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  1. Fish We're cookin' up one of these fish recipes for dinner tonight! From baked fish recipes to grilled fish recipes and more, we've got some of the best easy fish recipes using cod, tuna, salmon, catfish, and more.
  2. Shellfish Make delicious recipes using shellfish. From lobster and shrimp to crab and crawfish, the possibilities are endless. Try your hand shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp, crab cakes or steamed clams, Everyone loves the culinary delights of cooked shellfish.
  3. Chili Round up the cowboys and serve them a hearty bowl of chili. Nothing soothes stomach pains like our great chili recipes. Be it chicken chili, vegetarian chili, turkey chili, while chili or black bean chili, any homemade chili will have them full.
  4. Soups Warm up with one of our favorite easy soup recipes. From chicken soup to vegetable soup, you'll stay cozy with these homemade soup recipes. Make one of these easy healthy recipes for dinner tonight!
  5. Stews For a hearty dinner any time of year, our stew recipes are just what you need. Whether you're in a mood for a savory beef stew recipe or one of our easy lamb stew recipes, you're all set!
  6. How-To Videos We've got some great cooking tips on how to cook like the pros. Learn how to cook everything from dinner to breakfast to dessert, and soon, you won't be able to leave the kitchen!
  7. Recipe Videos Recipe Videos
  8. Eggs If you're looking for the best ways to make eggs, you've come to the right place! Our collection of egg recipes has it all from scrambled egg recipes for breakfast to deviled egg recipes for parties. Check out what we've got in store.
  9. Misc. Breakfast Get ready for the most important meal of the day with our selection of easy breakfast recipes, including breakfast recipes for kids, Christmas breakfast recipes, and much more.
  10. Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast If you're looking for the best pancake recipes, waffle recipes, or French toast recipes, then you've come to the right place. Serve up breakfast in style with this collection of easy breakfast recipes.
  11. Cold Beverages Get your cold beverages here! Whether you're looking for morning coffee drink recipes or evening mixed drinks, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
  12. Hot Beverages Hot beverages are the perfect way to warm up in the winter. Check out our collection of hot chocolate recipes, different types of coffee, alcoholic drinks, and more.
  13. Bar Cookies Bake up some of these fabulous bar cookies, and you won't be sorry! These easy bar cookie recipes include Christmas bar cookies, lemon bar cookies, pumpkin bar cookies, and more.
  14. Brownies Chocolate never tasted better than with these easy brownie recipes, including brownies from scratch, fudge brownies, cream cheese brownies, and more.
  15. Cakes Make your party a hit with our selection of amazing cakes. From birthday cake recipes to summer-ready ice cream cake to decadent chocolate cake, you won't be disappointed!
  16. Candy Make your favorite old-fashioned candy recipes at home from vintage candy favorites to mouth-watering chocolate candies and more.
  17. Cheesecakes Check out our selection of cheesecakes. Whether you're looking for a simple cheesecake recipe, a no bake cheesecake, or a strawberry cheesecake recipe, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
  18. Cookies Make one of our easy cookie recipes tonight! We've got the best cookie recipes whether you need a chocolate chip cookie recipe, an oatmeal cookie recipe, or something else.
  19. Cupcakes Cupcakes are a must-have at any potluck or holiday. Whether you're looking for birthday cupcakes, mini cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes or more, you're going to have something to celebrate!
  20. Frozen Desserts Cool down with one of our easy frozen dessert recipes. We've got some of the best frozen desserts, including frozen strawberry desserts, no-bake desserts, and more!
  21. Misc. Desserts Check out some of the best easy dessert recipes around, including chocolate dessert recipes, summer dessert recipes, Christmas dessert recipes, and more.
  22. Pastries Have an elegant dessert ready with one of these easy pastry recipes. From puff pastry recipes to breakfast pastry recipes and more, you'll set a delightful spread.
  23. Pies We've got the best selection of pie recipes around, including apple pie, lemon meringue pie, and even a pie crust or two! These pies are must-make dessert favorites.
  24. Puddings Find the best pudding recipes right here! Whether you're looking for bread pudding recipes, rice pudding recipes, or even the perfect banana pudding recipe, you're sure to find exactly what you need.
  25. Beef Make yourself a hearty beef dinner with our fine selection of beef recipes, including ground beef recipes, beef stew recipes, beef and noodles, and much more.
  26. Lamb Check out our selection of lamb recipes from ground lamb recipes to lamb chop recipes to lamb shank recipes to grilled lamb recipes and so much more!
