we love, and you only need 5 ingredients to make it!

Hearty Chicken Gumbo

A gumbo is really just a hearty Cajun stew. So, when we need to serve something to chase away the cold-weather blues, we know our Hearty Chicken Gumbo is sure to be stick-to-our-ribs satisfying!

Hillbilly One Pot

Take your taste buds to the backwoods, country-style way of cooking and rustle up our hearty Hillbilly One Pot. Made from a load of fresh ingredients, this one is down-home special!

Jazzy Beef Soup

This isn't your ordinary beef soup! We jazzed this one up, so that it's got a little extra kick to it. Our one-pot recipe for Jazzy Beef Soup will make you feel all nice and cozy from the inside-out. 

Mexican Twist

Now here's an easy ground beef recipe that's definitely not boring. Loaded with southwestern spice, veggies, and twisted pasta, our Mexican Twist is a mouth-full of "ooh, yeah!".

Old World Peasant Soup

You're gonna want to bring your appetite and a loaf of crusty bread to the table when you serve this Old-World Peasant Soup. This soup is full of fresh veggies, beans, and, for old-world flavor, some kielbasa.

Orange Honey Pork Ribs

Sure you'll need lots of napkins, but only after you finish licking all this sweet sauce from your fingers! This recipe for Orange Honey Pork Ribs is sure to be your go-to summertime dinner. 

Sicilian Beef One Pot

When the weather demands warm, comforting meals, nothing fits the bill better than a good old stick-to-your-ribs one-pot. The Italian flair adds an extra level of comfort to this stew.

Tonight's One Skillet Steak

With Tonight's One Skillet Steak, there's no marinating, no fancy ingredients, and just one skillet. Boy, oh boy! This sure does sound perfect for tonight (or any night)!

Plus, check out these other great one pot recipes!

Slow Cooked Italian Pot Roast - If you don't have a slow cooker, we suggest that you go out and get one ASAP! This recipe alone, with its fork-tender beef smothered in a rich and zesty sauce, will make your purchase worthwhile.

Far East Beef and Rice - Far East Beef and Rice is an east meets west one pot dish that's packed with flavor. Budget-friendly ground beef gets its lively taste from a variety of veggies and taste bud pleasing seasonings.

Pleasin' Beefy Chicken Bake - What do we do when the gang can't agree on beef or chicken for dinner? We give 'em exactly what they want - an easy one-pot dish that'll please one and all!

Spicy Rigatoni - If you're looking for a hearty, flavor-packed meal in one pot, you've found it! With broccoli, beans, sausage and pasta, what more could you ask for than Spicy Rigatoni?

Greek Island Frittata - Even though a frittata is a "loaded" omelet, it's still pretty easy to make. So if you like to keep things simple, and if you like dishes with a foreign flair, this one's for you!

Seafood One Pot - If you're a seafood lover, roll up your sleeves, grab a loaf of crusty bread and a big bowl and spoon, and you'll be "in business", as we always said. 

Italian Seafood One Pot - Here's a super blend of Mediterranean seafood that our ancestors made in just one pot. We can do it the same way today, which still means lots of flavor and little cleanup!

Best Easy Broccoli Casserole - Best Broccoli Casserole is loaded with creamy vegetables and crunchy nuts. It's got the perfect casserole consistency - not too mushy, but still warm and comforting.

Sicilian One Pot - If you think one-dish meals tend to be dull and bland, you haven't tasted our Sicilian One Pot, made with sausage, chicken and lots of other goodies! Talk about zip!

Barnyard Chicken & Dumplings - Why is this one of our favorite chicken soups? Maybe because of the homemade dumplings that are swimming in it. Barnyard Chicken & Dumplings is a hearty soup that you can enjoy as a meal-starter or a main dish. It's one of those one-pot chicken recipes the whole family's sure to lvoe.

Easy Cook Pot Roast - Wait 'til your gang gets a whiff of this roast cooking in your slow cooker! This is one-step cooking at its finest with the vegetables and gravy teaming perfectly with the eye of round roast and making any day a special day! It's one-pot cooking at its finest!

