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Easy-Breezy Brunch: 26 Easy Brunch Recipes for Any Occasion

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  1. Fish We're cookin' up one of these fish recipes for dinner tonight! From baked fish recipes to grilled fish recipes and more, we've got some of the best easy fish recipes using cod, tuna, salmon, catfish, and more.
  2. Shellfish Make delicious recipes using shellfish. From lobster and shrimp to crab and crawfish, the possibilities are endless. Try your hand shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp, crab cakes or steamed clams, Everyone loves the culinary delights of cooked shellfish.
  3. Chili Round up the cowboys and serve them a hearty bowl of chili. Nothing soothes stomach pains like our great chili recipes. Be it chicken chili, vegetarian chili, turkey chili, while chili or black bean chili, any homemade chili will have them full.
  4. Soups Warm up with one of our favorite easy soup recipes. From chicken soup to vegetable soup, you'll stay cozy with these homemade soup recipes. Make one of these easy healthy recipes for dinner tonight!
  5. Stews For a hearty dinner any time of year, our stew recipes are just what you need. Whether you're in a mood for a savory beef stew recipe or one of our easy lamb stew recipes, you're all set!
  6. How-To Videos We've got some great cooking tips on how to cook like the pros. Learn how to cook everything from dinner to breakfast to dessert, and soon, you won't be able to leave the kitchen!
  7. Recipe Videos Recipe Videos
  8. Eggs If you're looking for the best ways to make eggs, you've come to the right place! Our collection of egg recipes has it all from scrambled egg recipes for breakfast to deviled egg recipes for parties. Check out what we've got in store.
  9. Misc. Breakfast Get ready for the most important meal of the day with our selection of easy breakfast recipes, including breakfast recipes for kids, Christmas breakfast recipes, and much more.
  10. Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast If you're looking for the best pancake recipes, waffle recipes, or French toast recipes, then you've come to the right place. Serve up breakfast in style with this collection of easy breakfast recipes.
  11. Cold Beverages Get your cold beverages here! Whether you're looking for morning coffee drink recipes or evening mixed drinks, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
  12. Hot Beverages Hot beverages are the perfect way to warm up in the winter. Check out our collection of hot chocolate recipes, different types of coffee, alcoholic drinks, and more.
  13. Bar Cookies Bake up some of these fabulous bar cookies, and you won't be sorry! These easy bar cookie recipes include Christmas bar cookies, lemon bar cookies, pumpkin bar cookies, and more.
  14. Brownies Chocolate never tasted better than with these easy brownie recipes, including brownies from scratch, fudge brownies, cream cheese brownies, and more.
  15. Cakes Make your party a hit with our selection of amazing cakes. From birthday cake recipes to summer-ready ice cream cake to decadent chocolate cake, you won't be disappointed!
  16. Candy Make your favorite old-fashioned candy recipes at home from vintage candy favorites to mouth-watering chocolate candies and more.
  17. Cheesecakes Check out our selection of cheesecakes. Whether you're looking for a simple cheesecake recipe, a no bake cheesecake, or a strawberry cheesecake recipe, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
  18. Cookies Make one of our easy cookie recipes tonight! We've got the best cookie recipes whether you need a chocolate chip cookie recipe, an oatmeal cookie recipe, or something else.
  19. Cupcakes Cupcakes are a must-have at any potluck or holiday. Whether you're looking for birthday cupcakes, mini cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes or more, you're going to have something to celebrate!
  20. Frozen Desserts Cool down with one of our easy frozen dessert recipes. We've got some of the best frozen desserts, including frozen strawberry desserts, no-bake desserts, and more!
  21. Misc. Desserts Check out some of the best easy dessert recipes around, including chocolate dessert recipes, summer dessert recipes, Christmas dessert recipes, and more.
  22. Pastries Have an elegant dessert ready with one of these easy pastry recipes. From puff pastry recipes to breakfast pastry recipes and more, you'll set a delightful spread.
  23. Pies We've got the best selection of pie recipes around, including apple pie, lemon meringue pie, and even a pie crust or two! These pies are must-make dessert favorites.
  24. Puddings Find the best pudding recipes right here! Whether you're looking for bread pudding recipes, rice pudding recipes, or even the perfect banana pudding recipe, you're sure to find exactly what you need.
  25. Beef Make yourself a hearty beef dinner with our fine selection of beef recipes, including ground beef recipes, beef stew recipes, beef and noodles, and much more.