  27. Misc. Meat No matter what kind of meat recipes you're looking to find, you're sure to find the best recipes here. From meat stew recipes to taco meat recipes, we've got 'em all.
  28. Pork No matter what kind of pork you're working with, we've got some of the best pork recipes for you. Check out our selection of pork loin recipes, pork chop recipes, pork roast recipes, and more.
  29. Veal Expand your taste palette with one of our tasty veal recipes. From veal chop recipes to veal cutlet recipes and more, you'll love all the choices we have to offer.
  30. Pasta Sauces Keep that jar in the pantry--we've got some homemade pasta sauce recipes you simply can't refuse. If you need an easy pasta sauce recipe, boy, you've come to the right place!
  31. Deli Salads From picnics to lunch to dinner, deli salads go with practically anything! We've got a wide variety for you to choose from, whether you're looking for an easy pasta salad, tuna salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, chicken salad, or something else.
  32. Green Salads Make your dinner complete with one of these recipes for green salads. Our green salad recipes are great for a light lunch, potluck, or dinner. We know you'll love how these are some of the best green salad recipes.
  33. Misc. Salads Get ready for a potluck or a family dinner with our array of salad recipes. From pasta salad recipes to green salad recipes to chicken salad recipes, we're sure to have a salad for you.
  34. Salad Dressings Make your favorite salad dressings at home. Find a great Greek salad dressing recipe, Caesar salad dressing recipe, Italian salad dressing recipe, and more!


  1. All-in-One Goulash Bake One-pot dishes are great because we get an all-in-one meal with easy preparation and cleanup which means no fuss and no mess!
  2. American Chicken Chow Mein This Asian-inspired classic was all the rage in the '60s - and will be popular at your house again when you find out how quickly it all cooks up in the microwave, and everybody tells you how good it is! Here's to a classic: American Chicken Chow Mein
  3. Anytime Snack Mix It's always a good idea to have a batch of our Anytime Snack Mix on hand. It's great for when you get those crunchy munchies, or when friends stop by to visit!
  4. Blueberry Clusters This unique anytime treat gets the award for 'Quickest Party Favorite.' So, the next time you're in need of a 'gotta have it now' snack, Blueberry Clusters are your winners!
  5. Butterscotch Brew Want a warm and cozy change-of-pace drink? Butterscotch brew is a sweet solution that's so sinful, it's almost like sipping dessert!
  6. Cafe Mochaccino If you love the taste of those high-priced gourmet coffees served in trendy coffee shops, wait 'til you start making them at home! You're gonna be thrilled to see how easy it is, and how much money you'll save by doing it yourself!
  7. Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake If you ever thought broccoli and cauliflower were boring, think again! The combination of creamy and crispy makes this bake a go-along that'll turn you into a dinnertime hero!
  8. Cheddar Carrot Pudding This rich, buttery side dish is sure to please, 'cause it simply melts in your mouth. Try our Cheddar Carrot Pudding when you want to surprise your guests with something new and tasty.
  9. Cheesy Broccoli Bites You know that broccoli cheese soup we all love? Well, we've turned that flavor into a quick-fix, bite-sized appetizer we like to call Cheesy Broccoli Bites!
  10. Cheesy Stuffed Potatoes It's amazing - with seven everyday ingredients and a microwave, we can serve up fancy stuffed spuds without heating up the kitchen!
  11. Cheesy Veggie Frittata If you thought eggs were just for breakfast... think again! This dish is a perfect choice for brunch, lunch, or even a light dinner. And the best part? Say goodbye to messy pots and pans and hello to microwave ease!
  12. Chunky Veggie Chili When you want a hot and hearty bowl of meatless chili, look no further! This recipe is so full of so much down-home flavor, you won't even miss the meat!
  13. Cinnamon-Roasted Nuts Who doesn't love the sweet and sinful team of cinnamon and sugar? It's in everything from pretzels to nuts being served up at malls and festivals everywhere you turn! We have the easiest, homemade, finger-lickin' treat of them all!
  14. Complete Pork Chop Dinner There's nothing plain about this Complete Pork Chop Dinner recipe. It's got everything you need to keep the gang happy. So say goodbye to plain old pork chops 'cause this one's gonna have the whole family running to the table!
  15. Crispy Pepperoni Chips Not all snack chips are created equal! These crispy pepperoni chips are like having the taste of a warm, oven-fresh pizza in every bite! Don't believe us? Just give 'em a try!