One Pot Chicken Dinner - Start loosening your belt buckle now because once you bite into this yummy One Pot Chicken Dinner you won't be able to stop eating! This truly is a winner, winner chicken dinner!

Chinese Chicken Roll Ups - So many ways to cook chicken....So little time....And when it sounds complicated, should we even try it? You'd better try these! They're a cinch to make 'cause all the ingredients get cooked in one pan then get spooned into flour tortillas for no-fuss serving.

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I have to try the Easy Kentucky Burgoo! Looks so good!

I would love to try the One Pot Mac and Cheese! Wonder why I never thought of using spaghetti noodles!

The Old World Goulash looks like something I'm going to have to try! Talk about comfort food!

The All in One Chicken looks yummy!

I would love the Chicken Pierogi Skillet!

The Saucy White Chili is so tempting!

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The Cola Pot Roast looks extra yummy, and I would love to try it!

The Chicken Cacciatore One-Pot would definitely be one recipe I would like to try!

The Southern Beef Stew is Yummy. Perfect for cold weather.

Looks good --- Beef with Barley !!!

I am most the Shrimp Boil first and foremost. This will be extra special for the Lent season.

I would love the Chicken Cacciatore One Pot

All In One Pierogi Skillet would be my recipe of choice.

Rigatoni bolengese

I have end stage kidney failure and most day/nights I have very little energy for cooking and clean-up. You list so many wonderful looking meals, I would like to try the "Cozy Beef Stew" first.

I would like to try the All in One Pierogi Skillet. Looks very yummy!

I would soooo like to try the Cozy Beef Stew!

I would love to Try The One Pot Primavera! It sounds delicious!

i want to try the seafood one pot.

Seafood One Pot

Everything looks yummy....the first recipe I would try would be the Welcome Home Pot...

I am looking forward to trying the Cola Pot Roast this weekend. Ij hope it will be SOOO GOOD

I am excited to try many of these recipes, particularly the Old World Goulash and the Amish Ham and Cheese Casserole! There are so many tempting recipes here!

I think I'd like to try the Cuban Shredded Beef recipe!

I would like to try the One Pot Italian Feast.

Barnyard Chicken Dumplings

Old World Goulash

I haven't tried any of these recipes. but i would love to try the Mardi Gras jambalaya. We went to New Orleans last year on vacation, and my husband and son loved the jambalaya they got while we were there.

the slow cooked italian pot roast was excellent!

I love this Mac Cheese recipe because you can add your favorite things like bacon, vegies, peas, etc. It is also nutritious because of the milk and cheese in it. Mine was very tasty.

I think I'd like to try the Cuban Shredded Beef recipe! Looks amazing!

I want to make the Saucy White Chili.

I would love to make the Country Chicken and Rice!

I want to try Easy Cook Pot Roast!! Sounds AWESOME!!!

I would like to try the Stovetop Tuna Mac Recipe. It sounds so good and combines two dishes I really like, Tuna Casserole and Mac Cheese in one pot convenience. What could be simpler?

Beef with Barley

I love one pot recipes. They are always hearty, quick and are easy clean up. One of my favorites is the Pierogi Skillet.

One Pot Whatever

The Easy Broccoli Casserole is my favorite so far, I've tried several of the recipes and I have not found one that I don't like yet. My family love the recipes as well, except my husband complained that he's getting fat. Teresa Cofer

Cozy Beef Stew

Rigatoni Bolognese sounds great we love Italian I will nave to try this and others

We love goulash at our house, and this looks like a tasty variation.

I make a recipe similar to the Hearty Italian One Pot, only instead of kale, I use Escarole. There were a few others listed that I'll definitely have to try.

Tried this recipe? What did you think?

I can't decide. I love all of them!!!

I grew up in a house of six, and I always had to do the dishes, so now I hate doing them! These one pot recipes are real lifesavers. I can get food in my belly without having to think about doing a ton of dishes afterwards. :)

So many recipes! So far my favorite has been the Tuscan Soup. One Pot meals are the best :)

This collection is amazing! I love one-pot recipes, so this is an amazing resource. Thanks!


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