  26. Lamb Check out our selection of lamb recipes from ground lamb recipes to lamb chop recipes to lamb shank recipes to grilled lamb recipes and so much more!
  27. Misc. Meat No matter what kind of meat recipes you're looking to find, you're sure to find the best recipes here. From meat stew recipes to taco meat recipes, we've got 'em all.
  28. Pork No matter what kind of pork you're working with, we've got some of the best pork recipes for you. Check out our selection of pork loin recipes, pork chop recipes, pork roast recipes, and more.
  29. Veal Expand your taste palette with one of our tasty veal recipes. From veal chop recipes to veal cutlet recipes and more, you'll love all the choices we have to offer.
  30. Pasta Sauces Keep that jar in the pantry--we've got some homemade pasta sauce recipes you simply can't refuse. If you need an easy pasta sauce recipe, boy, you've come to the right place!
  31. Deli Salads From picnics to lunch to dinner, deli salads go with practically anything! We've got a wide variety for you to choose from, whether you're looking for an easy pasta salad, tuna salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, chicken salad, or something else.
  32. Green Salads Make your dinner complete with one of these recipes for green salads. Our green salad recipes are great for a light lunch, potluck, or dinner. We know you'll love how these are some of the best green salad recipes.
  33. Misc. Salads Get ready for a potluck or a family dinner with our array of salad recipes. From pasta salad recipes to green salad recipes to chicken salad recipes, we're sure to have a salad for you.
  34. Salad Dressings Make your favorite salad dressings at home. Find a great Greek salad dressing recipe, Caesar salad dressing recipe, Italian salad dressing recipe, and more!


  1. "Egg cellent" Taco Brunch Tex-Mex flavors are as popular as ever, so why shouldn't we have Tex-Mex brunches, too? Yup, by simply replacing ground beef with scrambled eggs, we've got a brunch recipe that'll have your guests thanking you and Señor Food!
  2. 18 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Out Right 18 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Out Right
  3. 24 Incredible Mother's Day Brunch Ideas These Mother's Day brunch ideas will help you pamper Mom if you add them to your mother's day menu. We love these mother's day recipes, and we think she will too!
  4. 5 Ingredient Breakfast Pizza Who knew you could have a scrumptious breakfast pizza with only 5 ingredients and no work at all? This is a sure-fire winner for a lazy day.
  5. 6 Ooey Gooey Homemade Cinnamon Roll Recipes Our latest recipe collection, 6 Ooey Gooey Homemade Cinnamon Roll Recipes, shows you how to make bakery-style cinnamon rolls in the comfort of your own kitchen. From fall-ready apple cinnamon rolls to a shortcut microwave version, we know you're goin
  6. All In One Breakfast Getting a great start on your morning is as easy as making our All In One Breakfast! We've loaded this dish with potatoes, veggies, and eggs, and nestled them together in a creamy, buttery blanket that we like to sprinkle some cheese over. So, breakf
  7. All-In-One Breakfast Melt What do you get when you combine hash browns and mozzarella cheese? A whole lot of yum! This All-in-One Breakfast Melt might just be the tastiest way to celebrate a lazy weekend around the house.
  8. Amish Cooking: 8 Amish Recipes for Breakfast Good morning everyone! It's time to rise and shine with the best of 'em with one of our finest collections of Amish recipes for breakfast. Our Amish breakfast is good 'n' hearty, just the way our Pennsylvania Dutch friends like it.
  9. Apple Pie Oatmeal Whether you enjoy this Apple Pie Oatmeal as a breakfast or dessert, your tummies will be begging for more. The ingredients all blend together for a combination that will keep everyone coming back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even more...
  10. Apple Pie Toast You're thinking this sounds odd, aren't you? Trust us, the combination of cinnamon toast with apples and Cheddar cheese is a great one. You'll see why this Apple Pie Toast is an all-American favorite!
  11. Avocado Breakfast Boats Clear the deck sailors! Our recipe for Avocado Breakfast Boats is so good it'll blow your taste buds right out of the water! Just imagine: a fresh avocado and tomato salsa mixed together and served over fluffy, scrambled eggs right in the avocado "bo
  12. Benedict Watermelon Don't be fooled by the name. Benedict Watermelon is a refreshing watermelon and yogurt salad combo that looks like a classic Eggs Benedict. Maybe serve it on the side for an eye-catching fruit salad to go with any of your breakfast favorites.