  16. Crispy Tiger Fudge Want to let somebody know he or she is special to you? Just whip this up, wrap a few pieces in colorful plastic wrap, and tie with a ribbon. Believe me, your gift from the heart will go a long way!
  17. Dill Crab Dip This creamy Dill Crab Dip is not only packed with flavor, it's a real eye-catcher! We suggest making an extra batch, because this one's bound to go fast!
  18. Easy Dumplings Who can resist fresh dumplings? These are light, fluffy, and a nice change-of-pace go-along.
  19. Easy Mexican Omelet If you love Mexican food, here's a quick take on a veggie omelet that's packed with south-of-the-border excitement!
  20. Easy Potatoes au Gratin The great thing about potatoes is that there's so much we can do with 'em! One great way is cheesy au gratin-style and, after you try this version, we bet it will be one of your favorites!
  21. Easy Roasted Chicken and Veggies Roasting an entire chicken in a conventional oven takes hours! Now we can use our microwaves to give us winning homestyle roasted chicken any night of the week!
  22. Easy Roasted Peppers Roasting peppers may sound like a lot of work, but we can have that traditional fire-roasted taste without heating up our kitchens, thanks to our microwaves!
  23. Express Chocolate Cupcakes Do you ever get cravings for fresh baked desserts but don't have the time or energy to make them? Well then this recipe is for you! With just 3 minutes in the microwave, you will have delicious chocolate cupcakes.
  24. Fiery Microwave Chili Sound the alarm - there's chili that's needed right away! Good thing you're armed with our recipe for Fiery Microwave Chili 'cause this chili is ready in less than 15 minutes. Looks like you'll be the one to save the day!
  25. Fiesta Tacos Make cooking fun for the whole family and get the kids involved by having a 'make your own tacos' dinner. With chips and salsa, and some lively Mexican music, you'll get everyone in the mood for a tasty good time!
  26. Five-Minute Breakfast Sausage This makes a great go-along for any breakfast sandwich, omelet... you name it! And best of all, it's Southern-inspired and homemade!
  27. Game-Day Dip Looking for a cheesy, gooey dip that's great for game day? Serve this and you'll have a bunch of new fans cheering for you!
  28. Garden-Fresh Burgers If you've never had a really good veggie burger, you're missing out! Not only are they good for you, they're really full-flavored, and just as filling as traditional ground-beef burgers!
  29. Grab-'n'-Go Egg Sandwich If you're someone who's always on the go and needs a quick get-me-going breakfast before heading out the door, the grab-'n'-go egg sandwich is for you! This one sure takes less time than sitting in the fast-food drive-through lane!
  30. Hearty Hamburger Soup It's amazing! We can turn ordinary hamburger into one extraordinary soup! Whether we fill the kids' thermoses with it, or serve up dinnertime fun, this is one soup they'll never forget.
  31. Herbed Broccoli Broccoli is really versatile, and it goes with just about anything from meat to fish to pasta to poultry. As a matter of fact, made this way, it's so good that you might just want to eat it all by itself!
  32. Herbed Potato Wedges These potatoes are so brown and tender, you won't believe they were made in a microwave!
  33. Homestyle Chocolate Cake Mix Did you ever think of saving time and money by making your own cake mix? It makes sense to mix up a batch of this and keep it on hand for making any a bunch of chocolate goodies. And the next time you're in the baking mood, there are so many options
  34. Honey-Barbecued Chicken Who can resist the taste of honey? We bet this chicken will have your gang buzzin' when you serve up this honey of a dish!
  35. Hot Dog & Bean Roll-Up The kids want a fun snack, and we want them to have something they can put together themselves. How do we make everyone happy? Pop these 'puppies' in the microwave for an anytime treat in a flash!
  36. Impossible Double-Cheese Quiche Baking a quiche in our traditional oven can be tough when we only have a small amount of time in the morning before the gang wants breakfast. But with our microwave and fewer than 10 incredients, we can have a tasty, quick quiche that's far from impo
  37. Lemon Dill Salmon Looking for a fresh catch? Reel in a true winner with this light and flaky fish that's bound to have your dinner guests showing up early every time!
  38. Mean & Lean Sausage Scramble When we're all on the run and there's no time to lose, we can still have a breakfast that'll keep us going all morning long!
  39. Microwavable Barbecued Turkey Drumsticks If you're thinking, "Barbecued drumsticks made in the microwave? It can't be done.' Well, believe it! We can get tender, juicy drumsticks bursting with flavor - without firing up the grill!
  40. Microwavable Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops If you need an excuse to get the kids excited about cooking, here it is! These pops are easy to make and give us a fun way to spend time in the kitchen with the kids.
  41. Microwavable Crustless Cheesecake Pie Love the taste of soft and creamy cheesecake, but hate to spend hours in the kitchen making it? Here's a delectable microwave crustless cheesecake that tastes oven-baked yet keeps our kitchens cool!
  42. Microwavable Fancy Fast Greek Chicken Bring the flavor of the Greek Isles to your kitchen with this family favorite. There's no passport needed for this taste adventure - just a healthy appetite, and a knife and fork.
  43. Microwavable Old-Fashioned Baked Beans You might think that these homestyle baked beans can't be made in the microwave but in minutes we can have the same homestyle taste and texture that we remember!
  44. Microwavable Quick Homemade Flan Want a restaurant-style favorite without leaving home? Well, now we can make this caramel custard goodie easier than ever!
  45. Microwavable Quick Shrimp Gumbo Bring home the tastes and flavors of New Orleans with this jazzed-up quick gumbo. The spicy kick of the salsa and tomatoes make it seem like our taste buds are having a festival!
  46. Microwavable Raspberry Brie It's true that 'we eat with our eyes.' That's why it is great to pair buttery soft Brie with raspberry preserves. Not only are they a perfect taste match, but wait 'till you see how colorful and tantalizing this looks!
  47. Microwavable Russian Tea This specialty, known for its orange zing, is great for tea parties. Serve it alongside your favorite tea cookies and finger sandwiches for a taste of true comfort!
  48. Microwavable Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs How do we make ordinary meatballs taste even better? We pair a sweet jelly with sour lemon juice to create these fantastic Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs!
  49. Microwavable Warm Honey-Walnut Salad Wow! Say goodbye to ho-sum salads, 'cause this is one honey of a treat! Wait 'till you taste this seet and tangy homemade dressing - you'll want to put it on everything from salads to poultry and more!
  50. Microwave Artichoke Spinach Spread This popular appetizer is a favorite in many restaurants that's sure to become a party-pleaser at home! Have plenty of pita wedges and crackers ready, 'cause this Artichoke Spinach Spread is sure to be a hit.
  51. Microwave Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce Sometimes the simplest things are the best. And what better than fancy asparagus drizzled with homemade hollandaise sauce to prove that?
  52. Microwave Autumn Sweet Potatoes This dish shouts "autumn!" and "sweet flavor!" so, since all the ingredients are available year-round, you can make it any time you want to whip up a quick and yummy side dish.
  53. Microwave Black Bean Enchiladas What's faster - going out to a local Mexican restaurant or creating those tastes and smells right in your own kitchen? Why go out when you can make these ooey gooey enchiladas in a flash - and without paying restaurant prices?
  54. Microwave Candy Apple Tarts Who doesn't love the taste of ruby red, candy-coated apples? When we wanna "wow" our gang with a different dessert, this one captures the tastes we remember... and is sure to make us the apple of their eyes!
  55. Microwave Cheesy Baked Pineapple If you've never tried this dynamite duo, you're in for a big surprise! This tropical flavor combination is a nice change of pace that your gang won't be able to pass up.
  56. Microwave Chicken Parmesan Bake This Chicken Parmesan recipe sounds so basic that you're probably wondering how good it could be. Well, go ahead and try it... and see for yourself!
  57. Microwave Chinese Chicken Soup There's no need to order take-out now that we can create the tastes of the Orient right in our own kitchens! And when the gang finishes cleaning their plates, why not bring out some fortune cookies to complete their dining experience.
  58. Microwave Chocolate Almond Truffles We don't need a full-service bakery to churn out these little goodies! With a microwave, making our homemade Microwave Chocolate Almond Truffles is easy-peasy!
  59. Microwave Cinnamon Apple Rings Love the smell and taste of baked apples fresh from the oven? Well, now it'll take you no time to whip up these juicy, sweet baked apples for dinner. There's nothing better than these Cinnamon Apple Rings for a down-home country taste!
  60. Microwave Crunchy Turkey Bake We always tend to have plenty of turkey to go around after a big roast turkey dinner. What can we make with it other than the usual sandwiches? Boy, have I got a leftover-lovin' idea for you!
  61. Microwave Ham and Scalloped Potato Casserole Here's the perfect go-along for breakfast or dinner. And if there is any left over, it's just the thing to pop in the microwave to reheat and get you over the "Gee, I'm hungry" hump.