  13. Berries 'n' Cream Oatmeal Jump-start your morning with this creamy treat. Go ahead and cook the oatmeal ahead of time, and then all you have to do is reheat it in the microwave when you're ready to eat it. Stir well before serving. It keeps in the fridge up to 1 week.
  14. Best Breakfast Recipes for One: 12 Recipes for One Person We're proud to present our collection of Best Breakfast Recipes for One: 12 Recipes for One Person. You won't be wasting your time, food, or money with these! Plus, all you've got to do is double everything, and you've got a breakfast recipe for two.
  15. Biscuits with Sausage Gravy Biscuits with gravy are a staple at most Southern breakfast tables. Just making true Southern country-style gravy and biscuits can take an entire morning...and we don't usually have that time! Y'all are gonna love this shortcut recipe!
  16. Blueberry and Orange Yogurt Parfaits It takes just three healthy ingredients to build these luscious Blueberry and Orange Yogurt Breakfast Parfaits. Our easy blueberry parfait recipe is the perfect breakfast or midday snack you can feel good about.
  17. Blueberry Cheese Breakfast Tartlets If you're looking for an easy breakfast recipe that pairs perfectly with your favorite mug of coffee, look no further than our Blueberry Cheese Breakfast Tartlets. These one bite treats are sweet from the blueberry preserves yet creamy from the cream
  18. Breakfast Burrito Panini Get breakfast wrapped up quickly with this tasty egg Breakfast Burrito Panini that's made with hard-cooked eggs tucked in a tortilla wrap and served warm to enjoy at home or on the go.
  19. Breakfast Cookies Instead of serving individual breakfast shakes and granola, why not combine them into a new form to make Breakfast Cookies? This on-the-go breakfast recipe is a busy morning favorite!
  20. Breakfast Crunch Wanna give your cereal an extra crunch? Or maybe liven up your yogurt? A sprinkle of this topping is guaranteed to wake up your taste buds, and the crunching noise might even wake up your entire family!
  21. Breakfast English Muffin Melt We don't believe in skipping breakfast, even when we've only got 10 minutes before we've got to be out the door! On those days we like to make our Breakfast English Muffin Melt. This topless breakfast sandwich has it all: cheese, eggs, butter, bacon,
  22. Breakfast Frittata Did you know that a frittata is a type of omelet? Frittatas have their ingredients mixed and cooked right into the eggs, and they're not folded like omelets. This frittata is packed with hash browns, veggies and cheese. Mmm!
  23. Breakfast in a Mug No reason to skip breakfast when you can whip up this delicious all-in-one egg breakfast in your microwave in minutes. Our Breakfast in a Mug makes for easy clean-up, and is the perfect way to start your day off right!
  24. Breakfast Lasagna Our eye-catching Breakfast Lasagna puts a new spin on cereal and fruit and is counted among our favorite easy breakfast potluck recipes. Ruby red watermelon and a burst of blueberries mixed with creamy yogurt make for a great lasagna recipe with laye
  25. Breakfast Monkey Bread Our Breakfast Monkey Bread is an easy breakfast bake the whole family will enjoy. Full of cheesy eggs, ham, and broccoli, this breakfast bake is sure to fill everyone's bellies.
  26. Breakfast Pita Pockets Here's an easy way to make a classic breakfast "sandwich." Our Breakfast Pita Pockets are stuffed with two breakfast favorites: cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon! Everyone in your family is going to love these!
  27. Breakfast Pizza For years you've been telling the kids they can't have pizza for breakfast. We're allowed to change our minds, aren't we? We mean, can you imagine the looks on their faces when you tell them you made pizza for breakfast?!
  28. Breakfast Rollups No need to spend a lot of hard-earned cash to impress company for brunch! This simple recipe for colorful and flavorful tortilla roll-ups uses fillings we already have on hand. The result is priceless good taste!
  29. Brunch Burritos When our test kitchen first made these Brunch Burritos, the raves of "Incredible!" and "Awesome!" were just the beginning. How would you describe them?
  30. Bull's Eye Eggs Eggs piled high on top of toast are a long-time breakfast favorite, and with this easy version, we eliminate an entire step. Yep, we actually bake the eggs and toast the bread all at the same time! The result is a one-dish wonder.
  31. Canadian Breakfast Sandwiches No time to prepare for that drop-in company? In just 15 minutes you can be serving a breakfast treat that adults will love...and kids, too!
  32. Carrot Cake Overnight Oats Ever wished you could serve yourself a big slice of carrot cake for breakfast? Unfortunately, that wouldn't be a healthy option, but (lucky for you!) we've found a way for you to enjoy the tastes of carrot cake in a good-for-you breakfast form. Our C
  33. Cheesy Breakfast Rolls These are sure to become a morning favorite! They're simple to throw together and feature your favorite breakfast ingredients - eggs, bacon, and cheese!
  34. Cheesy Broccoli Tart A quick stop at the supermarket refrigerated case and produce counter will yield a fresh and tasty recipe for homemade Cheesy Broccoli Tart. This easy brunch idea is a cinch to throw together.
  35. Chorizo Fajitas If you like breakfast burritos, then you'll really love these tasty Chorizo Fajitas! Packed with spicy chorizo sausage, eggs, veggies, and cheese, this is a breakfast you'll find yourself craving.
  36. Christmas Morning Cinnamon Bun Pie You want to make the perfect Christmas breakfast recipe for your family. That's when you throw together this easy peasy Christmas Morning Cinnamon Bun Pie. You know it'll be a big hit all around.
  37. Cinnamon Walnut Cherry Oatmeal Looking for an easy way to turn your oatmeal into something special? Our simple oatmeal recipe, Cinnamon Walnut Cherry Oatmeal, is just like a classic breakfast recipe you'd prepare early in the morning on a weekend vacation. Its combination of maple
  38. Country Sausage and Biscuits Some recipes are all about those down-home, comforting tastes, and our recipe for Country Sausage and Biscuits is no exception. You'll find yourself glued to your seat when this country-style dish is put in front of you!
  39. Crab Puffs Creamy crabmeat piled high on an English muffin and that's brunch at its finest. It's so fancy-sounding, but when you see how easy it is, you'll fall for it hook, line, and sinker.
  40. Creole Breakfast Crostinis Start your morning off right with this not-so-ordinary recipe that goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. Our recipe for Creole Breakfast Crostinis will have you full and ready to conquer your morning!
  41. Crispy Brown Sugar Bacon Add the trendy smoky sweet taste of our candied-style bacon to some of your favorites and everyone will go hog-wild. Our Crispy Brown Sugar Bacon is so good; better make a double batch in case your "nibblers" make it disappear!
  42. Crispy Candied Bacon If you haven't tried Crispy Candied Bacon then you're missing out! You'll love the caramelized coating that the brown sugar adds to this breakfast favorite.
  43. Dried Cherry and Pecan Oatmeal Put away that box of pre-made oatmeal. It's time for a homemade oatmeal recipe you'll be proud to serve your family again and again. We love adding a bit of fruity flavor to our morning breakfast table. The pecans add a bit of a crunch to your meal t
  44. Easter Brunch Recipe Bonanza: 12 Recipes for Easter Brunch When you're looking to get your Easter brunch menu set, our top 12 recipes for Easter brunch are sure to get your Easter Sunday menu good to go.
  45. Easy-Breezy Brunch: 26 Easy Brunch Recipes for Any Occasion Whether you're looking for a Saturday brunch option or a Sunday brunch buffet, our free eCookbook, Easy-Breezy Brunch: 26 Easy Brunch Recipes for Any Occasion, is sure to fit your needs!
  46. Farmer's Breakfast Bake Our Farmer's Breakfast Bake is a spin on an old favorite. Sort of a cross between a quiche and a tart, this breakfast dish features an amazing hash brown crust and creamy cheese layer your whole family will love!
  47. Farmer's Skillet Breakfast Okay, you've only got a half-hour before you drive carpool, better known as Mom's Taxi Service. So grab a skillet and, in no time, you'll have a diner breakfast of eggs and potatoes that's guaranteed to get them going.
  48. Feel-Good Smoothie Bowl Our Feel-Good Smoothie Bowl features the perfect blend of fresh-from-the-freezer fruit, almond milk and honey. It's a healthier way to start your day, since each bowl is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. And if you top each bowl with a little grano
  49. Fried Cornmeal Mush This old-fashioned recipe for Fried Cornmeal Mush is one that won't ever go out of style. Most Midwesterners will tell you it's one of their go-to breakfast staples, while some folks will say it makes a tasty side dish! However you eat it, there's no
  50. Garlic Cheese Grits Grits aren't just for breakfast anymore! Try 'em as a side dish to round out your meal. They're especially good teamed with pork and roasted chicken.