  62. Microwave Ham with Raisin Sauce Ham with Raisin Sauce is a holiday favorite that doesn't have to be kept aside until a celebration. Uh uh! Make any night a special occasion, without any of that dreaded holiday stress!
  63. Microwave Homestyle Sloppy Joes Remember making these messy-but-yummy sandwiches from growing up? Now you can make 'em even easier for your kids, and for you! Of course, Homestyle Sloppy Joes are still pretty messy, but that's the fun of eating 'em!
  64. Microwave Italian Meatballs Who doesn't love a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs? Why, it's quick, easy, and solves our dinnertime dilemma in a hurry. And nothing makes the pasta more perfect than hearty meatballs we make with our own two hands.
  65. Microwave Jerk Chicken This flavorful dish, which origniated in the Caribbean, is made with a make-your-own jerk seasoning that really packs a punch! This super seasoning works great on both chicken and pork, so give 'em a try!
  66. Microwave Manhattan Clam Chowder If you think the microwave is just good for heating up canned soups from the supermarket - think again! Try using it to make homemade Manhattan Clam Chowder soup and become a believer!
  67. Microwave Mini Meat Loaves Don't let these babies fool you. They may be smaller than the average meat loaf, but they're bigger on flavor! Try 'em tonight!
  68. Microwave Peach Melba Parfaits This classic dessert is pretty to look at, and oh-so-satisfying to dig into. Your family won't be able to resist the juicy peaches and colorful berries.
  69. Microwave Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars If you thought the dynamic duo of peanut butter and jelly is just for sandwiches - think again! This lunchtime classic is now a fun dessert that can be ready in just 10 minutes!
  70. Microwave Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Who says cake has to take a while to bake? The microwave turns out a quick and spectacular version of this traditional oven recipe! Our Microwave Pineapple Upside-Down Cake is easy and delicious!
  71. Microwave Red Snapper with Lime Sauce After your gang sinks their teeth into this luscious, lime-infused snapper, they'll flip when you tell them how simple it was!
  72. Microwave Roast Beef "Crepes" When we think of crepes, we usually think of dessert crepes filled with luscious berries and other sweet fillings. How about putting a whole new spin on the traditional style of crepes? Give it a try!
  73. Microwave Roasted Acorn Squash Don't wait until the leaves start changing to enjoy this harvest-time treat! No matter what time of year it is, we can bring home the feel of autumn with this hearty side dish.
  74. Microwave Saucy Lemon-Pepper Shrimp The next time company is due, impress them with this elegany dinner. It looks fancy-schmancy, but takes only minutes to prepare. And with this all-in-one dish, cleanup is just as easy, so you'll have time to visit with your guests.
  75. Microwave Sesame Chicken Fingers Whether you're a little kid or a kid at heart, you're gonna love these tender, juicy chicken strips. As an after-school snack or a family dinner, they're great for the whole gang!
  76. Microwave Spiral Baked Potatoes If you're tired of the same old side dishes night after night, these Spiral Baked Potatoes are just what you need to create something new and interesting!
  77. Microwave Sweet-and-Sour Pork It'll take more time to order this dish and wait for the Chinese restaurant to deliver it than it will to make it yourself! So what are you waiting for?!
  78. Microwave Trout Amandine The great thing about microwaves is it keeps giving us more and more interesting, quick dinner options like this delicate Trout Amandine dish.
  79. Nutty Sundae Cone Remeber how all the kids in the neighborhood would run home for change when the ice cream truck came by ringing its bell? This is an easy way to make those all-time favorite Nutty Sundae Cones we all would choose from the truck!
  80. Onion Cheese Dip This made-from-scratch Onion Cheese Dip is super simple, 'cause it's made in the microwave! Your guests won't believe you when you let 'em know how easy it was to put together this cheesy and flavorful onion dip.
  81. Pineapple Wassail Everybody's sung about or at least heard of wassail, but do you know what it is? It's a steaming hot fruit punch that's always welcoming morning, noon, or night. And since now it can be ready in minutes, it's perfect for last-minute get-togethers!
  82. Pistachio-Stuffed Mushrooms Want to serve something fancy, without having to search all over town for hard-to-find ingredients? Pistachio-Stuffed Mushrooms are the perfect party-pleaser that's sure to drive your gang nuts!