  51. George Washington's Corn Cakes Did you know that the first President of the United States, George Washington, began his morning routine with a breakfast that included the most incredible corn cakes? We decided to recreate his morning favorite, so you can make them for your family.
  52. Get-'Em-Out-of-Bed Breakfast Bake This easy egg bake will surely get 'em out of bed. The smell of bacon cooking in this dish will wake up their tastebuds. That's why we had to call this one Get-'Em-Out-of-Bed Breakfast Bake!
  53. Green Chili Cheese Grits Who's looking for a Southern breakfast recipe that'll get your heart thumpin' and pumpin'? Well, then you're in luck because our easy breakfast recipe for homemade Green Chili Cheese Grits is a real doozy. By using a few spicy ingredients, we've put
  54. Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake Our Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake only makes it seem like you spent all weekend in the kitchen. This hearty recipe is big enough to feed any size army you've got at the table.
  55. Ham and Cheese Quiche Ham and cheese is one of those classic combinations that always goes well together. Naturally, we sandwiched these two together into a pie shell to make this amazing breakfast recipe for Ham and Cheese Quiche.
  56. Hash For A Bash File this under easy breakfast potluck recipes! Our amazing Hash for a Bash can not only feed a small army, but it's perfect any time of the day. So round up the gang, make sure they're hungry and get ready to watch this dish disappear.
  57. Holiday Sausage Rollups Sure, it's easy to toss doughnuts and bagels on the table, but the gang is probably looking for something a little heartier on this special day. Here you go! A hot out of the oven pull-apart breakfast treat in the shape of a Christmas tree!
  58. Homemade Donut Recipes: 8 Easy Recipes for Donuts Our collection of Homemade Donut Recipes - 8 Easy Recipes for Donuts gives you the chance to be the baker.
  59. Hot Tomato Grits No true Southern breakfast would be complete without a helping of grits! And with bacon, cheese and tomatoes, you can't go wrong!
  60. Individual Ham and Cheese Quiches No sharing allowed! These quiches are the perfect breakfast for one, but don't worry, we've still got plenty to go around. Using one of our favorite shortcuts with frozen pastry shells, you can have a gourmet, homemade breakfast recipe without ever h
  61. L.E.O. Omelet What does L.E.O. stand for? Anyone who's been to a New York-style deli for breakfast probably knows that it stands for lox, eggs, and onions, a real favorite. This version is baked, so it's simple to serve and there's no last-minute messy cooking.
  62. Layered Amish Breakfast Bake This Pennsylvania Dutch-inspired Layered Amish Breakfast Bake is the perfect wholesome rise 'n' shine all-in-one-pan breakfast for a lazy weekend morning.
  63. Layered Strawberry Ginger Yogurt Cups Who's ready for an easy, 4-ingredient breakfast-in-bed treat? Then you're in luck because this simple breakfast recipe for Layered Strawberry Ginger Yogurt Cups is simple way to get a gourmet meal. Combine one of our favorite breakfast fruits, strawb
  64. Lazy Day Breakfast Okay, let's face it, we all have our lazy days. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and that includes cleaning out the fridge. Well, our recipe for Lazy Day Breakfast will help you do just that! Mix and match your favorite veggies to create you
  65. Lemon Glazed Sweet Rolls Wait until you taste these Lemon Glazed Sweet'll be hard to believe that they're a lighter option, because they're so rich and tasty! Plus, they are so easy to transport that they'll surely become one of your favorite easy breakfast potluc
  66. Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole This is the easiest breakfast casserole you'll ever make. No, really. Thanks to some shortcut frozen ingredients, this Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole can be put together in no time. And since it's a make-ahead casserole, you can make it an hour in ad
  67. Mancake Pancakes Can't decide between pancakes or a hearty breakfast scramble? Our Mancake Pancakes make it so you don't have to! Load 'em up with his favorites for a breakfast that'll fill any grumblin' belly!
  68. Maple Walnut Breakfast Buns If you're a fan of cinnamon buns, then you'll love this version that we like to call Maple Walnut Breakfast Buns. These scrumptious buns are a tasty treat that pair perfectly with your favorite cup of joe!
  69. Mexican Breakfast Bake Loaded with tons of flavor, our Mexican Breakfast Bake is a great gluten-free option that is super easy to make and is perfect for a nice weekend brunch at home!
  70. Mexicana Bagels In other recipes we've topped bagels with everything from vegetable cream cheese to happy faces. Now it's time to give them a bit of Mexican flair.
  71. Morning Pizza Pizza for breakfast?! You got it! Our Morning Pizza is covered in fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, before getting smothered in gooey melted cheese! Just slice and go!
  72. Morning Taters Whip up the perfect potato side to go along with your favorite breakfast main dish. Morning Taters is a five ingredient recipe that's easy to make and add to your breakfast spread.
  73. Mushroom, Bacon, Swiss Breakfast Calzones Calzones in the morning? You betcha! They're great for breakfast-on-the-go or for brunch. And since they're little rectangles, they're easy to handle and eat.
  74. Not Too Blue Cheese Grits These grits are a brunch and side-dish favorite in our test kitchen, even among those who don't consider themselves blue cheese fans.
  75. Overnight Cookie Dough Oatmeal If you're someone who loves to sample the cookie dough batter when you're baking cookies, then you're going to love this Overnight Cookie Dough Oatmeal! Just prepare this easy oatmeal the night before and you'll have a sweet morning treat that'll fue
  76. Overnight Success Souffle Typically, when most people flip through a cookbook, they pass right by souffles because they think they're complicated and you have to be so careful when you make them. Not this one! You can make it up the night before your brunch, then bake
  77. Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats Get a head start on your day with our recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats. Since it's made the day before, you don't have to worry about rushing in the morning to make breakfast. All you've got to do is take this decadent oatmeal out of th
  78. Pineapple Breakfast Melt Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast? If not, then here's one you've got to try! Our recipe for Pineapple Breakfast Melt calls for a classic combination, fruit and cheese, to make this the tastiest breakfast-style grilled cheese
  79. Potato Tot Breakfast Bake Round up the whole gang 'cause everyone is going to want a part of this Potato Tot Breakfast Bake! It's full of everything they love best, including crispy potato nuggets, flavorful breakfast sausage, and cheesy, creamy, eggy goodness!
  80. Pressed Greek Breakfast Wraps Craving Greek for breakfast? Good, 'cause these wraps are stuffed with all of your favorite Mediterranean ingredients like olives, red peppers, spinach, and feta cheese! Our Pressed Greek Breakfast Wraps are a wonderful change-of-pace from your usual
  81. Quiche Italiano It's a quiche that tastes like a supreme pizza! Our Quiche Italiano is stuffed with veggies, pepperoni, and of course...lots of cheese! If you're looking for a tasty new way to enjoy quiche, then this recipe is perfect for you.
  82. Quick Breakfast Burritos Who says you can't eat burritos for breakfast? This quick breakfast recipe will get you in the kitchen and out the door in no time at all! This easy Mexican recipe has that kick of flavor you need to get your day started off right, and with a cooking
  83. Quick Oatmeal Granola Whether you're looking for an easy way to shake up a classic breakfast like yogurt or you want to add a little something special to a bowl of your favorite cereal, this oatmeal granola recipe will do the trick.
  84. Raisin Walnut Cream Cheese Try this crunchy & sweet cream cheese spread on your next breakfast bagel.
  85. Raspberry Toaster Cakes Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive pastry snacks at the supermarket, why not make them at home for a lot less? They'll be brimming with a lot more fruity taste, so why not get the kids to help out for a fun afternoon project? Then, when
  86. Recipes for Brunch: 8 Recipes for Your Breakfast Menu Raise your hand if you love Sunday brunch! We're getting the recipes for your breakfast menu nice and set with these early morning food favorites. These recipes for brunch have everything you need for a tasty meal.
  87. Rise 'n' Shine Brunch Bake Make this brunch bake that's loaded with lots of fresh veggies, including colorful and nutritious Salad Savoy. It's sure to get your family to rise 'n' shine!
  88. Rise 'n' Shine Parfait Who would think cream cheese and granola could be this elegant?! Wake up to an exciting and healthy breakfast that's a change of pace from the typical morning breakfast routine.
  89. Rosemary Biscuits & Country Gravy Wanna get your gang to the table for breakfast? Just tell them you're making this classic Southern dish and they'll come runnin'! Our Rosemary Biscuits & Country Gravy are to die for, y'all.
  90. Sausage and Egg Muffins Don't you just love brunch? Sausage and Egg Muffins are destined to become your new brunch favorite!