  83. Pumpkin Pie in a Mug Pumpkin pie is a dessert we all love to nosh on in the fall, but instead of baking up a whole pie every time you get a craving how about just making this easy Pumpkin Pie in a Mug? It's perfectly portioned and is ready to eat in under 3 minutes!
  84. Quick Barbecued Chicken When it comes to barbecued chicken, everybody has a favorite. Here's how to satisfy them all with a basic chicken and sauce. Slather away!
  85. Quick Chicken Fingers Our recipe for Quick Chicken Fingers is a true crowd-pleaser. Ready in less than 10 minutes, it's perfect for any get-together!
  86. Quick Popcorn Stuffing And you thought the microwave was only handy for popping up snacks! Well, it does work well for that, but wait 'til you use it for cooking up this popcorn stuffing! You'll be a microwave convert, just like us!
  87. Quick-as-a-Wink Pesto Chicken With everyone's busy schedules, it's hard to come up with fabulous dinners night after night. But if you have ten minutes and a few ingredients, this pesto chicken is an elegant option sure to become a regular!
  88. Rich & Creamy Corn Chowder We want our families to get their five-a-day servings of fruits and vegetables, and this one sure helps us get there... deliciously!
  89. Rocky Road Cake There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream. We've taken this popular flavor and turned it into a delicious and easy-to-make cake that is sure to be a hit!
  90. Scrambled Egg Salad When we're scrambling to get lunches made and everybody out the door in the morning, what could be better than a quick 'n' creamy egg salad? It's perfect for packing in the kids' lunch boxes and even having on hand for a nourishing snack!
  91. Shrimp Diavolo Why is this called 'diavolo'? Because it's devilishly spicy! Go ahead - enjoy it. After all, there's a llittle devil in all of us!
  92. Smothered Potatoes This homestyle go-along sure pairs well with our favorite cuts of meat. And talk about fast... you won't believe you can 'bake' up such old-fashioned flavor so quickly!
  93. Southern Corn Pudding When we're in the mood for comfort food, what could be more staisfying than Southern-inspired dishes? And thanks to the speed of microwaves, we can have foods like this rich and creamy pudding in minutes!
  94. Speedy Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Looking for a new way to spice up your favorite barbecue chicken recipe? This Bourbon-influenced sauce is ready in 3 minutes and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
  95. Speedy Nachos Turn your next party into a real fiesta with these colorful starters. These Speedy Nachos are just as crispy and crunchy as if we'd baked 'em in the oven!
  96. Speedy Sweet Mustard Barbecue Sauce If you're craving something on the sweeter side, this Sweet Mustard Barbecue Sauce is the perfect addition to any chicken dinner.
  97. Speedy Traditional Barbecue Sauce Take a break from the store-bought sauce and save your time and money by whipping up this quick 'n' delicious Barbecue Sauce. Then serve it on your favorite chicken!
  98. Stuffed Turkey Breast Dinner There's no reason to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy turkey with all the fixin's. With our Stuffed Turkey Breast Dinner it's very simple, just stuff, roll, and pop these turkey breasts in the microwave. See, you don't even need an oven to get that j
  99. Summer Veggie Medley We all need our five-a-day servings of fruits and veggies, and sometimes we just have to spice things up. So here's a way to add a little summer sun and color to traditional veggies and make any day brighter!
  100. Tortilla Chicken Soup Spice up your next chicken soup with the tastes from south of the border! How spicy is it? Well, that's up to you! And whether you prefer your soup mild or spicy, it's a real treat when you want to stay home but still enjoy authentic Mexican flavors.
  101. Tropical Squash Fast as can be, this go-along will practically transport you to the tropics. And it's so sweet, you won't believe it's not a dessert!
  102. Veggie Patch Soup At the touch of a button, you'll be enjoying this farm-fresh soup that's chock-full of healthy, good-for-you veggies, and tastes like it's been simmering all day!
  103. Very Chocolate Fondue Ever wonder how to make that fancy restaurant-style silky smooth chocolate fondue that's always a big dessert hit? Well, even if you don't have a fondue pot, you can still recreate this romantic favorite at home!
  104. Very Garlic Soup Garlic-lovers, this is the dish for you! Yes, eight garlic cloves may sound like a lot but one taste of this golden classic and it's sure to be a hit!
  105. White-Chocolate Mint Mousse In need of a light and refreshing dessert? White-Chocolate Mint Mousse is a cool idea for giving ordinary mousse a minty makeover!
  106. Zippy Black Bean Soup This soup's just the thing when you want to surprise 'em with something that'll make their taste buds go wild!

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