  91. Sausage Filled Crepes Bored with your breakfast routine? Switch things up with these novel Sausage-Filled Crepes. They look and sound fancy, but they're really easy to make!
  92. Sausage Pinwheels Sausage Pinwheels are an easy breakfast recipe that tastes delicious on Christmas or any morning. All you need are four ingredients to make these meaty rolled-up breakfast delights!
  93. Shortcut Fruit "Crepes" You'll love this super simple way to make crepes. Instead of making a batter, we start with tortillas! Our tortilla crepes are a great easy brunch idea!
  94. Shortcut Mom's Day Benedict You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to impress Mom! On Mother's Day, surprise her with this Shortcut Mom's Day Benedict and you're sure to put a great big smile on her face.
  95. Simple Brunch Recipes: 19 Breakfast Casseroles Ideas for brunch don't come around everyday. And if you're looking for a show-stopping main dish, you've come to the right place! Our collection of 19 breakfast casseroles will get your Sunday brunch off to a satisfying start.
  96. Slice and Go Oatmeal Eating oatmeal is a great way to add a little health to your day, and with our non-traditional recipe for Slice and Go Oatmeal, you can make it "to go," so that your gang can enjoy it for breakfast or even as a healthy, quick snack.
  97. Slow Cooker Granola This granola is made in a slow cooker and tastes so much better than anything store-bought. It's easy to make your own with all of your favorite add-ins!
  98. Strawberry and Cream Roll Ups If you like having dessert for breakfast, then you're going to be all over these Strawberry and Cream Roll Ups. You can even prepare these a day ahead, wrap 'em, refrigerate 'em and then pop them in the oven when you wake up! They'll be ready to enjo
  99. Strawberry Breakfast Rollups If you've never had rollups for breakfast before, then you're in for a real treat! Our Strawberry Breakfast Rollups are perfect for those on-the-go mornings. You can make 'em the night before and just reheat before you go!
  100. Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats Forget about waiting until it's time for dessert to enjoy the tastes of strawberry shortcake! With our recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats you can rise 'n' shine with your favorite sweet treat. It'll have you smiling all day long!
  101. Stuffed French Toast Looking for a fun addition to your breakfast repertoire? Not only will your French toast be will you!
  102. Sunrise Breakfast Pizza Our Sunrise Breakfast Pizza is loaded with healthy egg whites, vegetables, and turkey sausage to help you get a healthier start on your day. Plus it uses prepared pizza crust and fresh frozen veggies so you can prepare it in no time!
  103. Super Breakfast Sundaes Start your day on a sweet note with our Super Breakfast Sundaes. We use convenient ingredients to build spectacular sundaes that are perfect for getting sleepy heads out of bed in the morning!
  104. Texas-Style Breakfast Sandwiches Just one bite of these Texas-Style Breakfast Sandwiches and you'll know why they're a reader-favorite recipe. The ooey gooey cheese melted between two slices of Texas-toast makes this breakfast good enough to satisfy even the biggest of appetites!
  105. Tortilla Blintzes Tortilla blintzes?! Are we kidding? Nope! We love to mix and match the foods of different cultures, so why not make cheese-stuffed tortillas that can be the perfect addition to any brunch buffet.
  106. Upside Down Noodle Wreath Yes, it's make-ahead easy. Yes, it's packed with flavor. Yes, it's perfect for brunch. And, of course, "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!"
  107. Vegetable Cream Cheese This cream cheese spread is colorful and flavorful. It'll look good and taste even better on a bagel, toast or even crackers!
  108. Veggie Breakfast Burritos Tired of your boring bowl of cereal or half-stale muffin for breakfast? Then it's time you upgraded to a hot breakfast recipe that will give you enough energy to keep you going throughout the day.
  109. Waffle Breakfast Stack This all-in-one breakfast recipe is extra-quick and easy, thanks to the convenience of frozen and refrigerated shortcuts. It's great for busy or lazy days!
  110. Watermelon and Yogurt Parfait Give your gang fair warning that you're whipping up a luscious Watermelon and Yogurt Parfait for breakfast, and we guarantee they won't be pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock. Our scrumptious breakfast or energizing snack will be a hit.
  111. Western Ham Frittata This easy egg recipe has a little bit of everything in each bite. Hash browns, veggies, ham and cheese are all cooked right into the eggs, for a savory and filling dish. Cook up a Western Ham Frittata and slice it into four hearty pieces, there's eno

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